Yes yes, what am I do writing another story when I already have two unfinished ones? But this is just to hold me over until I can get to my other stories currently saved on my laptop that has a broken USB port. Whoops, I'd forgotten about that. So until I can find a way to get all of the stories from the laptop onto my PC, I'm going to be working on this one. It's based lightly on Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, but with some major differences:

- Sasuke will not be the vampire. In this story, Sakura will be.
- Sasuke will not be Sakura's la tua cantante. (Did I spell that right?) At all, ever.
- No werewolves. Period. Which also means no love triangle. I think. I' not planning on one at the moment.
- The Volturi do exist, but won't play a major role yet. It won't be Aro, Caius, and Marcus but will be OCs of my own creation. They won't be in this part, and if I decide to do a sequel, they might appear there. Not too sure yet.
- All of the pairings are set in stone. I'm not changing them at all.
- Do remember that this is an AU, so therefore the characters' personality might be altered in order to fit the storyline better.
- It may seem like I'm rushing the romance, but I'm not. It's necessary.
- I will not be bringing any of the Twilight characters into this story or making any references to them.
- Everything that signals a vampire in Twilight is here. I'm not adding or changing anything. So sparkly skin, pale skin, not sleeping, etc: It will be in here.

I think that's all for the time-being. If I think of more, I'll post them on my profile, which is where I post frequent updates.

Disclaimer: I lay no claim to Naruto, which belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, or Twilight, which belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I am merely using them for my twisted amusement.

"Excuse me."

At the lyrical voice, black eyes detached from the textbook he had been diligently studying and followed the line of open-toed black boots up along the slender, but rather pale, legs to the light jean skirt that molded to sculpted thighs to the black jacket over a white tanktop that revealed a figure that could have made a homophobe turned lesbian before landing on the face which made him blink in surprise. She was astoundingly beautiful with full lips the exact same shade as the rest of her skin, high cheekbones and a small, pert nose, and pale pink hair currently shorn into a short spiky style around her face. Her currently irritated, forest green eyes met his black ones, surrounded by thick, ridiculously long black eyelashes that would probably tangle at the edges if she were to blink too hard.

"What?" He inquired blankly. Her eyes narrowed once more, before she spoke once more. Her voice was lyrical and soft, though currently hard with agitation. He knew that she was new, probably having moved in while he was away on a 'family vacation.' He definitely would've remembered that face.

"You're in my seat."

Sasuke gestured airily at the other vacant seats. "So pick another one."

"But Kurenai-sensei told me specifically to sit in this one."

The handsome man arched an eyebrow arrogantly. "So?"

The pink-haired woman sighed, and moved to sit right next to him, glowering pointedly at him, which he promptly ignored. Her movements were nothing short of silent, as she removed the textbooks from her backpack and set them on her desk. Deciding to ignore the girl, Sasuke returned to his Psychology book stubbornly. He had been gone for a few days, and had to make up for what the class had covered during that time. Only a few moments had passed before the blonde hurricane that was his best friend came hurtling into the room with a loud, boisterous laugh. Naruto immediately moved to sit on the other side of him, throwing his books onto the desk haphazardly. "Teme, I didn't know you would be back so soon!" Naruto greeted enthusiastically.

"Hn." Sasuke merely grunted, trying to focus on the book. Apparently sensing that his best friend wasn't in the mood to converse, Naruto turned to the pink-haired mystery on his other side eagerly.

"Sakura-chan, what're you doing sitting next to teme? His ego will smother you to death!" Naruto mock-whispered to 'Sakura', causing her to start and then let out a soft trilling laugh. She smiled at the blonde-haired boy charmingly, revealing even, pearl-white teeth. Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the book, ignoring the two of them stubbornly.

"It's no problem, Naruto." She responded softly. "I have practice working with stubborn assholes." Even the insult sounded charming in her musical voice. Naruto laughed loudly, as the black-haired teen gritted his teeth against the urge to snap at her as his irritation mounted. The once-silent classroom grew steadily louder as students trickled into the large room. The girl looked up sharply at a longhaired blonde waving frantically with a tall, lean, brooding man right behind her. "Excuse me for one moment." She smiled disarmingly, enough to make the loudmouthed Naruto tongue-tied as she got to her feet and walked over. Sasuke glanced up as she left, his onyx eyes landing on the blonde, who, if possible, was even more beautiful than Sakura. She had cobalt blue eyes framed by thick eyelashes and full lips and white-blonde hair currently pulled back into a high ponytail with some of her bangs hiding one of her eyes. She wore an attention-grabbing violet outfit that revealed ridiculously long legs and a figure that made even Sasuke blink.

