Bella's POV

I woke up today morning with some sort of hope. I wasn't going back. I'm going to stay here with my father. I stretched and winced. I saw my father asleep in my rocking chair.

"Dad," I said, getting up," dad get up." He sat up straight. He looked so commical. I started to giggle. Dad smiled.

"Hey, don't you go and laugh at your dad," he said. He winced slightly when he saw my bruises in the better sunlight.

"Bella, you need to go see a doctor. Get dressed and then we'll go," he said.

"Dad i'm fine," I insisted.

"The hell you are. I know this amazing doctor.He's great," Charlie said. I sighed. I didn't want to go out in public yet.

"Dad, I don't want to go to the hospital," I said.

"I'll call him here then. Like I said, he's amazing," Charlie said leaving my room. I got up and got dressed. I heard my dad muttering on the phone.

"Thanks a lot Carlisle," I heard Charlie say. I went downstairs and had the cereal that Charlie layed out for me. The doorbell rang. Charlie went to get it. My mouth dropped open when i saw the walk in behind my dad. He looked Zeus younger brother. I closed mouth quickly because tis man was coming towards me. I flinched and got up. I ran to the other side of the kitchen and yelled for my dad.

"Bella, Bella! It's okay," charlie said, trying to soothe me. I didn't notice the pixie like girl walk in behind the perfect unknown man.

"dad, he's going to hurt me! Don't let him hurt me," I said.

"No, Bella. This is Doctor Cullen. He's here to help." Charlie sat me down in a chair. Dr. Cullen frowned but then smiled at me. I looked at the pixie figure in front of me.

"And that is Alice Cullen. Dr.Cullen's daughter," he said.

"Well, adopted daughter," Alice said in a voice that rung like bells. She laughed. It was like music.

"Hi, I'm Alice," she said and she came next to me and sat down.

"I'm Bella," I said quietly.

"I know," she said, laughing again. Dr. Cullen sat down opposite me.

"I'm dr, Cullen but you could call me Carlisle," he said.

"Now, Bella. I know exactly what you've been through. Charlie told me over the phone," Carlisle said. I looked over at Charlie.

"Guilty," he said. Carlisle continued to speak.

"I know that you find it odd being around men but I promise you, I'm not going to hurt you. I'n fact I'm here to help," he said with a smile. I couldn't help but smile back. He made me feel safe.

"I'm here because it might make it easier for you to be around females rather than males," Alice said witha warm smile. I smiled at her, too.

"Can we go to another room? I could treat your cuts and bruises better," Carlisle asked.

"Of course," Charlie said," Come on Bella." He held my shoulders and led me to the other room. I sat down on the couch. Carlisle sat down next to me. He pulled some ointment out and started dabbing at some cuts on my face. I winced.

"yeah, it's going to hurt a little," he said.


"Is there anywhere else you might have any cuts or bruises?" he asked later on. I nodded.

"Bella, could you show me?" Alice asked me. I blinked twice.

"bella, I won't hurt you," she said. I got up and made my way to my room. She followed. I sat down on my bed and pulled my jumper off. All I had on underneath was a vest top. She gasped when she sa the bruises. Tears swelled up in my eyes. The dropped down onto my cheeks. She wiped them away. She was ice-cold.

"It's going to be okay," she whispered. I nodded She started to dabb at the bruises.

"So how old are you?" she asked.


"Oh my gosh! So am I!" she said with a smirk," We're both juniors. What are the odds."

"What's school like? I'm starting tomorrow," I said. Alice looked at me.

"Are you sure, you want to start school?"

"Positive. I don't want to sit around doing nothing,2 I said.

"Well, school's alright once you get to know everyone. But that a little hard to do when you've got intimidating siblings and boyfriend," she said with a chuckle.


"Yeah. Esme and Carlisle adopted many. Esme can't have an children of her own so they adopted. There's Emmett, who's the oldest and his girlfriend Rosalie. Then there's me with my boyfriend Jasper. Jasper and Rosalie are faternal twins and last but not the least there's Edward who's not dating. He hasn't found anyone yet," she said with a sly grin towards my direction.

"Oh," I said. She laughed."You'll see them tomorrow or do you want to go now to see them?"


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