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(P.S. Percy's POV, Set Post BOTL and Pre TLO)

The night was cold and the sky was dim. The air seemed to be standing still in camp as I strolled along the cabins. It was after dinner and just about everyone at camp seemed to be busy with their own lives.

My feet dragged absently across the camp ground, until I caught sight of Cabin Number Six. Annabeth's Cabin.

As much as I tried to tell myself that everything was normal; the way it used to be before Annabeth and I had ever ventured into the Labyrinth, there was almost no denying it anymore. Everything around camp seemed tense and an uneasy feeling sat in the air. It definitely wasn't the best feeling when coming back to visit camp while school was out for winter break.

Walking up the steps of Cabin Six to see Annabeth, I tried not to think about how our last conversation had ended with Annabeth walking away without looking back even once, or that she was probably consumed with her work on Daedalus' laptop and would barely have time to look up, and not to mention the fact that school would start again in just a few more days and I'd be back in Manhattan sitting between four walls knowing that everything between Annabeth and I wasn't the same anymore.

With my thoughts screaming in my head loudly, I barely realized that I had knocked on the door. Minutes went by before I was absolutely sure that the cabin was empty; all the campers probably down by the campfire.

Without really trying to, I found myself lightly pressing on the door as I turned to leave. It was discouraging knowing that I probably wouldn't get a chance to see Annabeth tonight, but before I could fully wrap my mind around my disappointment, a slow creak sounded behind me. The next time I turned back to glance at the Cabin, the heavy door seemed to be left ajar.

Normally, I would have been freaked out by a door creaking open on its own, but I wasn't thinking when I did the stupidest thing of my life. Instead of leaving the scene as fast as I could, I stepped inside Cabin Six-home to the children of the goddess Athena and rival of my father.

If the thought of being alone in the Athena cabin while I wasn't supposed to be wasn't bad enough, I made my second mistake by glancing over at Annabeth's bunk.

It was made perfectly with the covers neatly folded and the pillows arranged in perfect order, except for one small thing that seemed to catch my eye. A photograph of two people peeked out from underneath her pillow, and the thoughts that followed through my head afterwards were strong enough to make me forget where I was or what I was doing.

My feet seemed to move without my permission as I neared Annabeth's bunk and fully got a look at the picture. I convinced myself that it was just one glance at the picture and I was out of here. The last thing I needed was to explain to Chiron why I was at Annabeth's bunk while two hundred angry Athena children glared at me.

I picked up the photograph that was half tucked into her pillow. When I got a full look at it, I wasn't sure what to think.

The picture revealed Annabeth and I standing shoulder to shoulder in front of Camp Half Blood's borders. Memories shot through me like electricity, and I could almost envision the exact moment when Silena had taken the photo after we returned from our very first quest.

In the corner, a date read for nearly four years ago- the month we saved Zues lightning bolt-and I couldn't believe that Annabeth had kept the photograph for all these years. For a second, the thought and the memory of the picture almost made my smile. Then I remembered where I was, and how the photograph had been under Annabeth's pillow.

My thoughts returned to me slowly, but when they did a feeling of panic rushed through me. I wasn't supposed to be here right now.

When I shoved the picture back under her pillow as quickly as I could, my hand crashed against something hard.

I was absolutely positive that if my brain could talk, it would be screaming at me right now; scolding me to get the Hades out of here before I got caught. But once again, my body moved without my permission and I found myself lifting up the pillow slowly.

Lying there in the center of the newly revealed space was a medium-sized book. It was left open and it took all my courage to pick it up. On the front, it was decorated with golden cursive letters. It was torture to read through my dyslexia, especially with my thoughts racing a mile a minute, but I finally made out the word "DIARY".

"What?" was the first thought that came to my mind. It wasn't like Annabeth to have a diary. But, then again, she never failed to surprise me.