"Sakura-chan is wonderful, isn't she?" Naruto's tone was definitely admiring. Sasuke merely grunted again, having given up on reading. "Oh, right! You don't know about them!" Them? Sasuke wondered idly to himself, briefly, before shoving the thought away. "They moved here the day after you left. There's…eight of them I think. The Hatakes. The father, Kakashi, is in the military I think, and they move often. The mom, Anko, is a stay-at-home mom. I think." Sasuke found himself studying the three people once more, listening with half an ear to Naruto's loud rambling. He hadn't really noticed beforehand, but even with the boots, Sakura was rather short. "I haven't seen them all, but I doubt any of them are as pretty as Sakura-chan is!" He exclaimed, his voice lifting slightly.

"Dobe. Shut. Up." Sasuke finally growled, turning to glower spitefully at the irritating blonde. Used to the Uchiha's sullenness by now, Naruto merely shrugged the glare off and shut up as their raven-haired teacher entered the room. Sarutobi Kurenai, while being a kind and diligent teacher, had grown exponentially hormonal since she had become pregnant and even Naruto's minuscule self-preservation instincts told him to keep his mouth shut. Sakura returned to her seat, sliding into the uncomfortable desk easily. The blonde she had been talking to took a seat near the back, dragging the ruggedly handsome male along with her. Sasuke made a side note that, despite their beauty, all of the students shied away from them, giving them a wide berth.

The rest of the class period passed in silence, and Sasuke quickly found himself sitting across from the whirlwind that was Naruto in lunch. The raven-haired man ignored the blonde's incessant chattering, as his other friends slid into their seats. Inuzuka Kiba just grinned broadly, and immediately sucker-punched Naruto in the side of his skull earning a loud yell. Aburame Shino, who was even quieter than the Uchiha, slid in next and immediately opened his book on insects and ignored all of them stonily. Rock Lee was next in his green spandex and loud boast about the youthfulness of his friends, followed by Gaara and finally Kankuro. Their table was quickly filled with loudness, mostly between Kiba, Naruto, and Lee, and Sasuke bit back a sigh. Almost against his will, he started scanning the large, rather noisy, cafeteria for the pink hair from first period. He found it quickly, along with five others.

There was the blonde and brunette from before, though he didn't recognize the oak brown hair pulled into two buns atop the girl's red and dressed in Chinese-styled clothing. He couldn't see her face. The waist-length brown-black hair of the person next to the buns-wearing girl first led Sasuke to believe it was another girl, but a subtle shift in position and he caught a glimpse of an Adam's apple. The blonde from before was next to him, and he bypassed her easily. On the other side of the table was Sakura, plus the sullen brunette from before and a shy, long violet-haired girl dressed in baggy clothing. He found it odd that all of their skin was the exact shade of pale, even paler than him, the albino.

He was violently knocked out of his thoughts when the shaggy brown hair of Kiba filled his vision and the dog-lover crashed onto him. Sasuke grunted in surprise, and shoved the brunette off. "Whatcha looking at, Uchiha?" The Inuzuka asked brashly. Then he followed his line of sight and grinned roguishly, revealing pointed incisors that Sasuke knew for a fact he sharpened with a nail file. "Ah, the Hatakes. I can see why. That Sakura chick is a total babe. 'Course, I prefer blondes. Too bad she's already taken." The dog-lover sighed sadly.

"Hn." Apparently, the brunette took this as a cue to go on as he barreled on, lowering his voice theatrically.

"The blonde is apparently dating that sullen brunette. What's his name, again?"

"Shikamaru." Shino butted in briefly, lifting his head up to face Kiba momentarily before lowering it to his books once more. Kiba snapped his fingers.

"Right, Shikamaru. That's it. And the buns-wearing chick—Wonton, Tonton?— is with the longhaired man."

"Her name is Tenten." Shino butted in once more, now sounding vaguely irritated. Kiba just waved a hand dismissively.

"-Whatever. Anyways, apparently Sakura and that violet-haired chick are the only single ones. Bummer." Sasuke shook his friend off of him forcibly, and grunted once more. Shrugging, Kiba leaned back into his seat and almost immediately started an argument with Naruto over something trivial. Sasuke forced his thoughts away from the girl and turned back to eating his lunch with slightly more fervor than before. Glancing at the girl briefly, he saw that she was looking at him, her eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration. Immediately upon seeing that he saw her, her features smoothed and she offered him a brief, lopsided grin before turning back around quickly.

