The final installment!

Chapter 10: Get Off Your Lazy Ass!


Emmett was in huge trouble with Esme and was grounded for the rest of the year and Carlisle had to go with him to hunt. Making sure he didn't eat any Grizzlies. He was almost out of his misery. This was the last sin. I must admit he had made it too easy. Sloth was one that I had thought would be difficult with him being a vampire and all but all he had done for the past week was sit around and play video games. What a life! He was about to get a total reality check. He was out hunting and I was going to break all of his video games. He needed to stop playing them anyways.

I headed to where all his precious games were and stopped to admire their glory. He had so many; Xbox, Xbox 360, Play Station, Ps2, Ps3, PsP, Game Cube, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo and a Wii. Really!

I pondered where to start first. I knew that his favorite was the Xbox 360. Honestly I didn't know why he had so many of the same things that could play the same games but that just gave me more to break.

I hadn't told Jasper my plan, only Alice.

I headed over to his Xbox and started with my hammer.

In no time I had mutilated all of his game systems. They looked beautiful!

Next I made my way to his games. One by one I took the cd out and lined them up in a row in front of the smashed remains of his game consoles.

Once they were in place I walked a straight line over them, crushing each one into tiny little pieces.

The next thing I did was take every box for the games and ripped them in half. If was a lot of fun, I had to admit.

Setting the boxes down in a pile next to the remains of the consoles I stepped back to look at my work. i was impressed but it needed something.

I thought for a moment.

Something that would piss him off.

Something that would get to him.

Something ironic and




I went to his desk and retrieved a piece of paper and a pen. I scribbled the note onto the paper and set it down on the remains of his Xbox 360.

The note said:

Get a job!! Slacker!

I chuckled darkly to myself before leaving his room.

This was the ultimate revenge for what he had been thinking about me.

I walked out the front door and nearly ran into Emmett.

"Oh Bella I-" he stumbled backward and fell down the little steps.

I went into hysterics and couldn't contain myself.

Emmett got up and ran up to his room where I heard a scream and then he was back.

"How could you?!"

"You know why!"

"Oh please! Just because I thought you were hot when you got changed. That doesn't mean I am in love with you Bella!" Emmett ranted.

Wait! Jasper lied. He was just wanting a good laugh? UGH!

I heard Edward coming down the stairs.

Just as he looked up Emmett stomped down on the stair I was standing on and I fell flat on my face, right in front of Edward.

"Bella!" Edward yelled, "You are a vampire and still can't stop falling. Silly Bella."

I growled at him.

"Um I have to go" Edward sped out of there faster then my car can go.

Emmett knelt down beside me where I was still laying down, defeated.

"Pay back's a bitch." he said.

Note to self. Kill Emmett!!


I hope you guys liked it. I am preparing to start a Truth or Dare story. So please give me your opinion on that.