I lifted the book up gently, and flipped it over to the open side revealing a half full page of Annabeth's handwriting. It wasn't written in neat cursive or glittery pink pens like I had seen before in the diaries from the Aphrodite cabin. Instead, it was full of small and tense writing crammed together to fit on the pages. There was no doubt that this was Annabeth's.

My eyes subconsciously glanced up at the door and I assured myself that I was alone before allowing my focus to drift towards the letters on the page. The ink on the pages looked fresh as if it would smear if I ran my fingers across it. Whatever was in the Diary had to have been written just before Dinner tonight.

I felt guilty knowing I was about to read something that might have personal to Annabeth, but I also knew that there was no way I would be able tame my curiosity after all this.

I read,

"Dear Diary,

I know I've been writing in you for years now, recording all the things I've never dared to say out loud, and preserving every last memory I have left of Luke.

And, yes, I know that ever since my first quest, I've been filling your pages with hundreds of things about Percy. I can't help it. Every time I think I know him, he goes off and does something stupid and totally unpredictable. It's always something worth recording and writing down on your pages.

Percy arrived at camp today to visit while he's on Break. I'm avoiding him.

I know I need to sort my own thoughts out before I speak to him. As hard as it is, that's exactly what I intend to do.

I've been lying to myself. I remember back when I was eight years old and Luke told me that if I couldn't be honest with myself than I couldn't be honest with anyone. He was right.

So, here it goes. These are my thoughts as of this moment. Gods only know if they'll ever change.

I know that Percy is just a friend. I mean…that's the way I want it to stay, right? But, something's been bothering me and I can't avoid it anymore. It's not fair to him.

As much as I want to, I know that I'm losing control and it scares me more than anything. For once in my life, I have no idea what's been happening to me lately.

Percy's been on my mind more than usual and there is nothing I can do to get him out.

If I don't sound like I'm crazy already, then stay tuned…

Yesterday, when I shut my eyes, something happened and it wasn't the first time. When I closed them, I couldn't see anything else but Percy's green eyes in front of me. They were startling… but entirely calm at the same time. It was like they were trying to tell me something.

I know that "Wise Girl" is something he's only called me a few times and I HATE it almost more than he hates me calling him "Seaweed Brain", but those words keep echoing in my head. It's almost like a curse from the gods.

And his idiotic laughter (the sound that I will NEVER admit is actually really cute in all honesty) fills my head whenever I let my guard down.

Every time I'm happy, it's almost like I can picture him smiling.

And every time I'm with him…there's nothing. Absolutely nothing. He's just a friend; my best friend who will always have my back. There's nothing more to it.

Those are the rules. He's a son of Poseidon and I'm a daughter of Athena.

I guess I'd be able to handle all of this if it weren't for the fact that he's the only person I want to be around right now. He's the person causing all of this, and for some reason all I want is to talk to him.

He's the only person who was able to get me through Luke's betrayal. Without him I'd be completely lost, and not to mention dead if it weren't for Percy. (Literally. He's saved my life more times than I can count.)

No matter how hard I'm trying to avoid him; it's like faith is trying to prove that I can't live without him. I need him. I think I'm starting to"-

Those were the last words left incomplete. My heart was jumping inside my ribcage, and I couldn't believe anything I had just read. It was like my brain was jammed, refusing to accept the information if had just received.

I scanned the room again; sure that someone was pulling a joke on me. Any minute now, Connor or Travis or some kid from the Aphrodite Cabin would jump out and laugh at me for even thinking that Annabeth could have possibly written the words on the pages.

I kept waiting. I was waiting for someone- anyone- to come out and tell me this wasn't real.

No one came.

I sat down on the edge of Annabeth's bed, still trying to decide whether this was reality or some cruel fantasy land that I was trapped in.

I turned to the very first entry in the book, dated at the top for four years ago. It was written in sloppy handwriting which was probably from when Annabeth was a just a kid.

