This is a short Halloween story that I wrote for another site and decided to post here! I know it is a bit early, but the stores are decorating, so why can't I? lol. Anyway, this is sort of a one shot, but I am thinking about writing a sequel or two. We will just have to see what happens with the plot bunnies. Wolverine is not mine-(though he should be, I would have to be his biggest fan ever. You want to debate that let me know. lol) This is in the movie-verse, and although there is some tenderness between Logan and Rogue, I like them better as more of a father/daughter relationship. Sorry to the romance fans! (ducks a piece of random flying fruit) Oh, before I get mobbed by the angry Rogan fans, Josh is my invention- the rest are not. (grumbles, looks around at the mob and runs)

Logan woke one afternoon, late after coming home from a mission at five in the morning. He had slept almost all day, and was therefore slightly disgruntled when he woke up at six in the evening. Man did his healing ability take a lot out of him! He stretched, the evening light slipping through the window by his bed, the curtains only partially open. A cool breeze laden with fall scents blew under his closed door, and there was a general scuffing and excitement coming from downstairs. He blinked, trying to orient himself. Doesn't matter how many animal-like powers you have- sleeping all day will screw you up.

He slipped out from under the covers, throwing on his usual jeans and tank top, and heading downstairs. He passed several students on the way, the girls traveling in packs of friends and chatting excitedly. What was all the commotion? He wondered. Sure, a school full of empowered teens was hectic at all hours, but this was above normal. Decorations like pumpkins and leaves were everywhere, and some of the kids had decorated their dorm rooms with a giant cobweb or some other Halloween d├ęcor.

Downstairs, Logan ran into Jean, who was carrying an armload of what looked like laundry.

"Oh, Logan, you're awake! Good, we were beginning to think you were going to miss out."

Logan blinked blearily, trying to understand what she was talking about.

"Miss out on-" She grinned at him, obviously amused that the ever attentive Wolverine was having trouble getting his bearings.

"Halloween. It's tonight!"

Logan now realized that the pile of cloth Jean was holding was actually a pile of costumes, a gown, ghost sheet, skeleton suit, and a rather strange looking werewolf outfit. Logan shuffled his feet, hands in his pockets, looking for a good response.

"Right, I knew that."

Jean grinned.

"Why don't you go have some coffee and something to eat, then you'll feel better. I have to get these to their respective owners."

Logan nodded and headed for the kitchen, one word on his mind since the other was not allowed, coffee. Maybe he could slip away for a beer while the kids were trick-or-treating.

On his way to the kitchen he passed several more excited students, some wearing costumes, others carving jack-o-lanterns on the back porch. He spotted one that had a werewolf carved into it's surface, that, suspiciously, had three claw marks as part of the design.

A few hours later, when everything was dark outside, Logan grabbed his jacket, attempting to avoid trick-or-treating duty on his way to the garage for his bike. He was almost there when Zing, the school's black cat ran in front of him, causing him to pause long enough for Jean to grab his collar.

"Oh no you don't." She sang, grinning. "You're not getting out of it that easy."

Logan glared at the cat, who merely blinked it's green eyes up at him. "Thanks for that, thanks a lot Zing." Zing gave a non committal meow and rubbed against Logan's legs.

Logan had been put in charge of a group of teens that thankfully Rogue was a part of. There were four other kids besides her, Bobby, John, Kitty, and Jubilee. Rogue was wearing a vampire gown, while Bobby accompanied her as the Count. John was dressed like some sort of devil, and Jubilee was bouncing around in a colorful fairy costume. Kitty, not surprisingly, was painted white and wearing a tattered white gown; a ghost. The Wolverine wore an expression fierce enough to make the mummy run screaming back into his crypt.

The first few houses weren't bad, until people began guessing what Logan was supposed to be. This prompted many giggles from the girls, and sniggers from the boys, who thought it immensely funny that people thought Wolverine was a costume. Logan endured for a while, just ignoring the remarks while Rogue and Jubilee teased him by telling one person he was a werewolf, another that he was a hairy Frankenstein. By the time they reached the tenth house, Logan's claws were itching like mad, and if one more person asked him what he was-

"Dude, nice makeup, so, like, what are you?"

Logan let out a low growl at the lanky teen who was looking him up and down. The kid was covered in leather and spikes and wearing vampire teeth. Logan finally let his claws slip, just fast enough for the kid to see them, but not too well.

"DUDE!! That was sweet! Where'd you get that, like eBay?? How's it work?!"

