Edward's POV

"Daddy, can we play baseball?" I looked down and saw my 14 year old daughter looking up at me. Me, Bella, Nessie, Esme and Carlisle were sitting around doing nothing. Emmett, Rose, Jasper and Alice had gone shopping. There was a must-go-see sale that Rose and Alice had to go to. Jasper and Emmett had no other choice but to tag along.

"Sure. If anyone else is up to it," I answered my daughter. I looked around the room.

"I'll be the referee," Esme said.

"Are we going to play here or in the clearing?" Carlisle asked.

"The clearing," I and Nessie said at the same time. We both liked a bit running space.

"Okay then. Let's go," Bella said, pulling me and Nessie up from the couch.

"So, what are the teams?" Bella asked Esme.

"Bella, Edward and Carlisle, Nessie," Esme said. I grinned at Bella. Esme would never split us up. Carlisle didn't look bothered but Nessie glared at us.

"No fair! Grandma! How come daddy and momma get to be together?" Nessie demanded. Esme frowned. She didn't like the fact that she upset her only grandchild.

"Okay Nessie, honey. You can go with your momma," Esme amended.

"But then we're girls against boys," Nessie whined. Esme's frown deepened.

"Okay, Me and Bella in one team and Edward and Nessie in the other," Carlisle said. Nessie smiled. I shrugged. If I didn't get to be with one angel then at least I get t be with the other. I walked to stand next to Nessie. She wrapped her arms around my waist and looked at her momma and grandpa. Carlisle and Bella and their arms around the other's shoulder. They had their eyes narrowed at us. I smiled but then narrowed my eyes too.

Let' do this, daddy. Nessie thought.

"Bring it," I said.

"Game on," Bella said. Esme came between us with a whistle in her hand.

"Now I want a nice and clean game," she said.

Not with Edward here. She added mentally.

"Mom!" I said looking aghast. Esme grimaced.

"Sorry, honey. Couldn't help it," she said.

"Okay, daddy. We can do this. It's just momma and grandpa," Nessie said. I laughed.

"We can hear you," Bella called. Nessie grabbed her baseball bat.

"Wait, Nessie," I called. I pulled something out of my back pocket placed it on her head. It was the baseball cap i made Bella wear when she plaed baseball with us for the first time.

"Oh, so now i'm being replaced by my own daughter," Bella said. Carlisle took the ballers pitch. Nessie walked up to the batters pitch. She popped a bubble of gum, hit the insides of her feet and smacked the base with her bat. I laughed. My girl was a natural at this.

"Go easy on me, Grandpa," Nessie said. Carlisle couldn't resist that. Awww, would you look at that. i cannot say but i cannot say yes either. I cannot disappoint both my daughter and granddaughter. Carlisle's thoughts were confused. I chuckled.

"Just throw the ball, carlisle," i said.

"Okay. Try ball!" Carlisle threw the ball. Nessie swung the bat and ... thwack. It flew across the field. The girl had my skills.

"Great job, Nessie!" I called. She turned around to look at me and smiled blowing another bubble. I had to hand it to her. She was a natural. Bella came back with the ball in her hand. She was frowning slightly. Ever since Bella had become a vampire she couldn't stand losing. When she saw the smile on Nessie's face she composed herself. Nothing was worse than upsetting our daughter.

"Real game!" Esme called. Carlisle threw the ball, Nessie swung again and ... thwack. Bella ran after the ball. Nessie ran around the bases. It was as though she had sprouted some wings. It was coming close. Nessie was almost there and so was Bella. I looked at Bella. She nodded and slowed down a tiny bit. Nessie jumped over the home base and and twirled around. She lept into my waiting arms.

"Yes! I did it!" she yelled. I looked over Nessie's shoulders. They were all smiling.

"Edward, You're up to bat," Bella said. I swung the bat onto my shoulders. I winked at Bella. She smiled. Esme caught me.

"Edward! No dazzling the other team members," she said. I f Bella could have blushed she would have. Nessie was giggling and Carlisle was trying very hard to keep the smirk off his face.

"But mom, i can't help it. Bella just looks so beautiful," i whined. Esme gave me a stern look but she couldn't help smilling.

"daddy, stop fratranizing with the enemy," Nessie yelled. I laughed. Carlisle threw the ball again and ... thwack. Oh Oh! We were so caught up in keeping Nessie happy we forgot about thunder. Oh well. I ran around the bases in less than a minute. I came and gave Nessie a high five.

"daddy, go easy on Momma and Grandpa," nessie said to me when it was our turn to field. I nodded. I was just about to throw the ball when i realised something.
"Nessie!" i called. Nessie turned and skipped back to me. I gave her the ball.

"I could run a lot faster than you," i said, winking at her. Nessie's mouth formed an O. She looked confused. daddy, are you planning anything? 'cause if you are ... i don't get it. She thought.

"You're still half human, baby."

"Right, i get it now," she said. She turned to face her momma.

"hey batter, batter, batter hey batter batter batter, sway!" i yelled at Bella. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Grow up Edward! you're a father of a 14 year old and she isn't behaving like a 9 year old," Bella said. I stuck my tongue out at her.

"You've been spending way to much time with your sister," Carlisle said. I gasped. Bah! That's not good. Nessie threw the ball and ... thwack. Both my angels were naturals. I ran after the ball. I threw the ball back to Nessie but Bella was already at home base. She stuck her tongue out at me. I pretended to look aghast. I heard a group of people in the trees nearby.

"What's wrong with spending time with me?" Alice asked coming if front of us. Behind her was Rose, Emmet and Jasper.

"Me and Jasper will go with Bella and Carlise," she added. Rose and Emmett joined us. Nessie ran up to her aunt and gave her kiss. She then placed her hand on both Emmett's and Rose's cheek. She "showed" them that she wanted us to win. Emmett punched me on my shoulders.

"Give your girl what she wants," Emmett said. I punched him back.

"You too," i said and the game continued.

"Okay so adding up your points and taking away the incredible amount of fouls the winners are ..." Esme said, when it was pretty dark. Oh Nessie is going to be so happy. She thought. I smirked.

"Nessie, Edward, Rose and Emmett's team!" Nessie squeled and gave me a long hug. Bella huged Nessie too.

"This has got to be the best baseball game ever! It's better than playing with humans!" Nessie yelled. Rose groaned. She was looking in a compact mirror.

"Look at my hair," she said. She pulled Emmett cap off and put it on her head. Me and Nessie looked at each other. Ready? nessie asked me through her thoughts. I nodded.

"whats that? a hat. crazy funky junky hat. overslept, hair unsightly, try to look like kierra knightly. we've been there, we've done that, we see right through your funky hat" We both chanted. Rose huffed whilst everyone laughed. Bella rolled her eys at us. We couldn't help it. We both loved our Disney Channel.

"daddy! Hannah Montana's on!" nessie yelled.

"No way!" Emmett yelled charging pas us. We all stared after him for a split second and then burst out laughing.

"Race you home!" Nessie yelled running away into the trees. I gave her a couple of minutes head start and then ran after my daughter.