1Summary-After deciding that he was here to stay, Naruto and Sasuke shared a night of heated passion. Now that the two are completely sure there relationship isn't gonna be ending any time soon they wanna start making some memories together and Sasuke and Naruto share a memory neither will ever forget .


Tan hands played with black hair, twirling strands around fingers, pulling slightly. The owner of the black hair groaned and moved around slightly, hoping to loosen the fingers from his head.

"Naruto stop im sleeping" Sasuke said

"Oh come on baby get up" Naruto said

"Naruto's it's three in the morning, why do I need to get up?" Sasuke asked

"Because I wanna kiss" Naruto said blushing

Sasuke sighed before pulling his face out of the pillow he had put it in, when Naruto started bothering him an hour ago. He pressed his lips to Naruto's and pulled back, lodging himself back in the pillow.

"No I wanna kiss as in kiss more then once" Naruto said sitting on Sasuke's back

"We can kiss tomorrow go to sleep, please" Sasuke pleaded

"Fine tomorrow morning you owe me" Naruto said laying down and snuggling up to Sasuke

The Uchiha put his arm around Naruto's waist and put his forehead against Naruto's and falling into a comfortable sleep.


That morning Sasuke had woken up early, without waking Naruto and started getting ready for work. Just as he was putting his tie on, Naruto grabbed it and pulled as to where Sasuke was facing him. He pressed his lips to Sasuke hotly.

"Naruto" Sasuke said

"Shut up and kiss me" Naruto said

"Naruto as much as I would love to kiss you right now I can't" Sasuke said

"Why not?" Naruto asked

"Because I gotta get to the office or else everyone's gonna be standing outside wondering where I am" Sasuke said

"B-but Sasuke" Naruto said

"Im sorry love I'll make it up to you I promise" Sasuke said kissing him on the cheek

Sasuke put on his suit jacket and shoes, grabbed his brief case and gave Naruto one last kiss.

"Bye baby" Sasuke said

"B-bye" Naruto said

Naruto sighed as he went back to bed and fell asleep in an instant.

Meanwhile with Sasuke, the Uchiha was on his way to work, he felt excitement coursing threw him on what was gonna happen today. He had a special surprise just for his Naruto, he couldn't wait to give it to him, but first he had to go pick up the finishing touches to it. With that thought, Sasuke pulled into the parking lot of his office and parked in his special reserve spot and hopped out. He quickly went inside and got in the elevator and shot up to his office. When there he quickly picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"...Hello" some one said on the other end

"Hello Mr. Segi it's me Sasuke Uchiha, is it ready?" Sasuke asked

"Oh Uchiha-san! Yes it's ready and can be picked up at any time" Segi said

"Great, keep the shop open till ten that's when I'll be there" Sasuke said

"Yes sir" Segi said

Sasuke hung up and leaned back in his seat, today was gonna be one good day.


Naruto's eyes slowly opened to the afternoon sun, he had been sleep since Sasuke left earlier that morning. He looked at the clock.

"Oh shit" Naruto said getting out of the bed and dressing quickly

He brushed his teeth and washed his face and made himself look nice, so he could go get something special he was hoping would be done today, like he was promised. Naruto grabbed his keys and cell phone, he was calling Sai.

"Hello" Sai immediately said

"Sai, is it done?" Naruto asked

"Yeah, when are you coming and picking it up?" Sai asked

"Hm...at eight I don't know what time Sasuke gets home from work here let me call him ask him and then I'll call you back" Naruto said

"Okay" Sai said

Naruto hung up and pulled up Sasuke's name before hitting the green button. it rung for a while before it was answered.

"Hello, Sasuke Uchiha of Uchiha fan corporation how may I assist you" Sasuke said

"Sasuke it's me Naruto and you can assist me by telling me what time you get off work" Naruto said

"I get off at ten tonight, why?" Sasuke asked

"I was just wondering, well thanks baby love you kisses bye" Naruto said quickly

Sasuke stared at the phone for a while, before shaking his head and putting it down. Naruto called Sai back with a bright smile.

"He get's off at ten tonight so I'll be there at nine" Naruto said

"Great, need some help picking up the rest of the stuff?" Sai asked

"Yes please, meet me at the city plaza thanks Sai you're the best" Naruto said

"Your welcome, see you there" Sai said

Naruto pocketed his cell after hanging up with Sai and decided he would go to the doughnut shop for some late afternoon breakfast. After getting his orange sprinkle doughnut and some coffee he headed to the plaza witch was only a little ways away. He walked across the street and right in front of the opening of the plaza was Sai.

"Took you long enough" Sai said

"Sorry Sai, my car is still in shop" Naruto said

"I thought it was fixed?" Sai asked

"It was I sent it to get a new coat of paint" Naruto said

Sai rolled his eyes as Naruto laughed. They headed to the bakery that was holding the cake Naruto had ordered for Sasuke and himself.

