Death and Rebirth

A SasuSaku Fanfic: By UchihaSanNin

Sequel to: Unwanted Desire

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UchihaSanNin :D

She couldn't believe it. Refused to believe it. Konohagakure. They were HOME. But...

I'm not...Happy...I'm not...and...

She stopped her thoughts, feeling a tug at her hand. She looked down to see Satoshi standing next to her, looking up at her with a peading look in his eyes. "M-Mommy...I haveta go PEEEEE..." It was raining heavily outside, and she had just gotten into the Uchiha Manor. She was astonished by how...STUNNING that it was. It was beyond beautiful.

"All right...c'mon, shortstuff, lets find the bathroom for you..." She pulled the young boy with her as she walked down the long hall.


"All of your old clothing is there at the Uchiha Manor. The maids that have been put there have managed to keep it clean and in it's original state. Once you get there, DON'T leave. Do you understand me?" Sasuke was sitting cross legged across from her, naked, with the blankets tangled around his hips. THe moonlight played across sinewy muscle, adding shadow and definition to his already beautifully handsome physique. She said nothing. She clenched the blankets in her fists, and stared down at the black fabric. A lump rose in her throat, but she kept it down, knowing that she couldn't argue with him. He would win in the end.

"I...I understand...Sasuke-Sa--"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT." He commanded. "I hate that...I detest it..."

"Yes." She replied, and then his hand caught her chin. He pushed her face up to look him in the eyes. Those feral, cold, unreadable obsidian eyes seemed to look into her soul as she stared into them.

"Say it."



She jerked out of his grasp, and turned her face to the side. "Sasuke-Kun..." She muttered, and he heard the sarcasm in her voice.

He pulled her face back up to look her in the eyes again, and she gave him a dirty look. "Don't act like I am the bad guy...I am doing this for YOUR own good. I hope you come to understand that someday..." Then he kissed her gently, and pulled her to him, tossing off the blankets that covered his lower torso. "I don't want you hurt...You're important to me..."


She found the bathroom and waited for Satoshi to come out. the other two were exploring around the Manor, and she could hear their excited screams of awe. She smiled, and looked up at the sky. Sasuke-Kun...

Ishin was trailing behind with his father and Suigetsu, taking care of other things. She didn't want to be HERE. Konoha wasn't the problem, it was the Uchiha District itself. There was no telling how long she would be here with her children, without Sasuke. This would be nothing but a pain for her.


She was lying in bed that night, after putting all the kids to bed, still waiting for Sasuke and her eldest son to arrive. What's taking so damned long...? This isn't right...I don't understand... She curled up into a ball on the bed, pulling the sheets to her chin as she buried under the blankets.


"As soon as ou get to the Manor, Ishin, I want you to check on your brothers and sister. Then go to bed...You got school tommorrow, right?"

"Yeah..." The boy whispered, as they came to the front door. "Unfortunately..."

"Then get to bed." He replied tersely, leaving no room for arguement. He went straight for the large bedroom at the other side of the house. His parents old bedroom. He parted ways with Ishin, and opened the shouji door silently. "Sakura..." He whispered, and saw her lying on the bed, buried in the blankets. she was fast asleep. He leaned over her, seeing that her face was half covered by her cotton candy pink hair, and she was buried underneath the blankets. He ran a hand over her soft skin, swiping away the locks of hair that was in her eyes.

She slowly opened her eyes, and looked up, slowly focusing on Sasuke's face. "What...what took you so long...? I was getting..." He kissed her, cutting off her question of concern. Then he pulled her into his arms and layed next to her on the bed.

He sat there next to her on the edge of the bed a few hours later, watching her sleep, and rubbing a hand over his eyes. I don't want to leave her here by herself...Yes...she can defend herself...but... He ran a hand along the line of her backbone, and then leaned over her. She was lying on her stomach, hugging a pilliow to her face, with her face buried into it. The blankets covered her lower half of her body. His chest pressed into her back as he nuzzled her backbone, and he threw a leg over hers, and hugged her sides with his forearms.

