Since graduation Harry and Severus had spent almost equal time between the manor and Spinner's End. Severus reminded Harry when ever he felt a bit guilty wanting to be close to his dads, that he had spent huge amounts of the summer at the manor since his own graduation. Spinner's End was their escape though for Draco and Blaise were marrying at Halloween and Maria was going crazy with such little time to plan the wedding.

On the day before Harry's birthday Severus came in as his husband was dressing."The day after tomorrow we take off for two weeks and start trying."

Harry kissed his husband. "Why won't you tell me where we are going? You haven't even given me a tiny little hint."

Kissing him tenderly Severus reminded his husband that it was his anniversary gift and he wanted it to be a proper surprise. He had been planning it for some time and had every intention of making it absolutely romantic. Greece was the only foreign country he had traveled to and he wanted Harry to have some more experiences.

He smiled."I will give you only one hint and that is it will be giving us some truly wild inspiration for our love making."

Harry nibbled on his husband's neck. "I think I like the sounds of that. You're already making me hard thinking about it."

Returning the kiss he pushed his husband towards the door reminding Harry that he was expected at the townhouse soon. Harry groaned for he did not want more wedding plans but his husband reminded him that Draco had been good about theirs.

Harry snorted. "Our dads' wedding planner and you took care of it. All Draco had was the bachelor party and talk right before our wedding, not five months of it."

Severus agreed. "Well you know Maria will handle most of it. Besides it is just you kids and I thought you said the invitation came from Hermione."

He had been surprised when Hermione invited him. He would see the few invited this afternoon tomorrow at his birthday and anniversary party at the manor so he had a feeling something was going on. Hermione and Draco did not start law studied till September but they had both been interning for Lucius as they would part time when in law training as they would not be paid till they graduated.

Severus handed him the floo powder. "Remember we're spending tonight at the manor, I'll meet you there."

Harry groaned but kissed him. "I guess we're at least staying at the gate house and in two days I'll get you all to myself."

Though they usually only spent weekends at Spinner's End, the wedding plans had been insane lately and his husband had only been too happy to retreat here. He hoped when their first born came they might spend more time here and just actual holidays and some weekends at the manor. He had stayed with the Malfoys as much as he had over the years as he had no husband and family. He understood though, his husband was young and wanted to be close with his family.

Harry as always could read his thoughts too and kissed him before going. "I think perhaps the week or so when we come back before school we stay here."

Severus smiled and nodded. "You know I have no problem staying at the manor but I'd like to have my husband to myself some times. Not just in the gate house."

Finally drawing away from his husband and repeating the promise he threw the floo powder in and called the townhouse. He could enter without invitation as any Malfoy could, keyed into the security wards when his dads adopted him,

Hermione smiled when he stepped into the sitting room. "Hey Harry, right on time for lunch though you were pulling it a bit close there."

Viktor saw him blushing a bit. "Aw Mione he and his husband are about to celebrate their one year anniversary and are still like honeymooners. Leave off."

That made Harry blush even more and when he was lead into the dinning room where Draco and Blaise as well as Vince and Luna and Neville and Hannah were there. The others had been invited but they were busy and since everyone was going to be at the party at the manor tomorrow. As Draco shared his birthday with a grad party Harry insisted his birthday and anniversary party, neither of which he would have been to heart broken to not have,

Luna hugged Harry. "Almost a year, hard to believe Harry. And now Blaise and Draco over there. Off on a second honeymoon, where?"

Harry laughed at his friend's usual mile a minute speech. "No idea. You'd have to ask my amazing husband or perhaps my brother over there"

Though Draco denied that he knew where they were going there was a certain twinkle in his brother's eye that told him that Draco at least had some idea where his Uncle was whisking his brother off for a romantic honeymoon.

Draco turned to Hermione to get out from under the questions. "Now spill it. We know where has to be news if you insisted on lunch when we're all together tomorrow."

Hermione shrugged. "I just thought that it would be nice to have lunch more intimately then the psychotic party we know that the Malfoys will throw."

Though there was no doubt that the party would be a big event for the Malfoys did nothing small, no one was buying that. Though they started digging into the food they kept noticing the looks going between Hermione and Viktor and they did not relent in bugging the two until finally Hermione gave in.

Hermione showed them a beautiful diamond ring she had been concealing with a charm. "Viktor proposed to me last week and I said yes."

Viktor smiled and kissed her. "She came home to see my parents to Bulgaria, with her parents again. It was the perfect time to ask her dad for his blessing."

