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The years to come would be blessed with happy times and be marred by tragedy. Nothing less than the expected from any tale.

Nessarose Thropp returned to Munchkinland and in a coup during her Father's funeral, bypassed the age limit the Eminence imposed and declared herself Ruler supreme of the eastern lands. The new Governor clashed with central Oz's politics and ended up declaring the Munchkin's independence, only to strip them completely of their rights. Who could have predicted that sweet, beautiful Nessarose would become such a tyrant? Many suffered because of her restriction laws. Many were declared traitors and executed without trial. In hushed whispers, she came to be known as the Wicked Witch of the East. Eyes like winter rain, they would murmur. Her heart had been turned to stone, others claimed amid the silence. No one mourned her death. Killed by a lifelong servant, most believed. An exceptionally tall Munchkin, whose name no one could recall. A hero acclaimed new Governor and known only as the post he came to occupy.

Munchkinland saw better times after that. Much happier times.

Galinda Upland, from the Upper Uplands, graduated Shiz University and was invited to work directly with the Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz. On her fist visit to the Emerald City, the Wizard recognized her beauty and pure heart and had her declared Galinda, the Good, Oz's protector and his personal Grand Vizier. Some years later, rumors of conspiracy surrounding anti-Animals laws and a possible coup were uncovered and Galinda herself ordered the arrest of Parka Morrible, his Ozness Press Secretary. Amazed by the beautiful Witch's dedication, the beloved Wizard left Oz in her capable hands and went on a sabbatical. Ozians welcomed their new ruler with open arms. Though, loyalists wait till this day for the Wizard's return.

Galinda, the Good's reign was long and mostly peaceful. She married a wealthy merchant from Gillikin and had a little blond boy, who would later reign in her stead. She maintained excellent relations with all of Oz and especially with the Vinkus, where she spent part of the year.

Elphaba and Fiyero Tiggular finished Shiz University and returned to the Vinkus. News of the ancient markings reappearance ran fast through the rocky land and a great celebration throughout the Western Oz that lasted long through the night cheered the return of Lurline's descendant to the throne. Her Majesty's green skin was considered a sign from the great fairy herself and revered by all. It wasn't long before an heir was born.

They lived and ruled long and happily. Many children were conceived, none with Elphaba's distinguished skin. Once in a lifetime occurrence, the people believed, only to be seen again when trying times fell upon their land. Her Majesty, the Queen of the Vinkus was very close to Galinda, the Good and, in the wake of his Ozness departure, helped the good witch with the Animals reintegration into society and the extinguishing of all prejudiced laws.

Elphaba Tiggular, born Thropp, attempted to intervene in the Munchkin's favor when her sister's tyranny became known. Madame Governor refused to see the Queen and would not listen to reason. Some say strong Queen Elphaba cried the day the Wicked Witch died; no witness were ever found to prove that.

When King Fiyero died, some years after stepping down in favor of his eldest son, his wife followed. The beloved Queen was found lifeless next to her husband's body. A broken heart, their children had said. The citizens of the West cried and all of Oz mourned their passing.

Legend tells of two souls reunited at last, who would watch over the people of Oz forever. Till this day, ozians from all over the land come to place green leaves at the foot of the splendorous statue built in the honor of King Fiyero and Queen Elphaba.