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Chapter One: Alice's awesome Idea

Bella POV:

"Hey Everybody! Guess what!" cried Alice running down the stairs.

Edward and I were up in my room doing homework.

"What does Alice want?" I asked Edward.

"Hold on a second, I'll find out." he said.

A few seconds later after reading her mind, his facial expression went from calm, to an expression of pure horror.

"What is it?" I asked again.

"Apparently Alice has discovered this new thing called Mad Libs, and she wants us all to come do them with her." He explained.

"Oh, no! Not another one of Alice's ideas! Although I have to admit, Mad Libs are fun… hmmm. Let's do them to make her happy." I said.

"Fine, but what are Mad Libs any way?" Edward asked.

"Mad Libs are these paragraphs with blanks in them, you have to put in whatever part of speech that it says." I explained.

"That doesn't seem very interesting." he said.

"Oh, trust me they are, now lets go!"

After everyone was gathered in the living room, Alice told everyone else her idea.

"I was at the mall and I saw these things called Mad Libs. They looked fun, so I bought them. These are the directions straight from the Mad Libs book…" said Alice,

" In this tablet you will find stories containing blank spaces where words are left out. One player, the READER, selects one of these stories. The READER does not tell anyone what the story is about.

Instead he/she asks the other players, the WRITERS, to give him/her words. The READER asks each WRITER in turn to call out a word (an adjective or a noun or whatever the space calls for) and

uses them to fill in the blank spaces in the story. Then the READER reads the completed story." once Alice was done reading the instructions, they picked Carlisle to be the reader and the rest

of them to be writers. Then the fun really started…

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