Author's Note/Disclaimer:

Stephenie Meyer owns any Twilight characters and Twilight plot lines, quotes etc that may appear in this story. The remainder is my original work. Copyright 2008 by Alicia Stevens (wishimight aka everwondering on Twilighted). No copying or reproduction of this work is permitted without my express written authorization.

Characters are all human in a completely different universe than the Twilight one. This story is rated M for sexual situations and graphic violence in later chapters. You have been warned.

Edward was taken against his will by the Volturi and forced into the life of an assassin. Bella was orphaned 5 years ago. Their paths cross & sparks fly, but when she becomes his latest target, he must risk it at all to keep everyone alive. ALL HUMAN ExB


Run! Run far away from me! Please! You can't be anywhere near me! Me, of all people.

With what I've seen... what I've done...

I'm not even really human. I'm a monster.

These are the words I wanted to shout to her. The words I needed to make her understand. But, despite my physical strength, I was powerless to say them. I was much too selfish.

I loved her. I needed her. I craved her.

I really was a monster.