1Summary-Sasuke Uchiha is turning forty six and after telling his friends ahead of time that he did not want any type of celebration he decided he would just spend his night alone like he had done for twenty six years, he said no form of a party but he didn't say they couldn't get him a gift and Ino has the perfect present.

Chapter1-Perfect Present

Sasuke's birthday a day he despises, I mean it's annoying and what's the point of celebrating? Everyday a new soul is put on earth what's the point of celebrating someone's birthday who's newness is gone? He didn't see the point, his newness was worn out the day he turned one years old, but people that knew him continued to try and make him go out and celebrate and if it wasn't his birthday then they were trying to get him a date. He had told them a trillion times after he gave Sakura a chance and she blew it he wasn't dating anymore because it just went to show that every female was the same and no males suited his taste.

That's why before this day even touched down in the year he told all his friends and his brother plus Sakura herself 'Do not throw me a party have any surprises for me what so ever'. He was suer that they got the message since he sent an email out everyday in the month of July until now.

As he was walking threw the doors of his office building he went in cautiously making suer there were no balloons hiding in the ceiling no streamers, no loud nose blowers or anything and there wasn't. The building was clean and for once no one was trying to force him to celebrate. He smirked, pleased that his plan had worked up to full force and now he was free to spend his birthday alone and secluded like he wanted.

He made his way up to his office and sat in his chair putting his arms behind his head and closing in his eyes in comfort of the moment.

"Finally...on this day some peace and quiet" Sasuke sighed


"This isn't gonna work you two"

"Suer it is Neji this is fool proof"

"Sasuke is just gonna be angry with us because of you two" Neji said

"Look Neji this is fool proof" Ino said

"Please this is gonna back fire and you know it" Neji said

"Believe what ever you want but I know this is fool proof...hey! Look a reply yes there's millions but who to pick " Ino said

She scanned a list of names before finding one that seemed interesting she pushed it and there was a profile and a picture.

"Hello who's this, hey Kiba check this guy out" Ino said

"Hm?...looks good to me" Kiba said

"Me to" Ino said


Hi my name is Naruto Uzamaki and my favorite color is orange, my favorite food is ramen I like taking walks and relaxing when ever I get the chance. No matter where you take me for a date a fast food restaurant or a five star I'll enjoy it either way. I like to read novels, play games or even just sit on the porch and have an interesting conversation. I believe love comes in all different shapes and sizes, colors and ages. If you give me a chance im suer I can be every thing you want and more.

"I like it let's go with this one" Ino said

"Okay sounds good to me" Kiba said


Sasuke was just finishing up signing a stack of papers when his door was opened by four of his employees. He looked up at them all as they came and stood in a line in front of his desk Ino and Kiba standing out the most, then he knew something was up.

"I said no surprises" Sasuke said

"This isn't a surprise Uchiha-san this is a gift" Ino said

"I said no celebrating at all what so ever" Sasuke said getting irritated that his plan hadn't fully worked

"You said no parties and celebrating not no presents and I have the perfect present for you the PP of PP's" Ino said

"What the hell did you do?" Sasuke asked

"I got you...a blind date" Ino said smiling

"A what?!" Sasuke said standing

"N-now before you get mad Sasuke hear us out we just were tired of seeing you alone all these years your not getting any younger it's time for you to find some one special" Ino said

"Yeah and it's not a women it's a guy" Kiba said

"A cute guy who will take anything you dish out" Ino said

"Good then he be able to eat when I tell him im not interested" Sasuke said sitting

"Now hang on Sasuke, I have arranged for you two to meet at Kizuna a five star restaurant" Ino said

"Good I'll go tell him never will we be together and then leave" Sasuke said

"No you won't because by the time the night is over you'll making out in the back of your car" Ino said

"(sigh)...when do I meet him?" Sasuke asked

"Tonight at eight in front of Kizuna" Ino said

"You have crossed the line this time Ino you have really done it" Sasuke said

"You won't regret it Sasuke bye tell me how it went tomorrow kay" Ino said pushing the four boys out the door

Sasuke rubbed the bridge of his nose before calling for aspirin from his secretary Hinata. He knew it was to good to be true from the beginning he should have expected something stupid like this especially from Ino she was worse then Sakura.


