Chapter 27: Goodbye, barrel!

Roll opened her eyes and saw rockman looking at her and smiling sweetly.
"Hi, roll-chan...Are you okay?" He said softly.
Roll immediately reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck.
"Thank you, rockman...." Roll whispered. "Thank you so much!!"

Suddenly, rockman and roll heard a voice from behind them yell


Rockman looked behind him to see the remains of the Yamiga-Reaper looming over them.

"Let's get out of here!!" Rockman said to the dash virus.
Rockman tried to escape, but the Yamiga-Reaper chased them and was gaining fast. Searchman desperately shot wildly at the remains of the D-Reaper in an attempt to slow it down. And blues tried to damage it with his sword. Yamiga caught up to them.

"Rockman...If you dropped me, you could drop enough weight to escape. Besides, I'M the one it wants!!" Roll pleaded.

Rockman stared at her and said
"This monster of a program took you away from me once, i promised myself i wouldn't let it take you from me again!!"

"Rockman..." Roll whispered to herself.

The Yamiga-reaper loomed over rockman and roll. Rockman held roll even tighter. Suddenly, rockman saw a beam of holy energy pierce the yamiga-reapers' head. Dr. Koroshi screamed in excruciating pain as the attack destroyed him permanently. Rockman and roll looked up in the direction the blast came from and saw huanglongmon smiling at them. Huanglongmon glowed a mixture of white, blue, black and red, and he seperated back to Baihumon, Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon and Zhuqiaoumon.

As the digital and real worlds seperated, rockman, roll and the other netnavis returned to their respective PET-Arcs. Qinglongmon used their magic to open portals back to the digimon world.

"Qinglongmon...Thank you!" Netto said under his breath.

The chaos enveloping areas around the world slowly disappeared. Nettos' and the rest of their PET-Arcs bleeped, signaling an incoming E-Mail. Netto and the others checked their inboxes and noticed a message from Meijin. It read:

"YOU DID IT!!! A plane is coming to take you all back home. It should be here shortly.

Meijin E."

"So, meiru-chan...How's roll doing?" Netto asked thoughtfully.

"Right as soon as she returned to her PET-Arc, she went right into sleep mode....That whole ordeal must have really tired her out, the poor thing...." Meiru replied.

A few minutes later, jasmine shouted "LOOK! A plane!!"
Netto and the others waved their hands to get the pilots' attention. The plane landed, and the pilot leaned out of the door waving his hand, the pilot was none other than commander beef.
"Oi!! Commander beef! We did it! We beat the D-Reaper!!" Netto cheered laughing.
Netto was the first to board the plane. As the kids and barrel got boarded, commander beef started the plane and took them back to the city. The plane ride was an hour long versus a two-hour long car ride, when they got back, all of town awaited their return. Netto made a beeline for his parents. Meiru hugged her mother and father. Enzan met up with his father.

"Congratulations, everyone!" Meijin cheered.

"I'm so proud of you, netto-kun..." Haruka said, crying tears of joy.
"We believed in you, netto-kun." Mariko said.

"How did you all know we were here?!?" Jasmine gasped.

"Simple! Guardromon and i flew around the city to get the attention of its' citizens, and advised them of your return! Isn't that right, guardromon?" Yaitou explained.
Guardromon saluted and said "Yes, yaitou-sama!!"

Netto looked at everyone and said "Thank you." With all his heart.

"And we have a special guest! Please welcome the emperor of japan!" Meijin said, allowing the emperor to step in front of him.

The emperor raised his arms up to the sky and said
"I...With the power invested in me, declare today...Saturday, march 18th...'Tamers Day'. To commemorate the stunning victory of these brave children and their partner digimon!!"

The crowd clapped and cheered their approval.

"Now that all this is out of the way, how about we all celebrate?" A voice said.

Somebody turned on a TV, and Aki-Chan appeared on the screen. Aki-Chans' manger walked up front of the crowd and declared.
"Tomorrow, i'm holding a special concert to celebrate the worlds' close shave! Netto-kun, Meiru-chan and the others will get in free!!"

Netto, meiru and jasmine cheered. Enzan, miyabi, laika and barrel only smiled.

The hikaris, the sakurais, ayanokoujis and ijuuins took their children and their childrens' partner digimon home. Dr. Wily and Yuriko gave miyabi and musyamon a ride home.

