His eyes stay on the coins on his bedside table while Harry fucks him in his plush bed, hand splayed against the mahogany headboard. Harry's palm leaves sweat on the Latin motto beneath the Malfoy crest: aurum potentas est.

The coins were slipped into his hand by a slimy, desperate man, standing in ill-fitting robes and asking Draco to champion his wife. Couldn't Draco understand - she lost her temper, the Muggles were everywhere, hasn't he ever hexed someone from spite and then regretted it? Couldn't he understand?

Of course he could. Draco arches up as Harry's cock hits his prostate, and thinks that Harry never could.

Harry's hand slides from the headboard, and both large hands come down on Draco's blue-veined wrists like the hand of God. Harry's thrusting harder now and Draco's suddenly brought back to awareness of what's happening, swallowed suddenly by a wave of hot breath and male sweat and Harry moving with him, hard and strong and handsome. Harry's eyes are shut, his face a rictus - he brings it down to Draco's neck and bites, and Draco's body bows as he yells.

He's still coming, and Harry's thrusting hard as ever even as the rhythm grows erratic. Draco lies limp when he's finished, and Harry's green eyes are intent on him. Draco knows what he wants, what he's seeing: Draco limp and helpless, held down beneath Harry's bulk. And he is helpless, for now - defenceless against Harry's vitality and faith, his way of changing the world.

Draco lives in the world, though, and he has his own kind of power. He clenches, and Harry can no longer hold out.

Harry collapses on Draco's chest. Draco looks at the coins again while Harry pants hotly against his neck, and remembers the other coins. The ones that slid into the hand of a very bad wizard Harry's been searching for for months; a wizard whose Knockturn Alley shop had called itself Pest Removal. The coins that had promised Draco exactly what he wanted. What he deserved: the best, his to own and keep.

The coins that were the same gold as the wedding ring Harry would no doubt remove when he got the news.

Draco smiled, and thought he'd turned out a proper Malfoy after all.

Gold is power.