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Another meticulous killer, another unfinished building filled with fallen wires, unplugged power tools, plastic shrouds covering open spaces that would become windows soon. Same old same old. Which in retrospect was pretty sad. They held their guns tightly in their hands, shifting their grips whenever necessary, bullet proof vests in place. Hotch signaled for Morgan and Prentice to take one way down a hall that wrapped wound in a circle to the other side. Gideon and J.J. went up the rickety stairs, which were unfinished, in a stealth like manner, barely making a sound.

Hotch motioned for Reid to follow him toward the opposite way Morgan and Emily had gone. Footsteps, shuffling, rushed, and unprofessional came from around the corner. They were nearing an empty elevator shaft covered with a plastic sheet. Reid shifted his hands on his gun again and nodded to Hotch, signifying he was ready. Hotch turned and silently crept down the hallway. Then the bullets started.

One hour earlier...

"This killer was well organized in the beginning," Gideon said, staring at crime scene photos on the white board. "But as soon as he knew we were here he started devolving rapidly,"

"He collapses under pressure," Spencer said, rising from his seat at the conference table and gazing intently at the pictures as well. "He was most likely verbally and/or physically abused as a child. Us being here makes him feel like he isn't doing something right, like we're the abusive parent."

"Five people were dead before we got here, Morgan said. "How'd he make it that far without crumbling?"

"He had time," Hotch stated. "He didn't feel like the people he murdered was a threat to him. He knows we can actually find him,"

Then if he's devolved so rapidly, how come we haven't found him yet? Morgan asked.

"Other things complicate how a person works Morgan," J.J. said. "And we are human, we could miss something every now and then." She added. Morgan sighed and nodded.

"Yeah I know, it just bugs me." He said gruffly.

"There's something we're missing," Gideon said, sitting down at the table. Reid walked back and forth between two boards, one covered with the photos, the other in the profile they had set up for this particular killer. His eyes darted between the two rapidly, his thoughts going faster than most people could keep up with.

"I think I know what," He said suddenly. He turned and looked around at the other people in the room. The connection had suddenly dawned on him, like a light bulb finding an electric current. "He would want to blend in with a crowd, someone that doesn't stick out among many. His work would have to be planned out and extremely organized, but not a white collar job because people would notice him in the workplace,"

"What are you saying Reid?" Emily asked.

"A construction worker," Spencer said, like it was the easiest thing to figure out in the world. Gideon stood, his expression lit with recognition.

"It makes sense. Meticulous, planned out work that requires the kind of patience he shows when he kills," Gideon said slowly.

The bodies were found in generally the same spot, which was a mile away from a construction site that started about six months ago, Hotch said, glancing down at a map on the table.

"How far is it from here?" Emily asked.

"About an hour," He said. Morgan, J.J. and Emily stood, walking out the door.

"Man," Morgan said. "Without that kid I don't know what the hell we'd do."


The unsub shot from around the corner, causing Spencer and Hotch to duck. The bullets ricocheted from the concrete and wooden walls. Hotch pointed his gun in the general direction of the unsub and fired, Reid doing the same. Footsteps thundered above them, signaling Gideon and J.J. had heard the commotion and were coming to back the rest of them up.

Other guns were firing, Morgan and Prentice, causing sparks to dart across the room. The sound in this confined space was deafening. Suddenly the unsub's gun ceased firing. Loud thundering booms, evenly spaced out, were heard away from them, and getting farther and farther away.

"Stairs," Hotch said bitterly. He darted down the hall and saw Emily emerge from around the corner. "Prentice, with me. Morgan, Reid, stay here. Morgan and Spencer nodded.

"What happened?" Gideon asked. Morgan walked out of Spencer's sight to explain what was going on. Their voices were distant and blocked by the walls. Roaring thunder echoed from below. The gun fight had begun again, shaking the very foundation of the building.

Spencer didn't hear the ceiling crack above him, and he never saw the scaffolding and plaster fly right toward him.

What is going on? What is all that noise? Where am I? What am I doing here? God it's so loud. What is that? This place is shaking. Why is it shaking? Where am I? Who am I? I want to get out of here but I don't know where to go. What is this place. Who's yelling? What is that awful noise?

My hands are over my ears, trying to block all of this out. It's not working. The noise is all around me, no escape from any of it. I shut my eyes and try to make this go away, maybe if I try really hard this can go away. Oh, why won't this disappear? God where am I? What's the word...war. Is this war? I don't like it. My heart is pounding, my breath heavy and labored. Every time the noise reaches a crescendo it beats faster.

What is this? What's anything? What is that noise? Why am I here? Where is here? Should I yell for help? Should I? Should I? No. I don't know who's here. Or what. Maybe they want to hurt me. Or maybe they don't. God I wish this noise would stop.

And it did. I opened my eyes and look around. There is nothing in this place. It's empty, except walls and things I don't recognize. Booms replace the crashing roars and I see someone come out.

He glares at me, a strange black object in his hand, pointed at my face. He scowls at me and brandishes it further. Other, quicker booms follow from a distance and he runs away. Another man jogs after him, but stops after a few feet. He looks back at me, puzzled. I don't know what he wants. I'm scared.

"What the hell Reid! Morgan yelled. Reid stared at him, eyes wide and terrified. He just ran right past you! You didn't do a damn thing! Reid flinched. He was leaning against a wall, some sort of white dust in his hair. He said nothing, only looked at Morgan like he might hurt him. Reid what's up with you? He asked, stepping closer to him. Spencer jumped slightly and backed away further. "Hey, man what's wrong? Did something happen? Reid looked around, the same petrified look in his wide brown eyes.

"Who are you talking to?" He said, his voice shaky.

"You," Morgan said. This was starting to worry him.

"Who are you?" Spencer asked.

"Oh no."

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