"Dear Diary,

I am really excited! Chiron told me I got a gift from my dad today. He's never sent me anything before. The last I've ever heard from him was before I ran away. He didn't even remember my 7th birthday. I guess this Diary is better than nothing, right? It's a sign that my dad still exists; a sign that my old life existed. I would be breaking the code of all the good things in this life if I didn't write in you.

Love, Annabeth Chase"

It amazed me to think that Annabeth had been writing in the book for so long. She hadn't ever mentioned it before, and I was absoluetlysure that almost one on the face of this earth knew it even existed beside Chiron and her father.

I flipped through pages until I saw "Luke" written in blue letters.

"Dear Diary,

Luke is more depressed than ever. It's only been a few weeks since we lost Thalia, and I know how he feels. The part that bothers me is that he won't let it show. Every time he sees me, he'll cover it up behind a smile. Luke knows that I'm not a kid. He know that I'm fully capable of handling everything that's going on. But, he's still making an effort to keep me away from the pain.

I caught Luke sitting against Thalia's tree last night. It was raining hard outside of the borders and, for once, Luke didn't tell me to go back to bed because it was past curfew. He held me in his lap the entire night. I might have fallen asleep, but I remember what he told me. I never want to forget those words.

He told me that we could get through this together. He said he'd always be there not matter what happened. We were all still family. That would never change.

Luke's the only one I have left. He's the only one that cares.

Love Annabeth"

I flipped through more pages, my heart feeling heavier than ever. My thumb hooked onto a certain page and an instinct-like feeling told me to read.

"Dear Diary,

I swear I would have almost bet on this being the perfect day. Luke said he would finally teach me his new sword trick. I was looking forward to it, but something incredibly strange happened instead.

Chiron brought a boy back with him from his trip at Yancy Academy. I had questions but Chiron looked panicked. He ordered me to heal the boy in his arms; his life was in danger.

I thought the boy would be special. He could have had the information I needed. I was wrong.

When he opened his eyes, I felt sorry for him. He looked completely lost and confused. He's about my age- maybe a few months older. I would have waited till he came to his senses but I needed to get answers. I asked him about the solstice. Turns out he doesn't know anything. He's probably just another half-blood Chiron found on the streets. I feel sorry, but it's nothing new.

I wish he was special.

Annabeth Chase"

I wasted no time to read the next entry.

"Dear Diary,

I feel strange and shaken up. I was feeding Percy nectar. (Percy, that's his name. Turns out he killed a Minotaur with his bare hands… impressive, but I've seen Luke do better.) His dark hair was in his eyes, so I brushed it back and I think that's what might have woken him up. When he opened his eyes… I got this feeling. I can't explain it. I've never seen anything like those eyes before. They were shocking; sea green and full of life. It was almost like looking into the sea gods eyes, except his weren't threatening. They stunned me for some reason. I'm writing this because I think it might be important. He reminds me of Thalia, and it scares me. I see the same fire in them that I used to see in Thalia eyes.

I wasn't thinking when I told him he drools in his sleep. I was just angry. It doesn't matter who he is, how he killed the minotaur, or why his eyes look like their hiding an oceans worth of mysteries. He's just another half blood. He's nothing special.

None the less, Chiron's making me give him a tour. It's a waste of my time. I'm still waiting on "the one"…the one that can give me answers.

Love Annabeth Chase"

I was left staring at the page. At this point, I barely cared if anyone walked in. It felt like stuff I was reading at that moment was way more important than anything else in my life would ever be.

My heart was still pounding as I flipped about another ten pages, skimming through the words and managing to catch small phrases like…"Quest!", "Zeus's Bolt", "He's special", "Luke's gone", "Seaweed Brain", "Golden Fleece", "Thalia's back", "Titans"," Luke", "Sky", and "Labyrinth".

I stopped at Labyrinth, skipping a few pages before I read.

"Dear Diary,

I kissed him.

I kissed Percy.

As if I'm not already going through enough…I don't know where he is. I've never been this worried about anyone or anything in my life.

he last time I saw him was in Mt. St. Helens. He risked his life for me, stepping to face the telekhines alone.