Sasuke was currently rushing to get dressed just because he didn't know the guy didn't mean he had to be late. He got dressed as fast as he could making suer he wasn't wrinkle he wouldn't have been late if a stack of extra papers hadn't been thrown on his desk in the last minute by the one and only person who had gotten him in this mess. After he found himself decent he ran out the door and sped to the restaurant. He got out of the car and saw a blue eyed blonde standing out in front of the restaurant rubbing his arms.

'Ino did say he had blue eyes and blonde hair'

With that thought in mind Sasuek quickly walked over to him and tapped the blonde man on the shoulder.

"Hi" Sasuke said smirking

"Hi are you Sasuke Uchiha" he said

"Yeah are you uh..."

"Naruto, Naruto Uzamaki" he said shaking Sasuke's hand

Naruto smiled at him.

"Uh shall we go inside" Sasuke said

"Yeah suer" Naruto said

They walked in Sasuke giving the man at the desk his name, a waiter coming and showing them to there table. They sat down across from one another Naruto smiling and resting his head on his hands staring at Sasuke.

"Im sorry I was late" Sasuke said

"No it's alright" Naruto said

The waitress came and gave the two menus.

"Can I get you anything to drink" she asked

"Yes wine a bottle, uh what kind" Sasuke asked

"I like white wine" Naruto said

"White it is then" Sasuke said

Naruto and Sasuke now sat there in silence in the dimly lit room and soft music playing in the background.

"Tell me about yourself" Naruto said

"Well I uh I own a company" Sasuke said

"Really witch one?" Naruto asked

"The Uchiha company we make a line of electronics in Japan, phones, computers and stuff like that" Sasuke said

"I like phones and computers in matter of a fact I think I own a lap top from your company" Naruto said

"Well I hope you enjoy using it" Sasuke said

"I do it's amazing" Naruto said

Then it went silent between the two Naruto just staring at him. Sasuke hadn't noticed it before but the blondes eyes were beautiful the way the dimly lit room made it look like they were glowing, his skin looked so warm and soft, his hair looked like the sun. The man looked like the day time sky.

"You have beautiful eyes" Sasuke all of a sudden found himself whispering but it was loud enough for the blonde to hear

"Thank you so do you" Naruto said

Sasuke looked away from Naruto and off to the side.

"Am I boring you?" Naruto asked

"No" Sasuke said

"...happy birthday" Naruto said

"Huh?" Sasuke said looking to him

"Today is your birthday right" Naruto said

"Oh yeah, h-how did you know?" Sasuke asked

"You told me on the computer earlier today" Naruto said

"Oh, oh yeah sorry I forgot, by the way do you know how old I am?" Sasuke asked

"Yes, forty six" Naruto said

"How old are you?" Sasuke asked

"...twenty" Naruto said

"T-twenty?...a two and a zero together" Sasuke said

"Yes" Naruto said

"W-wha? Im old why would a young man like you wanna go out with an old man like me?" Sasuke asked

"Because age doesn't matter to me and when I read your profile I was so interested I wanted to meet you" Naruto said

"Oh" Sasuke said

The wine came and two ordered there dinner. After there dinner arrived they ate in silence the rest of the night until it was time for there date to end it was nine thirty.

"I had a nice time" Naruto said

"Uh me to" Sasuke said

"I have something for you I know we just met and all but I wanted to get you something anyways" Naruto said pulling out a small box

Sasuke took it and opened it, inside was a necklace, a raven had it's wings wrapped around a fox with nine tails the foxes head being nestled under the raven's.

"It's very nice thank you" Sasuke said

"Your welcome" Naruto said

"This is the nicest birthday present I've ever gotten" Sasuke said

Naruto blushed and smiled.

"So can I call you" Naruto said

"Suer why not" Sasuke said pulling out a piece of paper and writing it down

Naruto did the same and they exchanged numbers.

"Bye Sasuke and happy birthday" Naruto said hugging him

"Bye and thank you" Sasuke said hugging him back Naruto kissed Sasuke on the cheek

They parted ways, Sasuke watched Naruto get into an orange mustang and shoot off down the street. Sasuke sighed got in his own car and went home he was gonna kill Ino tomorrow for this. He did have a good time and he loved the present but Naruto was just to young for him.

'Sorry Naruto'