This is my first fic. For those who know the series, it is set between the Belgariad and Mallorean. PLZ R&R

I own nothing except the first name of the Baron of Vo Toral

Mandorallen would not forget this man's injustice. For he had seen in Nyissa slaves once owned by the Baron of Vo Toral. He had promised himself to see this man justice for staining the honor of every true Arendish knight. So Mandorallen traveled to Vo Toral.

It had been many days and nights but he had arrived. He came to the door of the Castle and knocked. A man came to the door "Yes, Sir Mandorallen?" "I hath come to talk to thy Lord, Sir Aronn of Vo Toral, fine sir." said Mandorallen. "Then come with me." Said the man.

Mandorallen was led to Sir Aronn's rather large dinning hall. "Ah, it is always an honor to meet the bastard of Vo Mandor." Quipped Sir Aronn. "Thy are brave for a cur!" rebuked Mandorallen. "Why not thou explain this visit Sir" said Sir Aronn acidly. "I hath came to bereft you of thy life for selling your Serfs and dishonoring all thy fellow knights." Answered Mandorallen

"Fine, at first tomorrow, Sir Mandorallen I will take you life and send you home in a box", said Sir Aronn

They met at early dawn and fit up in full armor. "This shall be a duel of the fairest order," announced a man who would act as a rule keeper. "Then have us start," Said Aronn hotly. "You would want to die?" retorted Mandoralllen. They stepped to the middle of a field and for many minutes the symphony of steel on steel is all that could be heard.

Suddenly there was a sick sound of metal screeching and steel biting into flesh and bone. Sir Aronn was on the ground with his side bleeding. "Finish it," he yelled. Mandorallen honorably obliged and it was over.