For the second time since they started dating Hermione and her parents had been invited to Bulgaria to visit the Krums who were wealthy land owners Harry had learned, and he was not really surprised to learn it had probably been a set up. Viktor's parents adored Hermione and the couple had long had both sets' blessing.

Hermione smiled. "We didn't want to steal your thunder tomorrow. Viktor and I are going to be married at Christmas so we can have a proper honeymoon."

Draco smiled. "Blaise and I had considered but we're going to take the weekend away and have a honeymoon at Christmas as well. We wanted a fall wedding."

Both couples thought it was cute they would be having their honeymoons at the same time, not that odd since they would both have three weeks off from their training then so they could take off for a few weeks and not worry about work.

Harry hugged Hermione. "You know I would have happily shared tomorrow with you. My family goes to way much effort. But I am so happy for you."


Waking up snuggled in his husband's arms he could forget that they were at the gate house or that there was another huge party waiting for them. It was odd that there would be more people at their anniversary party then the wedding but his dads had reminded him that it was also his eighteenth birthday.

Severus reached down and kissed his husband. "Just keep remembering tomorrow is our actual anniversary and we will be off on our romantic second honeymoon."

Harry turned so he was resting his head on his husband's chest and looking into his eyes. "I remember why I married you. You can always make me smile."

Lowering his hungry mouth to his husband's Severus rolled them over so he was straddling his husband with slight positioning and taking advantage of the fact that the party was not until after lunch, reminded his husband of another one of the perks of being married. Harry had no problem celebrating his birthday like this.

Eventually after a few rompous rounds his husband pulled him from bed. "Your dads and brother are going to be wondering where we are if we don't come soon."

Harry pouted. "Are you going to at least join me in the shower?"

Nibbling on his husband's neck and assuring him he had every intention of sharing the shower, he promised his husband they would also have another warm up for their second honeymoon after the party was done. It was a good thing that they headed for the shower a bit earlier then needed for they got a bit more dirty before clean.

Eventually they did make it to the manor where Lucius smiled. "We thought we'd have to send the house elf before lunch went cold. The party is not too long now."

Remus came with Emma in his arms. "We know this close to your anniversary you two are probably not wanting out of bed but your honeymoon is tomorrow."

Blushing and reminding his fathers that he had no desire to hear such talk about his sex life from his dads, he scooped up his sister. It was one thing for them to speak around his dads; sons were supposed to embarrass them. Both his dads laughed and steered them into the dinning room where Blaise and Draco were.

Draco looked up."So have you spied to see what our fathers have planned for your birthday/anniversary this time around? Or have you two been too busy?"

Harry groaned. "First my fathers and now my brother. I am happy Emma can't talk enough. If you don't stop I'll start giving actual details and see if you like."

That shut them all up for as much as they were having fun joking no one in the room had any desire to hear the details about Harry and Severus. They were all just happy that starting today they were trying for a baby. That morning had been the first time his husband did not use the spell.

Blaise though watched as Harry was feeding Emma. "You know you will look pretty amazing with your own little one in your arms. Hopefully next year."

That talk Harry didn't mind and he shared a smile with his husband. "I hope so too."

They were both hoping for a little girl though Severus more then Harry as he had been a third dad to Draco. Harry planned on nursing when they had a baby, like his father had, but he dearly hoped on the eve of his second anniversary he would have a little one nursing or at the very least a nice round baby bump.

Severus decided to turn the talk on the others. "So Draco are you and Blaise planning on starting soon? Seems fair game."

Draco blushed a bit. "We were thinking we'd wait at least until I am done the first two years of my training. Then I'll get pay for training and interning."

Though neither the Zaibini's nor the Malfoys would have had a problem helping the boys, as well as Draco and Blaise had their trust funds to access, they wanted to be able to do it on their own. Blaise made the real money before Draco graduated and he would carry, so they had decided to wait for the two years. The townhouse and internship or job in Blaise's case with his dad, had been the only help they had accepted.

Eventually after lunch they made their way out for the guests were starting to arrive for the party and Harry was not sure how his family kept surprising him. Before he made a comment about going over board, his dads reminded him it was both an anniversary and birthday party, and just to enjoy it.

Harry smiled at his husband. "Is this a clue about our honeymoon location?"

Severus laughed and shook his head. "As oddly exotic as your fathers have decided to take us for our party, not a clue."

Though there was a huge tent for a party it felt more like they were walking into some Arabian tent and instead of the usual set up there were cushions and tables low to the ground and there were Turkish rugs and lamps. Harry laughed when he saw that there was even a life size camel though fake, it did move and was meant for the children to have run riding on.

