The boy heard voices floating above him.

"I told you! He's slowing us down!" A far off voice said.

"Don't say that!" A closer voice – probably right in front of his face – said.

He slowly opened his eyes and saw two men with wild hair – one black-haired the other blonde – the blonde man was leaning right in front of him and the black-haired man was farther off.

"Vossler, he's waking!" The blonde man said.

"Good thing, too. We're already behind schedule, Bausch." Vossler said irritably.

Ignoring the other man, Bausch asked the boy. "Are you okay, son?"

"I…I'm fine, sir." He answered.

"Good. What's your name?" Bausch asked.

"R…Reks." He answered.

"Okay, Reks. How old are you?"

"…Seventeen, sir." Reks said.

Bausch got a frown. "Family?"

"My brother's all I have left, sir. He's fifteen and lives in Rabanastre."

"So young." Bausch said as he closed his eyes and shook his head. "You're not old enough to hold your own sword, not to mention fighti-"

"No!" Reks interrupted. "I want to fight! For my homeland, and my parents!"

Bausch looked into Rek's eyes.

All of a sudden, Vossler yelled. "Bausch, the South End!"

Bausch immediately got up and looked behind Reks. Reks got to his feet, and looked behind him. There were enemy soldiers…at least twelve, probably more, rushing from the south.

Vossler turned to Bausch. "Bausch! Take the 1st Battalion and get to the castle. My Battalion will hold these off and then meet you inside."

"Got it! Come on, Reks!" Bausch yelled.

Reks, remembering that he was in the 1st Battalion, ran with Bausch to the castle gate, where more men were unlocking the door.

Reks, Bausch, and the other seven knights of the battalion rushed into the castle. The lone guard was quickly eliminated, and the men moved on. They were at the foot of the stairs when, another enemy guard from the other side of the room rushed at Reks.

Reks caught the sword on his own and pushed the man away. He swung at the guard and hit him right in the shoulder – one of the only places his armor did not protect him – The man fell on the ground clutching his bleeding arm. Reks finished him off quickly and caught up with the battalion.

As they went up the stairs and to the next room, two more enemies were met. Reks, at the back of the group, watched one of their own men fall before the guards were killed. The group walked into the room. Seeing no enemies, the Battalion decided to stop for a minute to regain their energy.

Reks walked over to where Bausch was standing. "Where could Vossler be?" Bausch said quietly. "He should have caught up to us by now."

"Maybe he-" Reks said hesitantly.

"No." Bausch interrupted. "He's been through worse. People like him don't die in places like this."

Then, there was a pound on the door. The Battalion immediately stood at attention and readied their swords. The door opened to reveal two guards run through. Another one of our men was taken down before the guards were. The Battalion quickly moved on – in the next room there was a flight of stairs. We all moved up until three more guards ran from behind.

Reks, being at the rear, was their first target. Bausch stopped to help him.

"No, Captain!" Reks said. "You must get to our king, I'll hold them here!"

Bausch nodded and ran up the stairs. Reks turned back to the three men. One of them ran at him. He blocked his sword and tried to slash back at the man's stomach. The blow bounced off the guard's armor and then another guard ran at Reks. The guard swung at his face, but Reks blocked it and pushed his sword away.

He swung at the neck and the man went down. The other two guards continued their attack. Reks blocked another blow and jumped back. He got into position and shot a Fire spell at one of the guards. It hit the guard and he fell down.

The final guard ran at Reks. Reks swung his sword and hit the man at the neck. He clutched his neck and sank to the floor. Reks ran up to catch up to the group. After, going through an empty hallway, he reached the door to the King's chamber.

He stepped inside…and saw the dead bodies of his fellow soldiers littering the ground. He froze in the doorway. Something happened here. He thought. Somebody killed these people. He slowly walked into the room…then a chill ran through his spine. Not only were his friends dead…so was their king.

Then, after hearing a footstep behind him, Reks twirled around…and saw Captain Bausch staring at him. He felt a sharp pang of pain in his stomach and looked down to see Bausch holding a dagger into his stomach.

Reks looked into Bausch's face…

"Our king…" Reks said slowly. "Captain…why?"

And the last thing Reks saw was Bausch's cold eyes staring into his…and then darkness engulfed him.