Hey guys!! I wrote this on a whim today as a 'flash fiction' challenge for another site and thought what the heck, I'll post it here as well. Especially since it fits into my 'mess with Logan' series. A few things I would like to say- 1, the actions in this fic are not ment to be 'cruelty to animals' they are ment to be comical. If I offend anyone by this fic, I am really sorry, but I don't mean any harm to anyone. 2, well. I'll talk to you after the fic. Enjoy!!

Wolverine was on the hunt. Senses were alert, muscles tense, his movements silent.

Turning a corner, he swept the higher ledges and curtains in the school hall with a piercing gaze, sniffing the air as he did so. There- at the end of the passage, a pair of gold eyes, atop one of the professor's most prized vases.

"Oh no you don't…." Logan snarled under his breath, sensing malicious intent from the being in the shadows.

Moving forward, he knew the thing was watching him, ready to leap at any moment, smashing the vase to bits all over the hardwood floor.

Golden eyes followed his progress, the creature's head cocked down imperiously, talons resting like rows of needles along the edge of the vase. Logan locked it in a stare down as he moved closer.

It was in this manor that he made it within two feet of his intended target before disaster struck. With little warning at all, the fiend was off like a flash, the vase teetering almost in slow motion on the edge.

Torn between grabbing the escapee and rescuing the treasure, Logan darted one way and then the other, slipping on the woven rug as he leaned over to grab the vase, catching it with one hand but crashing to the ground himself in the motion.

Sitting halfway up, Logan glared at the creature still above him. He had moved to the nearby curtain rod, and had resumed his favorite pastime of gazing over the mansion like he was king of the world.

Putting the vase down carefully, Logan slowly got to his feet, staying crouched as he moved.

He was fully prepared to spring when the creature took off again. Moving fast, he leapt and grabbed frantically for the thing's tail, catching the end of it just in time. His victory, however, was short lived as the wiry creature began flailing in all directions, razor sharp talons cutting Logan's hands and arms. Yelping with surprise, he got his hand around the devil's torso, only to be greeted by a wide open mouth and a painful bite into the fleshy part of his hand. Cursing under his breath, he held the mini monster fast, careful not to hurt it, but also careful not to let it go again. His reign of terror was ending now.

It was another ten minutes before Logan could wrestle the school's iguana into his cage, the bright green lizard finally settling onto his favorite log to sunbathe and glare at Logan for capturing him. Logan glared back before cursing the monstrosity in every language he could think of, and sliding down to sit on the floor in front of the 100 gallon tank, favoring his right hand as it healed.

"Knew we were askin for trouble when we named that thing Imhotep." He muttered, remembering the kid's enthusiasm after seeing The Mummy for the first time. The exact same night they'd all decided that a 'family pet' was a good idea.

In case anyone was wondering, yes. Imhotep exists. He is my own little bundle of terror, and is a 2 year old Iguana. I love him to death, but he can be really nasty sometimes, and a PAIN to catch. When I saw a flash fiction contest, I just had to put my baby dragon and my favorite mutant in the same story, however breif.

Review will be loved by me and stared imperiously at by Imhotep.