Okay, now that I've introduced Vaan's point of view, this story may get a bit longer, but I'm still planning on a relatively short story. Don't worry - even though it's Vaan's point of view, the main focus of the story is still on Reks.


Vaan sprinted alongside the parade car.

"Reks! Reks!" He yelled, waving at it, trying to spot his older brother.

It was the big celebration where all the soldiers were coming home…God, he hadn't seen Reks in half a year! He was going to find him as soon as possible and ask him all the gruesome details of battle. He wanted to be a soldier just like his brother, and he needed to know what war was like.

Vaan was pushing people out of the way, trying to keep up with the parade car. It had begun slowing and Vaan caught up with it. He waited eagerly at the door, expecting soldier upon soldier to climb out…and then finally seeing his older brother step out – tall, armor glinting in the sun. Vaan had a vase full of Galbana Lilies – the flowers that Reks loved so much – sitting on the table waiting for him.

Vaan was snapped back to reality when the parade car doors opened. He was waiting for those knights in their shining armor to step out tall and proud…but instead he saw two medics pulling a stretcher. A stretcher with a person in it. His older brother. Reks. Oh God…

Everything happened as a blur. Vaan pushing through the crowd. Ducking under the border. The medics trying to push him away. That cold, empty look in Rek's eyes…The soldier finally grabbing a hold of Vaan and tossing him back to the crowd.

The Medics. I have to talk to the Medics.


Time passed. He didn't know how, but time passed. The crowd dispersed and Vaan found himself alone on the side of the Rabanastran road. The Medics had taken Reks to the castle. To the Medical Wing. Vaan had to get in.

Vaan, Lilies in hand, walked slowly up to the castle.

"Ay," A soldier asked him. "What are you doing up here. The Parades over, it's a working day, peasant!"

Vaan looked at the soldier with contempt. "I'm here to see my brother. He was hurt."

Vaan continued walking. He had almost reached the door when the soldier pushed him back down the stairs. "Can you prove it? We can't just let anyone that says those words pass."

"It's true! My brother's name is Reks! He was injured!" Vaan said furiously.

"Pff…any ol' guy could say that and we'd let him in. You could be a pirate for all we know."

"If I was you'd be dead already." Vaan muttered under his breath.

"What's that?" The soldier asked.

"Nothing. Now LET ME IN!" Vaan charged for the door.

The soldier caught him by the hand and turned him around. Before Vaan could react the soldier's armored fist had smashed into his face. Vaan stumbled back. The soldier pushed him down the stairs and Vaan fell to the ground.

"Get out of here." The soldier said.

Vaan, his nose bleeding, wiped the blood off his face and turned around disgusted. Vaan needed to talk to Dalan.

And find a way in the castle…