That was not the reaction that Logan had been expecting. Before Logan could begin to say anything, the teen started talking again.

"Hey! You'd make a great addition to our haunted house, it's opening at midnight and we're looking for volunteers! If you finish your trick or treating you can come back then and help if you want! It's right in my house there!"

He pointed to the house behind him that was covered in orange and purple lights, cobwebs, and window stick-ons. Fake tomb stones sprouted from the lawn, and people in elaborate costumes were standing around chatting and startling anyone who got near.

"You can scare the crap out of people, and afterward you can stay for the party! It's for all the volunteers and we'll have pizza and beer! You really should come dude."

Logan stared, completely caught off guard. Rogue filled in for him. "We'll be there! Can our whole troop help?" She asked.

The boy looked them over and grinned. "That'd be great! Sure."

"K, we'll see y'all after we're done then!" Logan opened his mouth to protest, but Rogue grabbed his sleeve, dragging him to the next house. He barely heard Jubilee cheerily announce "Trick-or-treat!" at the door.

At a quarter to midnight Rogue pulled out her cell, letting Jean and the professor know what was going on and getting their consent, as long as Logan was with them.

"No way, huh uh!" Logan said loudly as all five kids pushed and pulled him towards the house.

"Aww, come on Logan! It'll be fun!"

Logan shook his head. "I don't do haunted houses. A bar is my idea of fun."

Jubilee bounced into his line of vision. "There's beer afterwards!" She coaxed.

Logan shook his head fervently. "No way. I can get all the beer I want right now if you guys just go home."

"Oops." Jubilee apologized flippantly as she exploded a blinding flash of light right in front of Logan's sensitive eyes. He let out a growling roar and covered his eyes, temporarily blinded. When the offended members of his body recovered, they were in the driveway of the house, the teen that had talked to them earlier running out to meet them.

"Dude! So glad you could make it! I have a perfect place for each of you."

He led them into the house, which was decorated from ceiling to floor to scare. "I'm Josh by the way."

"Ahm Rogue, this is Bobby, John, Kitty, Jubilee, and Logan."

"Dude, cool to meet you all. So, like, the house is open till one, then we have pizza and stuff ordered. For now I'll show you where you each should go."

Logan looked livid as they were led around the house, different kids getting put in differently themed rooms, depending on what they were dressed as. Logan, not surprisingly, got stuck with the werewolves. Despite Logan's lack of costume, the growl building in him would surely put the rest of the wolves to shame.

Guests started trickling in right at the stroke of midnight, and Jubilee came leading the first group in as her costume was not that menacing. Logan self-consciously tried to blend in with the crowd of fur he had been stuck in, but that soon proved to be impossible.

So he played along.

He spotted a kid looking bored, staring down sleepily at the werewolf growling to his left while his girlfriend clutched his arm, squealing with gleeful fright. A dangerous grin spread across Logan's face, and he crouched, his claws ready and tense. Just as the kid walked towards him, he let out a primal howl, followed by a roar as he flashed his claws towards the unsuspecting pair. The formerly bored teen let out a yelp and bolted, leaving his girlfriend to scream in the moment then burst out in hysterical giggles. Logan was rolling with laughter on the inside, and spent the rest of the hour doing the same to other "macho" kids who strutted around like they owned the place. By the end of the evening he was idolized by the "pack", and almost wished that the house wasn't closing.

"Dude! You were freaking amazing! Nice job!! Maybe, you could like, join us next year!" Josh shouted excitedly as he ran up to Logan.

The Wolverine couldn't help but grin at the idea as he followed Josh into the kitchen where black lights and lit jack-o-lanterns illuminated a well stocked food bar and cooler of beer. Logan made a bee line for the beer, and while he was enjoying the first bottle, Rogue came up to him, grinning while Bobby stuffed his face with chips and dip.

"So, do y'a still want to kill us all?"

Logan made a playful swipe at her with half extended claws before snapping them back in. "Na, just don't tell Scott."

Rogue grinned. "Maybe next year too?" She asked playfully.

Logan raised an eyebrow. "Don't push your luck kid." He glanced up. "I do think we'll be seeing Josh around though."

Rogue followed his gaze to see Josh and Kitty chatting it up while sipping on some soda. She giggled. "Then I guess you will just have to join in next year too."

Logan gave her a playful growl. "I don't haveto do anything, darlin." She grinned at him but let the subject drop, bouncing over to join Bobby at the food bar. Logan sighed contentedly and drank his beer. Maybe Halloween wasn't so bad after all.