By the time they got home, it was lunch time. Netto called meiru, enzan and yaitou and asked if they were interested in getting lunch at maha ichiban. Enzan said he coudn't come with because he was going to be with his father, but thanked netto for the offer.

"Netto-kun...If it's not too much trouble, i'd like to go to meiru-chans' home page and visit roll-chan..." Rockman asked.
Netto thought for a moment, knowing the reason, netto replied "Sure, rockman!"

"Plug in! Rockman EXE. TRANSMISSION!" Netto declared.

Rockman entered the internet, guilmon followed. Rockman and Guilmon took the route to meirus' computer. Rockman entered the link and saw roll standing and looking at the monitor. Roll turned her head and smiled a little when she saw rockman.

Rockman approached roll and said
"Roll-chan...I want to talk to you about something..."
Roll nodded reluctantly.

"About that time at the internet city arena..." Rockman started.
"SHUT UP! I know where you're going with this!!! YOU WERE WITH MEDII, WEREN'T YOU!?!?!" Roll exploded.
Roll suddenly fell to the ground, still weak from the D-Reaper incident. Rockman tried to help her up, but roll fought his offer.
"Roll-chan. I got an E-Mail from blues that day...It explained that since our netops and their digimon were meeting somewhere to go to the digital world, we should find a meeting spot for ourselves. Medii was there first...I'm sorry you had to see that..."

Roll turned her head and gritted her teeth.
"I can't believe i thought...I'm so stupid! No wonder the D-Reaper posessed me!!" She grunted.
Guilmon nuzzled rolls' cheek and said "Don't cry, roll-chan!"

Rockman pulled roll into a hug and said
"I put my heart and soul into rescuing you, because i love you! Don't ever say that you shouldn't have been saved!"

"You...What!?" Roll gasped.

"I love you, roll-chan! I love you more than anything in the whole world!! I rescued you because i wanted to be with you." Rockman answered.
Roll looked at rockman and noticed he had tears in his eyes. Roll started to cry as well.

Roll returned the hug and said "I love you, too!"
"Hey, what about me?" Guilmon interrupted.
Rockman and roll looked at him and said "We both love you, too!"

Aftere hugging for a few more minutes, rockman handed roll her heart-shaped gem pendant and said.
"You dropped this. Why don't you rest for today, and tomorrow, we go to that concert?"
Roll nodded


Netto, meiru and yaitou went to maha ichiban for lunch, and were greeted with open arms and smiles.

"Netto-kun!! Meiru-chan!! I knew you could do it!! Dekao cheered.
"Congratulations!" Madoi said. "You're really strong, meiru-chan!"
Meiru blushed. "Um...Thank you..."

"OI! Look who's here, hinoken! Maha! Dingo! It's netto!!!" Dekao yelled.

"Meiru-chan...." Leomon laughed from within the PET-Arc.

"So, rockman, how did your talk with roll-chan go?" Netto asked.
Rockman and roll both blushed at the same time.

"I'll ask you later!" Netto said. "For now, i'm hungry!"

Maha and Hinoken peeked their heads out the window from the kitchen and smiled at what they saw. Maha rushed out carrying two plates of curry and said
"Netto! Meiru! Yaitou! You all fought splendidly and saved humanity once again! Take this super special free curry as a token of our heartfelt appreciation!!"

Hinoken patted netto on the back and said
"No wonder you defeated my fireman! I just might have to take you two under my wing!"

Dingo ran in shouting "NETTOOOooooo!! Meiru-CHAAAaaaan!!"
Dingo gave netto a totem of dukemon, meiru a totem of banchouleomon, and yaitou a totem of guardromon.
"These are for you, to commemorate your epic victory!" Dingo declared.

Netto and meiru blushed and thanked everybody.
"Thank you for your kindness!" They said.

"How about some cyber curry for our netnavis and digimon?" Netto suggested.
Netto plugged their netnavis and digimon into the maha ichiban computer so they could get some curry from magicman.

That evening after supper, netto, yuuichirou and haruka watched a memorial dedicated to the people who disappeared and were killed by the D-Reaper hosted by the prime minister on T.V.

