Digimon Tamers EXE.

Things were finally back to normal in Japan, it seemed. The D-Reaper had been sealed inside of a disk, Juri had been rescued, peace was restored, and the digimon have been reunited with their tamers, it seemed. It was a sunday morning that Takato and Guilmon visited Juri at the hospital. Takato had brought a basket of baked goods made by his parents with the orderlies' permission. Juri's father and stepmother were sitting by her bedside, her stepmother peeling an apple.
"Konnichiwa, Takato-Kun!" Juri greeted lying in her bed. "Are you feeling any better, Katou-san?" Takato asked.

"A little, now that you're here!" Juri giggled.
Takato was relieved to see Juri smiling again, but part of him was worried that someday the D-reaper would come back and the Tamers wouldn't be able to defeat it again.
"Takato-san, is something bothering you?" Guilmon asked, sensing tension in him.
"Well, you see...The D-Reaper came very close to destroying japan and the digital world, and you almost died, i know it can't do any more damage now but, what if someday this whole thing repeats itself and we can't do anything about it??" Takato said, venting his fears out.

"Well, the D-Reaper is gone for now..." Juri's father replied. "Instead of worrying, for now, just be glad things are back to normal and save the worrying for when it really does happen!" Juri's stepmother added.
"Yeah...Thank you." Takato said cheering up.

As Juri took a bite of the cream horn in the basket, Guilmon sniffed the bread and asked "Are you gonna share those?" Everyone in the room laughed.

Meanwhile, in a Government warehouse...

The disk the D-Reaper was sealed in was being taken to a safe, escorted by six armed guards. As the government agent opened the vault door, he prayed the thing would never see the light of day again. "May the almighty help us if it falls into the wrong hands..." He thought to himself.

Takato and Juri ended up getting married, inheriting their families' businesses, and having twin girls, Jen lee became a programmer like his father, Ruki married ryo and had a son, amd Kentaro worked for a Toy company. Everyone had a peaceful, happy future, but litle did Takato know that in the distant future, his suspicions would become reality.

200 years later...

The former disciple of Dr Regal, Yamiga Koroshi, had been working for the japanese government, supervising weapons, contraband, and other things the government would put 'Under Lockdown'. When his eye fell on a safe that read "DANGER!! DO NOT OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!" He smirked in excitement. "Bingo!"

Netto and Rockman were studying that evening. "Man, i HATE Sunday homework!!" Netto complained. "For someone who doesn't care for it either, your whining doesn't make it go any faster..." Rockman murmured. "Oh, who asked you!?" Netto snapped.
"Netto-Kun, you have a call from Meijin-san!" Rockman said.
Netto opened it and Meijin appeared on his computer monitor. "Netto-Kun, i do not want to start a panic, so i am only sharing this with you, Enzan-kun and Meiru-chan...I need you and your netnavis to come to a private meeting immediately!" With that, the message ended.

"I wonder what's so important that he didn't tell the rest of the net saviours about it?" Netto thought to himself.

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Author's notes: I don't know the names of either of Ruki's parents.
Yamiga Koroshi translates to "Darkfang Murder" in japanese.