"Hey why are you getting a cake? I thought you said your boyfriend didn't like sweets" Sai said

"Yeah he doesn't but I know a way to get him to eat anything" Naruto said

"Oh" Sai said

Naruto gave the women at the counter his name and she smiled with a nod, before going to the back and getting his cake.

"Thanks" Naruto said

"Your welcome come again" she said waving

Narutp waved back. They walked to Sai's car and Naruto put the cake in the back.

"Okay Sai you know where to go next" Naruto said

They drove away from the plaza and to the next store. The nest store was next to the mall. Sai pulled to a stop at a leisure shop, Sai's jaw dropped.

"Wait here I already ordered it in advance" Naruto said getting out and running inside

When he got inside a women wearing glasses with her hair tied into a bun turned from measuring another female.

"Naruto darling" she said

"Miyaki darling" Naruto said

She hugged Naruto kissing both of his cheeks.

"Ten-ten come and measure this customer for me while I get a special order for this darling, come darling" Miyaki said

Naruto followed her to the back, where all the clothes were made and she went up to a box and picked it up, she handed it to Naruto with a smile.

"Open it darling" Miyaki said

Naruto opened the box and pulled out a long dark blue see threw house coat with the Uchiha fan on the back, and a pair of see threw underwear that were the same color.

"Oh it's perfect thanks Miyaki I can always count on you" Naruto said

"But wait darling there's one more thing in that box" she said

Naruto looked down, his eyes widened his mouth opened in a gasp and his cheeks turned bright red.

"M-miyaki" Naruto said

"It's for your lover you did say nine inches yes?" she said

"Yeah" Naruto said

"Do you like it?" Miyaki asked

"I love it, I just hope it's wide enough" Naruto said

"Haha, go darling and come back and tell me how he liked it" Miyaki said

"I will, thanks again" Naruto said putting the things back in the box and leaving

Naruto got into the car and smiled at the box in his lap. He couldn't wait to put it on for Sasuke he knew it would turn him on.

9:56 NIGHT

Sasuke had just left his office and was headed to go pick up his gift for Naruto. He couldn't wait to give it to him he would be so surprised. When he got to the store Segi opened the door and let him in.

"Where is it?" Sasuke asked

"Right here sir look at it and see if it's to your liking" Segi said

Sasuke opened the small silk box and smirked.

"Perfect" he said

"Great it was a pleasure doing business with you sir" Segi said

"You too" Sasuke said

"Goodnight Uchiha san" Segi said

"Goodnight" Sasuke said getting in the car and heading home.

Naruto was already and waiting for Sasuke's arrival, he had the cake all set up and he was all dressed. Now all he had to do was wait for his lover to show up and just as he thought it, Sasuke pulled into the driveway. Naruto smiled.

Sasuke saw that all the lights were out so he thought maybe Naruto was asleep.

'Am I to late?'

Sasuke got up and went inside the house. He looked around and from the looks of it, Naruto was asleep. He went to the kitchen, nothing. So he decided to check up stairs, he went up stairs and opened the closed door.

"Naruto?" Sasuke said

"Im glad your home baby" Naruto said

Sasuke turned to look, but Naruto was shadowed by the darkness of the room, Sasuke went to turn on the light.

"No, leave it off, I have something I want you to change into" Naruto said

"What?" Sasuke asked

"Go in the bathroom and change it's on the sink" Naruto said

"What if I don't wanna change" Sasuke said

"Then you don't get to see what im wearing" Naruto said

Sasuke's heart pounded in his chest, he some how knew this was gonna lead to something hot, so he went along with it. He went into the bathroom and on the sink was a pair of blue underwear, but these weren't any old underwear. They were see threw and they had long snout like end.

"Is that for my?" Sasuke didn't finish the sentence

He quickly stripped and put them on, he fit his penis into the hold and it fit perfectly. He looked at himself in the mirror, he was getting hard just thinking about what Naruto was wearing. He stepped out of the bathroom and Naruto still stood in the shadow.

"Are you changed?" Naruto asked

"Yeah" Sasuke said

Naruto stepped out into the light of the moon and showed Sasuke his outfit. Sasuke's eyes widened and he felt himself fully stiffen, he stuck up and Naruto could plainly see it. Naruto's own erection was pressing against the tight panties.

"Oh Naruto you look gorgeous" Sasuke said

"Thank you and you look incredibly sexy yourself Sasuke" Naruto said

Sasuke walked over to Naruto and kissed him passionately. They entwined there tongues sucking and swapping saliva. They pulled apart with a wet smack, Sasuke moved his kisses along Naruto's jaw line to his neck going lower and lower.

"Mmm Sasuke, baby wait there's more" Naruto said

"What more is there" Sasuke said

Naruto giggled and went outside the room and to the room next door. He came back with a cake on top of a tray.