"Get anything?" Neji asked the blonde-haired girl, earning a nod shortly. Ino fiddled around with the apple on her plate, her thin blonde eyebrows furrowed in concentration. Across from her, Sakura propped her chin onto her hand and studied her closest friend keenly. Her tray, consisting of pizza and a bottle of VitaminWater, was untouched in front of her.

"It's difficult. I can read it, but I have to struggle to do so. It's strange." Ino tried to explain, earning a nod from the pink-haired girl. Sakura knew how easy reading minds came to Ino, and for it to be difficult for her was a feat in its self. "I can only get bits and pieces. He's intrigued by Forehead, and glances at her a lot. He doesn't really think much about the rest of us. He's too keen for my tastes." The blonde continued, earning a quirked eyebrow from the girl. Hinata let out a soft smile before looking downward meekly.

"I think he has a crush." Tenten broke in with a grin, earning an eye roll from the younger girl. Shikamaru let out an unneeded breath in a soft sigh, though they all heard it clearly, and muttered a low 'troublesome.'

"Shut up, Ten-chan. No one asked you." Sakura shot back playfully, sticking her tongue out. Neji ignored their playful banter, speaking seriously.

"We'll inform Kakashi and Anko of this when we return home. Otherwise, Ino, keep an eye on him, and Sakura stay away." Sakura mock-saluted the longhaired man, rolling her eyes at him dramatically. Neji was the oldest of all of them, already close to seventy-five years old, despite having been bitten at eighteen.

"Yes sir, bastard sir!" She chirped cheerfully, grinning at the muffled snickers of Tenten. Neji narrowed his opaque eyes at the cheerful girl, shooting a disdainful look at his chortling mate out of the corner of his eyes. He saw Sakura blink more times than normal and reminded her to re-do her contacts before class. She waved a hand at him dismissively before getting into her feet in a fluid motion and picking up her tray. She dumped the untouched food out into the trash before almost dancing out of the cafeteria, with Ino and Shikamaru close behind her. Her crisp mind recalled the exact details of the school's layout, and she headed to the nearest bathroom. After making sure that it was clear, Sakura slipped into it and paused in front of the mirror.

With one more blink, the lenses in her eyes disintegrated and she caught a brief glimpse of dark tawny eyes, reminding her that she needed to hunt soon, before she rooted around for another container for lenses. Neji had suggested the idea of all of them wearing different color lenses to make them blend in more. She got stuck with green, and she despised the stupid things. Her eyes kept seeing the microscopic scratches of the lenses and wanting to focus on them instead of anything else. Muttering a low curse, the pink-haired girl found one and popped them in. With ease, she slid them on and blinked rapidly to re-adjust to them before stowing the container away and walking out of the bathroom. Quietly humming along to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, she readjusted her bag and headed off for the library.

Sasuke stepped out of his last class of the day, glad that he had none of his friends in Advanced Chemistry. Neatly placing his homework assignments into his messenger bag, he headed off to the parking lot, where Naruto had more than likely skipped last period and was currently waiting to give him a ride home. He exited the main building and saw the bright yellow hair of his best friend leaning against the hood of his crappy car. He paused for a brief moment in his walk over there when he saw the almost garish shade of pink flash across his vision. He squinted and realized that it was indeed Sakura walking towards a dark blue convertible with the buns-wearing girl and the violet-haired one. Shaking his head, Sasuke continued to walk over to Naruto and kicked him in the shin to get his attention upon arriving.

"Ow! What the hell, teme!" Naruto shot up, automatically yelling as he glowered at the offending male. Sasuke merely grunted and slid into the car. The locks were busted on Naruto's car, and it had so many problems he had lost track. Complaining about 'mean best friends' and abuse, Naruto jumped into the driver's seat and started the car. "By the way, look at this!" Naruto twisted the key out of the ignition and held it up. Sasuke stared blankly.

The car was still running.

What the hell? Was the only thought his normally intelligent mind seemed capable of spitting out, as Naruto laughed loudly and stuck the key back into the ignition before jerkily pulling out of his parking spot.

"Told you this was a piece of crap car." Naruto told him around his laughter.

"I already knew that, dobe." Sasuke muttered sullenly, pointedly glowering at the missing window handle and feeling the practically nonexistent suspension. They passed the convertible and his eyes met Sakura's tawny ones briefly. He blinked before she looked away quickly.

Hadn't her eyes been green before?

End Chapter One.

Sorry if its a little on the short side. I was originally planning on making it longer, but then I decided that this was like the perfect place to end it.

Also keep in mind that I have a weird sense of humor, so this may not be funny to you. I try to put humor in my stories, but I don't always succeed.

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