Chapter 1: True feelings

It was a beautiful night in the park as Axel and Ariel were laying down on top of the street rover stargazing. They been back together for five months now and they couldn't be happier. Axel was glad Ariel joined the team, they found out she has agility like Colleen and she decide to teach her how to fight like Axel. Axel was glad someone from his past was with him again. Ariel was also glad to be back with Axel again, their love for each other was still as great as before. Ariel turned to Axel and spoke, "Axel this is such a beautiful night, thanks for taking me out."

Axel turned to Ariel, "No problem Ariel it was my pleasure." They both did a quick kiss then went back to watching the stars.

After a few minutes Ariel spoke again, "Axel I've been wondering something."

Axel turned to Ariel, "What is it?"

Ariel turned to Axel, "what were your parents like?"

Axel stayed silent for a bit then spoke, "I don't remember much about my mom I was still young at the time. My dad was the best to me. I loved all the time we spent together, he was always there for me…then that day I woke up and he wasn't there…I never stopped wondering what happened to him."

Ariel put her hand on his shoulder, "he could still be alive you know."

"That's the thing I hope for…what were your parents like?" Axel said.

Ariel spoke, "they always protected me, kept me safe when I was young. They taught me how to survive if I was ever on my own. Even when they found food they always gave me a bigger portion, I sometime felt bad for that."

"They must have wanted you to survive cause in their eyes you were important then themselves," Axel said.

Ariel nodded, "I know they meant everything to me…they that day the left me." Axel didn't want her to talk about it if it hurt her but she spoke, "it was a dark night as we were resting but then…a couple of other dogs found us. They wanted something from us but I was too scared to hear them, my father told my mom to get me somewhere safe. We started running then, before I lost sight of my father I saw the other two dogs overpower him. It was too much for me to see. I was running in the middle of the street when a car was going to hit me, but then my mom pushed me out of the way and…and got hit." Ariel started crying. Axel pulled her close trying to comfort her. "After that I ran…I was alone then, I started surviving for a while. There was still the pain because of that, then I met you and all the pain started going away. After that I wasn't alone again."

"I'm really glad I was able to help," Axel said.

"Me too, I love you so much," Ariel said.

"Me too," Axel said. Then their lips met and they stayed like that for a while till they needed air. Axel spoke, "I'm glad were together."

"I'm glad for that too," Ariel said.

Axel then looked at his watch, it was already past ten, "I think we should head back now." Ariel agreed and they got in the street rover and drove home.

Ariel and Axel soon arrived home and decided to go to bed. They both walked over to Ariel's room where they stood in front. Ariel spoke, "Thanks Axel I had a good time tonight."

"Anytime Ariel," Axel said. They then had one last kiss for the night. Then Ariel went inside her room. Axel was left in the hallway with nothing but love on his mind. Ever since they were brought back together their love for each other has grown more and more. Axel had made a decision but wanted to do it in a special way, he then decided to ask Hunter and Colleen. He then started walking to their room and knocked when he got there.

Hunter opened the door, "Hey Axel what's up?"

"I was wondering if I could talk to you and Colleen?" Axel asked.

"Sure, come in" Hunter said.

Axel walked in and saw Colleen sitting on the bed and Hunter joined her, and Axel sat on a chair across from them. Colleen asked, "How was your date with Ariel?"

Axel smiled, "it was wonderful…I love her so much."

"Good to hear," Hunter said. "So what do you want to talk about?"

Axel spoke, "It's just that ever since Ariel and I were brought back to together we've grown deeper in love with each other and…"

"And what?" Hunter asked.

"I want to propose to her," Axel said.

Hunter and Colleen were surprised at hearing then they both smiled. Hunter spoke, "that's wonderful Axel but what's the problem."

"I want to do it in a special way, give her a special night before I ask her. I was wondering if you two have any ideas how," Axel said.

Colleen spoke, "Well you two can have a nice diner on the beach."

Hunter spoke, "Then you both could do a dance then ask her, that would be a wonderful moment."

Axel was silent for a moment then spoke, "Yeah that would be great. Thanks you two."

"No problem," Hunter and Colleen said.

Colleen spoke, "So when are you going to ask her?"

"In a few days…I'm going to go to bed thanks again, goodnight," Axel said. He stood up and walked to the door.

"Goodnight," Hunter and Colleen said.

Hunter and Colleen just smiled as Axel left then Hunter spoke, "I'm happy for him."

"Me too Huntie, I had a feeling something like that would happen," Colleen said.

"Me too, ever since they were brought back together, they been almost inseparable," Hunter said. "I'm ready for bed you too?" Colleen nodded. Then they both got in bed and gave each other a kiss then they fell asleep.

Axel got dressed after a quick shower and moved over to his desk. He opened a drawl and pulled out a velvet box then opened it. Inside was a ring with a gold band with a white diamond on top of it. He bought it some time ago and soon he was going to ask her. He put the ring back and got in bed. He fell asleep dreaming about the night he would ask her. Little did they know that they would be called into action again.

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