Lucius shrugged. "We were helping your husband decide where to take you. Morocco had come a close second and we were inspired for your party theme."

Remus nodded. "We thought it might inspire the two of you guys for your next trip as we know your husband wants to see you more of the world together."

Knowing his husband had promised they would even when they had kids see a bit of the world every year, Harry thought it made sense. He saw his guests quite liked the idea as well. The Weasleys, Greg and Susan, Pansy and Marcus, Millie, Oliver and Katie, and his Aunt and cousin were there as well and some of the professors as well. He was happy to see his aunt and cousin had accepted the invite.

Petunia hugged him and handed him a gift. "You can't open that till tomorrow. Your husband told me where he was taking you and it is a surprise."

Harry kissed her cheek. "Thank you. I am just happy you and Dudley came for the party. You should have brought your fiancé; I want to meet him soon."

Recently she had written and told him she had met a great guy, a banker who often came into her shop and they were going to have a small wedding in November, just the family as he was a widow with two children in their twenties. Harry was of course invited to come. She said Tom who was a squib and knew of this world, unfortunately was unable to leave work but sent his regards. His aunt now managed the store and Dudley recently got into a community college.

Harry felt amazing as they sat down to the feast as there were belly dancers and musicians, entertainment from the Middle East. He felt like pointing out he and his husband were not too big on female bellies but it was actually quite fun and even the eating with the fingers was a new experience.

The last birthday gift was a surprise from his dads, a portkey. "We want you to travel more and since Draco and Hermione will be off at Christmas with their spouses..."

Harry was amazed when he realized the portkey was for Morocco. "They are going on their honeymoon. We wouldn't have been jealous. This is too much."

His dads explained that the trip was not only from them but from Draco and Blaise and even Hermione and Viktor as well, though Harry thought it was a likely excuse. Though they said they'd travel a lot and they both had the money, Harry's dads doubted they'd ever splurge for two romantic trips in one year and had wanted their son and son in law to spend a week in Morocco.

Severus kissed his husband. "You have been in the family for two years now. You know by now to not argue, gets you no where. Just say thank you and smile."


Though the party the day before had been amazing and Harry when he got over the size of the birthday gift, especially when his dads swore they were paying for and arranging a much more incredible honeymoon for Draco and Blaise so they were not jealous, Harry's mind was on this one.

Severus smiled as he led him towards the manor. "Just have to have breakfast with the family and you will know soon enough."

Harry pouted. "How do I even know you packed what I will need Sev? I mean you packed my bag and I don't know you could have forgot underwear."

Smirking and pulling his husband close he told Harry that while he would not be that forgetful, he didn't think either of them would be needing them that often. His husband would see some of the country they were going to but he had every intention of ravishing his husband for two weeks straight.

Harry liked the sounds of that. "Are you sure we need to have breakfast with my dads? I think we need to go and christen our second honeymoon bed."

That was answered with a groan from Draco in the doorway. "Can you two please keep that talk until you go on your trip? I don't want to loose my appetite."

Coming into the dinning room he was surprised to find that Draco and Blaise were still there for he would have thought they'd head back to London. Blaise explained he had plenty of time to head in for work and Draco was not working that day. They had wanted to be there to see the lovebirds off as today was their actual anniversary and in a few hours they would officially have been wed for a year.

Remus smiled as they sat down. "You know you could wait till lunch time to leave so we can celebrate with you when your anniversary officially begins."

Severus shook his head. "We celebrated out anniversary with the family yesterday. I have something more private planned for my husband at that time."

More groans were met with that for the kiss that followed left no doubt what they would be doing. Harry elbowed his brother and reminded him that at Christmas he too would be heading off for his honeymoon and could sicken them with such talk. Draco would be getting a second honeymoon too and in one year but in fairness the first would only be a weekend and they were planning on spending it at the Zaibini's home in Milan.

Finally Severus helped him to his feet and led them out to the grounds where the portkey could work. "Ready my love to go and ravish each other for two weeks?"

Harry sunk into his husband's arms as the portkey was activated. "Never more ready."

There were smiles and not groans from everyone as they were starting to be pulled away for he heard Remus remind the others that this was needed if they wanted the little baby that the two of them had been promising. They all hoped the holiday would work its magic.

Harry had closed his eyes when they pulled away to fight the sickness. Severus kissed him. "Open your eyes and see where we are."

Opening his eyes Harry looked around in amazement. "Sev, this is incredible."