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Olivia woke up with Elliot's arms wrapped around her waist but an uneasy feeling in her stomach. She looked around her and noticed she was in the bedroom, but had no recollection of getting there. She felt Elliot's lips press against her neck and realized what had woken her up. The memories of the previous day's events invaded her thoughts which explained the uneasy feeling in her stomach. She stretched, sighed, and rolled over to face Elliot. His smiling face awaited her and she hoped she returned the smile with as much enthusiasm as she could. "Good Morning."

"Good Morning." Elliot kissed her forehead, then her nose, and then her lips, lingering longer on her lips than anywhere else. "Did you sleep good?"

"Yeah, I did," Olivia lied. She had had nightmares of Matt abducting her and torturing her and all the terrible things she could possibly think of all night. Even worse, she had nightmares of what he would do to Elliot. She knew she wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for much longer; Elliot could always see right through her.


"Um, no not really. But I'll eat if you are." Olivia replied, knowing it would be near impossible to eat with her stomach in knots.

Elliot shook his head, "No, I'm not hungry either. At least, not for food."

He smirked as he brushed her hair back and kissed her neck. Olivia smiled and leaned her head back against the pillow and just like that Matt was nowhere in her mind. Elliot reached his hands down under the sheets and pushed up her shirt and pulled it off. Elliot crawled on top of her and let his hands roam all over her body. He watched the goosebumps rise as he brushed his fingers over her stomach. He reveled in the flatness of it but wanted more than anything to see it bulging and feel the kicking of a baby. He trailed kisses down from her neck, stopping to give each breast the attention they deserved. Flicking his tongue over each nipple and feeling them bead in response.

He continued his trail down her stomach brushing it with his thumb. He pulled off her pants and panties in one swipe and skipped over her hot core as he traveled downward. Elliot spread her legs and kissed her inner thighs, sucking lightly enough to leave a mark only they would know about.

As he started back upward, toward her hot, wet core, Olivia arched her back and he looked up to see her biting back a moan. He smiled and kissed the entrance of her core and then the sides. Olivia moaned and ran her fingers through her hair. "Elliot, please."

As soon as she said it she wished she could take it back. Begging only made Elliot torture her more. Elliot smiled as he trailed his way back up to her neck. "What was that, Liv?"

Olivia moaned as his lips covered her right breast. She was so close and he knew it. Elliot kissed his way up to her neck and finally covered her lips with his. He trailed the contours of her lips with his tongue and smiled when he saw her lips parted in anticipation.

He finally gave in to her and kissed her full on the lips, darting his tongue into her mouth. Olivia reached her hands up to touch his neck and tugged on the hairs at the nape of his neck. Elliot groaned in response. Even the slightest touch from Olivia was enough to set him on fire. Olivia smiled into his mouth, knowing that she was slowly gaining control of the situation which was exactly the way she liked it. Elliot reached down and slid two fingers between them and into her. "Hmm you're so wet, Liv."

Olivia smiled as she kissed him and tried to get back in control. Elliot slid into her as he pinned Olivia's hands above her head with his own. As Elliot started moving inside her, Olivia wiggled her hands free and placed them on his shoulders. She pushed him back onto the bed and straddled him and Elliot placed his hands on her hips. Olivia grinded her hips into his and leaned forward while tugging at the short hairs on his head. Olivia exploded shortly after at the same time as Elliot who called out her name upon climax. Olivia collapsed on top of Elliot and he wrapped his arms around her.

Both were silent for a long time, reveling in the afterglow of sex and placing sweet, innocent kisses on various parts of their bodies. Olivia climbed off of Elliot after several minutes but rested her head on his chest and draped her leg over his body. Elliot kissed the top of her head and he sighed and broke the silence. "I need to get ready for work. Are you coming in today?"

Olivia nodded. "Cragen doesn't even know I'm back yet, unless you told him."

Elliot shook his head. "I didn't"

Olivia nodded and sat up, pushing the sheets off of her. "I call the first shower," She said, smiling as she trotted to the bathroom.

Elliot smiled and followed suit, "I have a better idea."

Together they showered, taking turns getting clean and getting dirty. They stayed until the water ran cold and they dried off, each dressing for the day. Elliot wore a powder blue button up shirt and jeans. Olivia, having a limited amount of clothing to wear, wore a pair of jeans and a dark blue tank top with thick straps, a band of blue under the breasts, and a flowing torso. Olivia paired it with a pair of black flats, knowing full well Cragen would not make her work anything more than desk duty on her first day back. She continued with her hair and makeup, putting her long hair in a ponytail and styling the ponytail and making a smokey yet subtle look in her makeup.

Olivia walked out of the bedroom and Elliot stopped in his tracks. "Wow."

Olivia giggled and spun around. "You like?"

"I love. But it's going to be really difficult to work with you now." Elliot joked as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Like it was easy before." Olivia grinned as she kissed him. "I should leave now. I want to be sitting there when the rest of the squad gets in. It'll be fun."

Elliot laughed. "You've always been one for the shock factor."

Olivia smiled and kissed him goodbye. As she walked out Ben smiled at her, "Back to your regular schedule?"

