Title: First Date

Title: First Date

Rating: T for normal teenage behavior.

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Summary: Josh and Andy go on their first official date.

Notes: This story takes place right where "Hands on a Hybrid" left off.

Spoilers: Definitely "Hands on a Hybrid"

Chapter 1

"That's not how you do it," Andy said in almost a whisper as she leaned in towards him. Josh was so stunned he barely moved, until her lips pressed against his softly. As both their eyes closed, they kissed slowly.

It lasted only seconds before Andy pulled away, unsure of what to do next. She desperately wanted to kiss him again, but she hesitated, waiting for him to give her some kind of sign that it was okay. He glanced quickly down at the beautiful lips he had just kissed and then back up into her gorgeous eyes that he had gotten lost in so many times before. A hint of a smile formed on his face and she knew that it was alright.

She hadn't planned on kissing him that day. Sure, she had wanted to kiss him, but she always stopped herself. She kept telling herself that she didn't want to ruin the friendship that they already had with something more, but she knew that that wasn't the only thing that had stopped her. More than anything else, she felt that it wasn't fair to him that he would be with her while she was fighting such a horrible disease. She didn't want him to see what cancer did to her, but she was tired of pretending that her feelings ended with just being friends.

As their kiss deepened, though, all of her worries floated away. She was lost in him, the feel of his lips against hers, the taste of his mouth, the smell of his cologne that she had helped him pick out to 'get girls.' It all came together in a moment of brilliance. A moment that she knew she would hold on to for a very long time.

Finally, they parted. Josh simply stared at her, his mind a jumble. When he had kissed her on the cheek, he had been aiming for her lips, but he had chickened out for fear that she didn't have those same feelings for him that he had for her. She kissed me first, was the thought that kept running through his mind. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that, being the guy, he should have been the one to make the first move, but he also knew that what just happened was right for them. They didn't exactly fit into the 'guy/girl' mold of what was expected.

Andy tried to figure out what he was thinking. She was usually so good at figuring it out, his facial expressions usually left him as easy to read as a book, but she was getting nothing. He was just staring at her with this somewhat adorable, somewhat goofy grin on his face. Her cheeks began to redden. She couldn't figure out why he was staring at her like that. Was she a bad kisser or something?

"Josh…" She really wanted him to say something, anything.

"Would you go out with me?" He blurted out in one long stream of words. She was taken aback. She hadn't exactly expected that. "I mean…what I mean is…" he began to stutter. Her nervousness floated away. She loved it when he stuttered because he was nervous. And she loved the fact that she was the one who was making him nervous. "Well…I…that kiss…wow." He slumped back in his chair, knowing that he was making a fool of himself.

She smiled, knowing that she had the upper hand. Even though the butterflies were flitting around in her stomach, as she looked at him, still with the goofy grin on his face, she felt in control. She had no idea that she even had the ability to do that to a guy, but Josh was definitely putty in her hands.

"Tell you what," she said, standing up. "Why don't we start with a date?"

"A date?"

She took a step closer to him.

"Yeah, you know a date…dinner, movies, no bowling. You've been trained by the best so I'm expecting something good."

She leaned over and gave him a very quick peck on the lips. She wanted to kiss him again like they just had been, but she was also enjoying teasing him.

"Can't we just…you know…kiss some more?" He asked, reaching for her hand.

"Date first. Kiss later."

"Does that mean there will be more kissing?"

She smiled again, this time flirtatiously. She was enjoying teasing him. "Pick me up tomorrow at seven. Don't be late."

He tried to hold onto her hand, but she pulled away and walked out of the Rack. Josh put his hand over his heart that felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest.

"God, she's good," he said out loud.

Author's Note: It's been a while since I've written a Jandy story. The idea for this story has sort of been floating around in my head ever since I saw the episodes "Hands on a Hybrid" and "Lockdown." I just felt like there had to be more with Andy and Josh considering they went from their first kiss in one episode to making out in the next. This is just my version of what might have happened. I started this story as a quick one-shot, but those of you who have read my things in the past know that one-shots are not my specialty hence now I have a multi-chapter fic. As always, thank you for reading and please review!