Percy told me I needed to leave. We didn't have much time, and I never would have left him there alone. He said he had a plan, and I knew I couldn't risk being a distraction or a drawback. So, I did the only think I could. I left him. (Pathetic, I know.)

I didn't know how I felt. When he told me to leave; to get out safely and to trust him, there was a fear that I could never explain. I was scared that I would never see him again. I was scared that I would lose him; scared that I would lose my best friend.

That's all that I could think about when I reacted. I kissed him.

I want to hide underneath the sky all over again every time it crosses my mind, but I don't regret kissing him.

I was only able to tell him to be careful in my last desperate breath before I turned invisible. I hid underneath my hat; it's the only thing I've known how to do since I was little. I escaped away from the world for that split second.

The last I saw of Percy was him staring blankly back at the spot where I has stood just a few seconds ago. He's cute when he's confused.

But, none of that matters. I don't have time to sit around and argue with myself about whether I should or shouldn't regret it. I did it and it's done. I don't know what he was thinking.

All I know is that I need to get Percy back. He could be anywhere.

Chiron says we need to stop dreaming and prepare for a funeral.

I can't.

He's not dead. I've never been surer of anything before.

He wouldn't leave us like this. He can't."

That was it. She hadn't even signed, "Love Annabeth Chase." I could feel where the page was crisp and the ink had blurred. A wave of emotions struck at me all over again realizing that the marks couldn't be anything else but tears.

I felt the blood rushing through my veins in thick streams and my body felt like it was on fire. I felt guilty for having read anything in the first place, but I couldn't stop myself. Not after everything I had already read.

I skipped to the second last entry, feeling like my head was spinning.

"Dear diary,

Percy left tonight.

He's going to go celebrate his birthday at home. I'm happy for him. He deserves to be home near his mom and his family. The only thing that seems to cut through me is that fact that Rachel will have an all access pass to being there. I don't know if he'll invite her. But, I mean, why wouldn't he?

I don't hate Rachel. It's strange because I'd actually do anything to be in her shoes right now. She gets to see a side of Percy I never get to see- his normal side. The side of him while he's working on homework or just having fun and smiling without any pressures of saving the world or the prophecy on him. I envy her.

The last I got to see of his face was on Half Blood Hill tonight. He forced the last line of my prophecy out. The last line about HIM. The line about Luke.

Does this establish that I love Luke? I still don't have the answer to that.

I'm confused and it hurts. To make things worse, Queen Hera decided to make a surprise appearance. I wasn't thinking when I insulted her. She told me that she would make sure I would regret my words. I don't know how much longer I can hide behind my bulletproof cover. I feel like everything other thing that's been happening lately sends another bullet straight at my chest and it's weakening me.

What happened tonight…I guess that's the part that hurts the most.

Percy was trying to tell me something on the hill tonight. But, Argus honked the horn and Percy lost his chance. I wasn't ready to hear what he had to say. I don't know if I'll ever be ready.

I miss things being so easy when I was around him. Everything is complicated now, and I don't have anyone but myself to blame. Things were so much easier when I was seven; when I didn't understand love. Luke had even tried to explain it to me once. Back then, I was so sure I loved Luke.

Nothing is the same anymore.

I told Percy we would keep in touch. When I ran down the hill, I knew I was running away from everything that I was scared of. For a second, I almost felt like if I left Percy back at the hill, I could run away from all the thoughts, all the feelings, and all the hurt. I wanted to look back; turn around and glance back just once to let him know that everything was going to be okay with us.

I didn't. I couldn't face looking back at him and letting him see the tears. I couldn't look back at the face that had me broken in two.

Percy left tonight.

Love, Wise Girl."

I lowered the book from my eyes slowly, feeling like all the emotion I'd ever go through in my life had just happened to me all at once during the few minutes I held Annabeth diary to my eyes.

I couldn't believe what I had just read. I couldn't believe a word.

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