"Naruto you know I hate sugar" Sasuke said

"Oh really how about...Naruto cake" Naruto said

"Naruto cake?" Sasuke said

"Mhm, put it anywhere you want" Naruto said

"Does that include your entrance?" Sasuke asked

"Yeah there to" Naruto said

"Get over here" Sasuke said his legs open

Naruto smiled and walked over to the bed he sat between Sasuke's legs and gave Sasuke the cake. Sasuke looked at it before swiping his fingers threw the frosting and circling it around Naruto's nipples. He put his mouth on one sucking and licking until Naruto was clean, he then repeated the same thing to the other one. Sasuke then laid Naruto on his back and took a whole thing of cake in his fist and smeared it on Naruto's body. He then began to lick down making sure to clean every little bit of cake off of Naruto's hot body.

Naruto was staring straight up into Sasuke's erection, he licked lightly on the tip, making Sasuke shutter. Sasuke was still licking the frosting and cake off of Naruto's stomach, when he felt Naruto take his clothes penis into his mouth and suck on it greedily moaning as he did.

"Nnn fuck Naruto" Sasuke groaned

Sasuke licked the last of it off of Naruto's stomach and then started kneading Naruto's penis under the thin cloth of his underwear.

"Pull them off" Naruto moaned

Sasuke pulled his underwear down and let Naruto suck him. He did the same to Naruto's erection making sure to swirl his tongue around the head. Sasuke thrust his hips lightly, but not enough to choke Naruto.

Naruto then deep throated Sasuke, humming, sending vibrations up Sasuke shaft. Sasuke moaned around Naruto and thrust a bit harder. Naruto pulled Sasuke's penis from his mouth and turned over on his stomach. Pulling his underwear completely off. Sasuke moved Naruto's long house coat and spread Naruto's cheeks and flicked his tongue over Naruto's entrance, making Naruto moan and whimper. He stuck his tongue into the tight heat moving it around stretching Naruto best he could with only his tongue.

"Ahh Sasuke, fuck me already I can't take it anymore" Naruto said

"A bit more" Sasuke said turning Naruto back over, nipping and sucking at his stomach and neck leaving red marks Naruto threw his head back and moaned loudly

Sasuke gave Naruto one last passionate kiss before turning him over onto his stomach. Naruto spread his legs so Sasuke could have enough room. Sasuke rubbed the tip of his leaking penis at Naruto's entrance smearing precum to make sure it was easy to get inside. Sasuke then moved slowly in, his eyes closed as Naruto's body took him in. When fully inside, Sasuke laid half on top of Naruto and began to thrust slowly.

"Oh yeahhh" Naruto moaned

"Fuck that's good" Sasuke groaned

"Mmm faster Sasuke" Naruto moaned

Sasuke complied going as fast as his body would let him go. Thrusting deeper and harder into Naruto, the bed creaking in time with his thrust. Naruto was pushing his butt into Sasuke's pelvis, creating even more pleasure.

"Ahhh Sasuke" Naruto moaned

"Naruto" Sasuke groaned

Naruto repeated Sasuke's name with each thrust and the more, Naruto moaned the faster Sasuke went. Soon Naruto was screaming at the top of his lungs, Sasuke grunting and groaning just as loud.

"Oh god im coming" Naruto moaned

Sasuke went deep and slow, making sure to hit Naruto's prostate with each thrust. Soon Naruto couldn't take it anymore and he exploded.

"AHH SASUKE!" Naruto screamed

"AH NARUTO!" Sasuke screamed just as loud

Sasuke pulled out and rolled over onto his side panting and holding Naruto's hand.

"That was amazing" Naruto said

"Yeah I know" Sasuke said

"Mm I love you Sasuke" Naruto said

"I love you too" Sasuke said

Just as he was about to go to sleep, he remembered something. His eyes widened and he shot up.

"Wait don't go to sleep yet" Sasuke said getting up and going to the bathroom where his pants were on the floor

In all his excitement to make love to his beloved, he had forgot about his present. When he went back into the room he saw Naruto was sitting up under the blankets.

"What's that?" Naruto asked when he noticed the little box

Sasuke got into bed with Naruto.

"Naruto...me and you have been together for a while now...tell me Naruto are you a hundred percent positive that you wanna be with me?" Sasuke asked

"Forever Sasuke" Naruto said

"Well...let's make it permanent...Naruto...will you marry me?" Sasuke asked holding Naruto's hands

Naruto's cheeks were bright red and his eyes were wide. He smiled his eyes filling to the brim with tears.

"Oh Sasuke of course I will" Naruto said embracing his new fiancé

Sasuke smiled as he put the diamond ring on Naruto's finger.

"It's beautiful" Naruto said

"It's not to small is it?" Sasuke asked

"Sasuke it could be a ring from a toy machine I don't care as long as it's from you" Naruto said

Sasuke pressed his lips to Naruto a loving kiss.

"This is the best day of my life this is the best memory I will ever have, nothing can be better then this" Naruto said

So from that day forward Sasuke and Naruto were lovers. They were married that summer and Sasuke was never lonely. Even though he got old, Naruto took care of him, loved him, till his very. Last. Breath.


Sorry for the wait I know the last chapter was pretty crappy, but I haven't typed in so long because the laptop was busted real bad and we had to get it fixed, well that's the end of forty six crimson rose has been continued