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I know that France doesn't have a monarchy but let's pretend that in this story they do.

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Summary: Bella Marie Swan has lived with her father all her life. Her mother "died" - according to her dad - when she was a baby. One day when Bella comes home from school, in front of her house is her father's car and one limo surrounded by security guards and cars. She goes inside to see her father and a lady who claims to be her mother. Her mother, Renee, tells Bella that she is the long lost Princess Isabella to Renee's country - France. Bella is taken to France with her mother and learns there that she was betrothed when she was born to the Price of England. Wonder who that is? I'll give you one guess - Prince Edward Anthony Mason Cullen! He is always inside magazines no matter what country and is arrogant and egotistical. Girls would do more than kill to even be in the same room as him for five minutes. When they meet, what will happen? All Human

When I Became a Princess…

Chapter 1


As I walked home from school, I thought about all that has happened.

My mother, Renee, had died when I was a child so that made me pretty miserable.

My father, Charlie, has taken care of me all my life. He was the chief of police here in this melancholy town. He can't cook for his life. I learned that when I was four because our house burned down thanks to his cooking skills. That devastated me even more and made my outlook on life depressing. What was even worse was the constant rain. The thick depressing clouds crushed the town of Forks and blocked all view of the blue sky.

I, Isabella (preferably Bella) Marie Swan, was just plain and miserable. I was always whispered about at school for being the outcast. I never like to talk to anyone and they didn't want to talk to me. If anything, they like to torture me because I wasn't very pretty or popular, but I never cared. It's not like it mattered. What was the point in anything? We all die in the end anyway…

Material objects didn't matter as much as people cared about them. There was no point in wasting money. The only thing that did matter was the people that were close to you. Each and every one of them different and unique. No one could really replace them. They had too big a place in your heart.

The only people who matter to me are my deceased mother, my lonely father, and my only friend – Sidney. She had lived here for several months but then moved to New York. We still write and email each other but it's not the same.

I sighed and kicked a rock into a shallow puddle. The ripples distorted the mirrored image of the sky. The rain picked up and thudded harder on my hood.

I picked up my slow pace and stopped suddenly.

There, in front of my house were several black cars and Charlie's police car. There was a limo with tinted windows and bodyguard type looking me surrounding it. There were also two of them in front of my house. What was going on?

My heartbeat picked up and I walked to the door. The men in suits didn't bother to pay any attention to me.

I fumbled for my keys with shaky fingers. It took me several tries to get them into the door. I could hear talking witch stopped abruptly when I opened the door. Hesitantly, I stepped inside.

There was a women sitting across from Charlie in the living room.


They both looked at me. The women smiled happily at me while Charlie looked a bit upset.

"What's going on…?"

"Well Bella…I'd like you to meet…your mother," Charlie said hesitantly.

"But I – Wait! What?! But…you…I…she…ugh! What is going on?" My brain was starting to hurt.

"Bells…this is your mom, Renee."

"But – but – but you said she was dead!" I said with a hint of hysteria in my voice.

"She never was dead. I didn't want the life for you that she had in mind."

"So you wait until I'm seventeen?!"

"Charlie, she does have a good point," the lady – I would absolutely not refer to her as my mother – said with a slight French accent.

"Well what was I supposed to do?! I knew you would find her eventually, but I didn't need her to find out by herself! I don't want that life for her!" Charlie yelled.

The lady sighed.

"What are you talking about?" I asked. Do I really want too know?

"Well Bells…"

"Just tell me! I don't want any more secrets!" I screamed.

"Well Renee is the Queen of France and you are their long lost princess and you are going with Renee back to France," Charlie rushed out.

"WHAT?! First, you tell me that I don't have a mother, then she shows up here and I find out she's alive, and NOW you feel like telling me she's a freaking queen and I'm a princess?!" Boy did my head hurt. I felt joy and confusion. Renee wasn't dead! But why would Charlie keep this from me? Why, why, why?

Charlie lowered his head and looked at the floor. "I'm sorry Bells but I thought it would be better for you," he mumbled.

I took a deep breath and turned to the lady. "So I'm a princess and I get to go to France?"

She smiled. "Yes but I don't believe we've been properly introduced. I'm Renee, your mother. It's so nice to finally meet you after so many long years. My Isabella…" Renee started to tear up at the end.

I hugged her awkwardly. "Um…yeah. I'm Isabella. I'd like it better if you called me Bella though."

Renee smiled and wiped away her tears. "I'm being silly. Here I finally get to see you and I'm crying." She laughed a little at the end.

"I don't think you're being very silly. So…when do we go to France?"

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