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Chapter 1: This new life


The burning throughout my body was evaporating. No longer did I feel like I was engulfed in flames, now the fire was just licking against my skin until gradually I felt as if someone had finally decided I had enough and pored water on me.

In a matter of seconds I opened my eyes for the first time in what seemed like forever...but no...today was the first day of my forever, with Edward.

Looking up I saw an ornate ceiling and a beautiful fan. I looked around briefly to get a better view of my surroundings and noticed I was in Carlisle's office. But, where was everyone? Had they left me? Did Edward decide I wasn't good enough for him? Oh god! This could not be happening!

"Bella? Hon are you OK?" said an angelic voice.

"Wha...what? Who the hell is that?" I asked dazed.

"It's me Bella."

I glanced in the general direction of the siren call and gasped.


"Yes Bella it's me." he answered.

"Oh god Edward! I thought you had left me." I gushed. Wasn't the whole vampire thing suppose to make me less of a dork? I mean really.

"Silly Bella...now why would I do that?" he cooed "Now stop worrying. I am here now."

Then everything came back to me...

"Edward I am ready...really I am." I told him.

"I know you are." he answered "I am just worried I didn't prepare enough...and if I did anything to hurt you I just couldn't bare it."

"Edward stop worrying. I love you. We are together forever...as soon as you bite me!" I added teasingly.

"I know but...oh lord! I don't think I can do it."

I looked into Edward's eyes and knew right then that this was the best choice I could ever make for myself. I was ready.

"Edward please...I know that you won't hurt me. Just do it already." I begged.

Not seconds after that I felt him sink his venomous teeth into my neck then arm and hand. He repeated these steps on my other side and then I was engulfed in the flames.

"Bella? Bella are you alright? Are you still hurting?" Edward dragged me from my flashback.

"Yes...of course." I said "Where is everyone else?" I had just realized that he was the only one with me.

"They are out...getting you...um...birthday gifts." he said, somewhat embarrassed.

I started to giggle at this and then said "Oh Edward! I am just so happy to be with you! Forever."

"And a day..." he added

"Yes...forever and a day!" This news made me so happy that I almost forgot that I was suppose to be some kind of savage knew born vampire and was not suppose to be so collected this early.

"Edward...why am I not going insane and trying to eat everyone in town?" I asked, skeptical.

"Well I was trying to figure out the same thing...how is you throat?" he asked.

"Um it feels like I need some water...or...um...urm...blood." I stammered.

"Here." Edward said, handing me a cup of what was most likely blood. I sniffed at the liquid and was surprised to find that it smelled good. Odd.

I took a long drink of the blood and then stopped in shock. Looking up at Edward and holding back the urge to throw the cup across the room I asked, "Um...uh...Edward? What is this? It tastes so good. It can't be...it isn't human is it?"

"No! Of course not Bella." he said hastily.

"Then why does it taste good? I thought you said that animal blood was not nearly as good as human." I eyed him suspiciously.

"Well no but some animals taste closer to humans. That is why I like Mountain Lion so much...because it tastes less...wild."

"Then what is this?" I asked pointing to the cup.

"Mountain Lion!" he said with a grin.

"Well it is good." I said, mimicking his goofy grin, "Maybe we have the same favorite."

Then I reached up toward him and grabbed his face gently. Bringing his head slowly toward me I gently kissed his lips. Then he eagerly kissed me back, which finally was not an issue!

I sighed and pulled away, "Edward...I love you."

"I love you so much too Bella." Then he was kissing me again with more force and love then before. But it was him who pulled away this time.

"Bella would you like to look at yourself?" he asked, handing me a mirror.

"More then anything." I answered, taking the mirror.

I gasped. Wow! My eyes were red and my hair was still the same color but with more volume and shine to it...like those girls on the hair commercials. Looking down at myself and away from the mirror I realized that I was gorgeous. More amazing looking then Alice, not quite Rosalie though.

"Oh my god." I said, mostly to myself.

"You are so beautiful Bella." Edward said. "Oh no..."

"What?" I asked.

"The family is home." he said "Present time."

"Aw hell."

I hope you liked the first chapter. I was sitting here and this idea just popped into my head. Time to roll with it! Thanks so much.