He placed a gentle kiss on her back, and pulled away. I'm Sorry...He said to himself. I hated coming to this decision...But I am doing this for you...

He quickly dressed, and and looked in on the kids as he made his way out, then left without second glance back.

Sakura woke up the next morning and felt for the familair body that used to snuggle with her til morning. Her hand hit an empty cold spot, and her eyes snapped open. "Sasuke?" She asked loudly, and sat up, holding the blankets to her breasts. "Damn it..."

Ishin had left for school that morning, walking down the road with his hands shoved into his black short's pockets. He'd just passed a gang of females, who stopped in their tracks and STARED at him. He didn't understand what their problem was. "what the hell are you staring at? You got a problem?" He'd asked, and the girls just blushed madly, and turned around and started talking to each other in hushed whispers.

"Tch..." He just kept on walking, knowing that they were following a good distance behind. Their puupy eyes were staring holes into his back. "Females..." He murmured. "They are so annoying..." He made it to Hajime's place, and beat on the door.

"WAKE UP YOU IDIOT!!" He yelled, and A sleepy yawn greeted his voice from the other side of the door. Then, the door slid open, and there stood a sloppily dressed blond boy. "Huh...wake up. Let's go." Hajime nodded, and followed incoherantly as the Uchiha shoved his hands back into his pockets and walked off.


Iruka-Sensei looked over at the young raven haired boy who stood to the side of the room, looking and taking in the features of his fellow classmates who didn't really take notice of him. Another uchiha...He thought. And it looks like He's gonna stay for a good while...and this is the last semester of class...I wonder how much his father taught him so far...?

"First off, I would like to introduce our newest student! I want all of you to give him a warm welcome and make him feel at home. He and his family came from...uh...a...distant village around here." He walked over to the young boy who stood beside the chalk board, and put a hand on his shoulder. "This young man is Uchiha Ishin." Every one looked up, with suprised and stunned expressions at the name. Then, to Ishin's embarrassment, a hushed whisper traveled around the room. "Uchiha..."

"That clan is dangerous..."

"My mother told me all about them...They're not good to hang around with..."

"I heard that they are back here in Konoha becuase Ushiha Sama abandoned them."

Iruka's hand tightened considerably on Ishin's shoulder, making the boy look up at him. "..."

"Hajime-Chan, raise your hand." He ordered, and the young blond, Naruto spawn slowly raised his hand. "Ishin, go and sit with Hajime." The girls in the class stared and watched him walk up the stairs, turning their heads as the Uchiha passed them with his hands shoved through his pockets. He is SO HOT. They all thought at the same time, practically drooling over the thought of being on his team when they had to split up into different three man cells.

Ishin sat down and stacked his hands in front of his face, appearing to be bored, and listening to the still hushed whispers that drifted around him. Ingorance is bliss, His father had told him. Pure bliss...


Sakura walked around the village, with Hikaru on her shoulders, and hse hel him in place with her hands gripping his gangly legs. Satoshi and Sayur had the hemmed edges of her pink slitted skirt in their fists, walking with her as she flitted around.


She didn't hear the voice at first, and she kept on going. She was headed back to the Uchiha District, knowing that if Naruto even saw a flash of pink hair, he would throttle her. SHe got the things that she wanted so she could make dinner that night, so she was happy.




"OI!! PINKY!!"

Sakura turned and looked around, with an angry look in her eyes when she heard her old nickname. Ino stood at least 20 feet away, and the blonde smiled at her old friend, tears coming to her beautiful blue eyes. "Sakura-Chan!!" She yelled, and The pinkette barely had enough time to get Hikaru off of her shoulders and, the boy wailed in fury as he was squished between the two women.

Ishin walked in the house, shutting the fusuma door behind him, hearing laughter and strange voices coming from the kitchen. He walked into the room, and stopped just short of coming in when he saw his mother sitting at the small table with three other people. "Uh...m-mom...?"

