It was midnight. I was sat in our little cottage beside the fire reading a book. Bella was hanging around the house with Emmett, challenging him to matches. Me and Nessie had made our way back to the house. The bottom step creaked as Renesmee stood on it. I closed my book and turned around to get a better look at my 6 year old daughter. She didn't look like a six year old. She looked 13. The growing was slowing down.

"Nessie? I thought you was asleep?" I asked my daughter. She walked towards me in her nighties.

"I couldn't sleep," she said. She sat down beside me on the couch and snuggled up to me. I put my arm around her.


"I was thinking...about you and mom. How did you two become one? How did mom survive? How was i born? How?" She asked. I shook my head slighly chuckling quietly. My little curious girl.

"Are you refering to the fact that i'm a vampire and she was a human?" She nodded.

"Weren't you drawn to mom's blood? How did you overcome your thirst? How did you not kill her?"

"Well, i ... don't really know. I planned to. I ran away for sometime. I couldn't stay around Bella. Her blood was overpowering. But when she was almost killed by Tyler's van and i saved her i realised that i loved her and that i didn't have what it took to kill her. She found out what i was soon from Jacob before he became a werewolf himself. He thought they were just myths that his father believed in."


"Yes," I said, nodding my head," We became one. You know the story about us after that." Nessie nodded.

"You and momma told me last month," she said. We were quiet for a bit. I listened to her heart.

"You're heart beats in a similar way to your mother's heart when she was human,"i said. Nessie looked up at me. She smiled. She looked sort of smug.

"Well, i am her daughter," she said.

"Too right, you are. You know your momma's going to beat me when she comes back. You're suppposed to be asleep,"i said, laughing. She snuggled closer and i sang the same song i sung for her whilst we waited for her mother to come around. Nessie fell asleep in a minute. I heard the door open. Bella walked in.

"Thought she was supposed to be asleep?"

"She is. She was curious about us," i answered. Bella smiled and sat down on the other side of Nessie. My perfect family.