"Yeah," Olivia nodded and smiled. "With some minor changes of course."

Ben smiled and wished her well. Olivia walked out and noticed the air was dry but warm and the sun was coming out. As Olivia walked to her car she saw a familiar face. Matt was leaning against her car and smiling at her. Olivia sighed when she saw him and quickened her stride. Matt got off of the car and allowed her to get in. "Nice to see you, Olivia."

"That's sweet." Olivia replied, flatly as she got into her car.

"Well you would think after the morning you had you'd be much more pleasant." Matt said as he held her door open.

"Stay away from me and my house." Olivia seethed.

"Not Elliot?"

"Especially Elliot." Olivia slammed the car door shut and turned the car on. She rolled down her window and glared at Matt. "And that is a threat."

Olivia pulled out of her parking spot and left Matt standing on the corner. She drove fast through the streets, much faster than she should, to get away from him. She tried to calm herself by breathing slowly and eventually it worked and she was able to drive at a more reasonable speed. Faster than she anticipated, she pulled up to the precinct and found a parking spot. Olivia smiled to herself as she walked up the familiar steps of the precinct; it was good to be home. Olivia knocked on the side door to Cragen's office and heard his voice call her in.

Cragen looked up from his desk and stopped short. "Olivia," He said as he got up and walked around his desk. "I didn't know you were back."

Olivia nodded and smiled. "Yeah for a few days. I wanted to get everything situated before I came back to work."

Cragen smiled. "Well, it's nice to have you back. I see California made an impression on you."

Olivia laughed. "Yeah, I had to lose a lot of weight to be able to blend in there and now nothing I have here fits me."

Cragen laughed and shook his head. "They have a very unrealistic idea of skinny in California but nonetheless it's great to have you back. I'm going to have you be doing desk duty for today to ease you back in."

"I was expecting you'd say something like that," Olivia laughed as she stuck her feet out.

"You know me all too well," Cragen laughed.

Olivia smiled and walked out of the office to find no one in the squad room just yet. She smiled as she settled into her desk to find nothing was moved or touched. As Olivia turned on her computer her phone vibrated in her pocket. It was a text message from Elliot.

Hey babe, I was wondering should I act surprised when I see you or like I've known you were back?

Olivia read the text message over again and thought. She hadn't given it any thought as to how Elliot would react since she was so caught up in how the rest of the squad would react.

Um, I think it might be best to act surprised, but there's no one here yet but Cragen will probably be watching

As Olivia sent it she heard heels coming closer to the squad room which stopped just short of Olivia's desk. Olivia looked up to see Casey standing in complete shock holding a coffee that looked like it was about to fall. Olivia got up and took the coffee from the blonde and placed it on her desk. Casey was still staring but her mouth had closed. Olivia laughed and shrugged, "Hi."

Casey broke out in a great, big grin and lunged at the brunette. Casey laughed as she hugged Olivia as hard as she could. "I can't believe you're back."

Olivia laughed and hugged Casey back with as much enthusiasm as the blonde. Casey then let go of Olivia and hit her. "Ow! What was that for?"

"For leaving."

"Well, sorry," Olivia laughed.

Casey looked Olivia over in astonishment, "How much weight did you lose?"

"Um, well I wasn't really keeping track but something like twenty pounds."

Casey's eyes widened, "Twenty pounds? That's crazy."

"It was a part of my cover," Olivia laughed.

Just as Olivia was about to ask Casey about how life was back here, Munch and Fin walked in and, much like Casey, stopped short when they seen Olivia. They both looked her over and Fin walked over to hug her. "Well, well, well, look who decided to come back after all."

Olivia laughed and hugged him, "Yeah, California wasn't easy to enjoy knowing I have all you guys back here."

Munch followed Fin and hugged her as well, "We were about to start placing bets on whether or not you'd come back at all."

Fin hit Munch on the back of the head but laughed, "Yeah, but then we decided that we'd have to leave Elliot out of it and decided that would be too hard."

Olivia smiled, "Where is Elliot? I haven't seen him."

They all shrugged and Munch walked over to his desk and put his feet up, "He pretty much just comes and goes whenever he wants to now. But I bet he won't be doing that once he sees you again."

Fin shook his head, "What he means to say is you look great, Liv. He's just borderline freak."

"Borderline?" Olivia asked, laughing. "I'd say he's already there."

Munch just mumbled under his breath and swivelled around in his chair as the rest of them laughed. They heard footsteps behind them and they all turned. Elliot was standing in the doorway looking as surprised as the others had. Olivia smiled softly, knowing it was all just an act, "Hi."

"Hi," Elliot replied as he gave a quick smile and sat down at his desk.

Everyone was looking at each other trying to figure out what to do or say. Casey finally broke the silence by telling everyone that she had to go talk to Cragen and inviting Olivia for lunch. Olivia accepted as she sat down, opposite Elliot, and smiled to herself. "You look nice, Liv."

Olivia looked up, acting almost surprised to hear him talking to her, "Thanks."

Olivia continued her work and settled into a nice, relaxing routine and smiled each time Elliot's leg brushed against hers under the desk. She smiled to herself, happy to finally be back.

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