"Ishin. Um...dinner's ready, so come and eat!" She said, with a cheerful note in her voice. Ishin was stunned.

"Uh..." He couldn't say anything in answer as he walked over and sat down as his mother handed him a bowl. She...She's...HAPPY...laughing...and...who are these people...? I've never seen her so happy before... She looks pretty when she smiles...I never really see that smile often anymore...


Sai walked over to the door, and Sakura followed. "He looks exactly like Him, Sakura. He only has your eyes." He said, smiling. Sakura shut the fusuma door ass he walked out behind him. He was the only one left at the Uchiha manor. "His brothers as well. Sayuri has your looks. Ugly Jr."

Her eye twitched, and she muttered a thankyou.

"I'm kidding, Sakura-Chan. I'm kidding..." He said, smiling, and Then the smile faded. "Whay are you back here? As far as I know, you were being kept in Otogakure to keep up this peace treaty."

"..." She didn't answer at first, and sat on the railing, tucking her legs under her and leaned backwards against the large post at her back. "Sai-Kun...I...We thinks...that we are in danger...He...something happened, and the Kirikage may have caught wind of it..."

Ishin sat up on the balcony outside his room, and lostened to the two of them talk. His eyes widened at teh revelation of why they had come to be in Konoha. So that's why we're here... He told himself. The enemy villages...They pose that great of a threat on my father? BUT...but h is a Kage himself! Not to mention an Uchiha...So he should be able to kick their dirty asses straight back to their own village with no something wrong with dad...?

"Then why are you still with him, if he doesn't show anything towards you, Sakura?" The strange, pale raven haired Nin asked, still standing beside her.

"I...Sai..." She stammered. "I still have to stay within the rules of the contract...He may be an asshole sometimes, but he's never done anything to harm me...He wouldn't have been able to do some of the things that he's done if it weren't for me..."

"All due to this contract with the Leaf. Who cares about the damned contract Sakura? You are making yourself MISERABLE becuase of it! You can't live like this. Fuck the contract. Fuck the system. Come back to Konoha. Stay here."

"I can't," She replied, in a hushed whisper. "Naruto would be furious..."

"HE DOESN'T WANT YOU THERE ANYMORE THAN I DO." He nearly shouted. "Leave him. The marraige itself was a convenience. Not for love, not for anything. Just for some stupid goddamned alliance between two growning villages seeking power."

"Sai..." She murmured, looking int his infuriated face. His eyes held a strange look; it was a caring soft one, one that she had never seen in his eyes back when he first came to the team and up until now. She didn't know how to reply. "Sai...I..." He looked down at her, and sighed.

"It's your choice..." He muttered. She gave him an astonished look. Then, He leaned down, and before she could recover her shocked mind, his lips met hers in a soft kiss. Her eyes widened, too shocked to do anything. He cupped her face in his hands, and increased the pressure of his lips, then pulled away. Sakura was too stunned for words.

"M-Mom?" Ishin's voice penetrated her thoughts then, and Sai turned around to meet the confused and shocked look of the young Uchiha. "Wha...wha...?"

I-Ishin, It's not what..." Her voice faded off when Ishin's look of confusion turned to rage, and his gaze narrowed on her. then, he whirled on his heels and ran off. "ISHIN!!" She yelled, and Sai just stood there, like a kid who got caught with his hand in the candy jar.

"Shit..." He muttered, wiping a hand over his face. "I guess i should go...Do you want me to go and get him?" He asked, turning to look over his shoulder at her. She stood up, straghtening her red blouse.

"No." She said. "Stay here with the others. I'll be back." She movved to jump off of the railing, but Sai grabbed her arm.

"Sakura-Chan..." He murmured, not meeting her green eyed stare. " I...I'm sorry. I acted on impulse...I should've thought before I acted...and I just caused you a bigger problem...I-I'm sorry..."

"Just stay here Sai...It's all right..." He released her, and she jumped off the rail, and disappeared into the night.

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