The rest of the day, the kids walked around town, went to the park where they met barrel, jasmine, miyabi, laika, terriermon. yuriko, musyamon and cyberdramon.
"Ah, barrel-san!" Netto said.
"Hello, netto-kun. Meiru-chan. I was hoping i could see you again before i left..." Barrel said.
"Barrel-san....Wh-What are you--" Meiru was about to ask.
Before she could finish, a pillar of blue energy surrounded barrel, and barrel turned white.

"BARREL-SAN! PLEASE STAY!!!" Netto pleaded.
"Don't go!!" Jasmine sobbed.
"I'm not barrel, remember, i'm a bio-android with barrels' spirit and memories. My role has ended, i must now return to duo. Farewell..." Barrel replied.
Barrel was digitized and sucked into the portal back to duos' home planet.

The kids were silent for a while. Yaitou broke the silence when she said to cyberdramon.
"Cyberdramon. You're taking this pretty well!"
Cyberdramon looked down and grunted.

Netto wiped the tears from his eyes and walked home.
The next day netto and company attended the special concert held by Aki-chan. The netnavis went to see the concert in internet city.

"Anata no HEARTo ni INSTALL!
Watashi no HEARTo wo INSTALLU!
Koi no apuriima, ugoki da shitta no
Hayaku kizuittene....
Antaga suki yo!"

The women then got up to sing.

"Anata no HEARTo ni INSTALL!" Meiru and yaitou sang.
"Watashi no HEARTo wo INSTALLU!" Mariko and Yuriko sang next.
"Koi no apuriima, ugoki da shiita no." Sang Renamon.
"Hayaku kizuittene!" Jasmine sang.
"Anta ga suki yo!!" The group sang together.

Netto got it all on camera. Dekao, chisao, enzan, impmon, guilmon, terriermon and laika cheered for them.
After the concert, the kids and digimon headed to game soul to celebrate. The kids then went home.

That night, netto and guilmon went to the park and sat on the bench by the pond. Netto gazed at the stars to clear his mind, and look back at his life. Netto was in deep thought until he heard
Netto turned his head down and looked to see meiru and leomon.
"Meiru-chan...Leomon..." He greeted. "Nice evening, huh?"
Leomon nodded. Leomon jumped into a tree and reclined against the canopy while meiru sat next to netto on the bench.


The general, laika, terriermon and morozov went home to sharo on a private jet. The general watched in great pride as laika and terriermon slept in their seats.
The general pulled a box out of his pocket, opened it, and looked at the gold, blue and green medal that read 'Colonel' on it.
"I can't wait to see the look on his face when i give this to him!" The general thought to himself. He then cried tears of joy.



That evening, enzan got into his bed when mr. Ijuuin walked in and said
"Enzan, son...May i tell you something?"
Enzan nodded.

"Son....I'm proud of you...I'll never doubt you again!!" He said crying.
Mr. Ijuuin then gave his boy a caring hug. Enzan slowly returned the hug.



When miyabi and the others got settled, yuriko turned to miyabi and said
Miyabi turned to see her. "Yuriko...?"
Yuriko pulled him into a hug and said "I...I always had confidence in you...Congratulations!!"
Miyabi blushed. Musyamon laughed sweetly.
"Now, let's just rest..." Dr. Wily suggested.

"Netto...Do you know how much these digimon have changed our lives? For better and worse...?" Meiru asked.
Netto looked at her and said "I think i might see what you mean..."

"I never would've got to meet rockman in the flesh without guilmon...Having guilmon around was a lot of fun, too..." Netto added.

"If i never met Leomon, i would never have been able to help you destroy the D-Reaper...You could've been hurt...Or worse." Meiru said.
Meiru looked up at leomon and said "Thanks, leomon!"
Leomon nodded.

"Netto...I've believed in you from the start...I was worried about you when things in the digital world got bad, but i had faith in you... I could never forgive myself if i let ANYTHING happen to you...! Because..." Meiru was overcome by shyness.

"Meiru-chan..." Netto gasped. His eyes were as big as baseballs.

"Thank you again for saving roll-chan!" Meiru added.
Meiru pulled netto into a hug. Netto returned the hug.
"Anytime, meiru-chan...Anytime..."

Meanwhile, Barrel was looking down at them from the night sky and smiling.