Part 1: Astale

"Ouch!" Said a girl with long black hair. There was tea, glass and a tray on the floor. "I'm so sorry." "Mari, you clumsy girl! Clean this up! The majesty will be angry, when his tea comes in late." A girl with short orange hair yells. "I'm sorry, may I try again?" "I'm sorry Mari, I'm just so angry at Rei. How did she become Jeil- I mean one of the majesty's best servants?" "I don't know." Mari said while cleaning up the mess. "Rei is so selfish and she brags to much. I hate her so much." Mari got up. "I'm going to make some more tea." Mari walked into the kitchen and started to make the tea.

Finally, the tea was done. Mari got a tray and started to carry it to Jeile's study. Mari stopped walking, because right in front of her was Jeile. "Are you feeling well Jeile?" Did I just? Mari thought.

"Uh...What did you call me?" "I called you Jeile." Ah! I just said his name again! Mari thought. "I'm sorry, your majesty." "Its,okay, just call me Jeile." This girl is even more pretty than Nei and Airi put together. Jeile thought. "So,how are you feeling Jeile?" "What do you- Oh, I'm starting to feel better." "Liar! You've been moping around the whole palace for a long time. Though I can't blame you." a man's voice said.

"Juilet. What are you doing here?" Jeile asked. Mari turned around. There was a guy that had shoulder length red hair. "I'm looking after Mari." "Your looking after me?" Mari asked. "I don't know who you are." "Of course you don't, its because I was always behind you and you never notice." Juilet said while holding Mari's chin. "Uh, Juilet, right?" "Yes." Juilet was smelling Mari's hair. "Juilet, can you please give me some space? Your making me feel uncomfortable, because I don't know you. Even though you know me, I don't know you." Juilet stopped smelling Mari's hair. "You have a point." Juilet said and walked off.

Mari looked at Juilet as he became farther and farther away from her. "Is that my tea?" Jeile asked. "Huh?" Jeile pointed to the tray that Mari was holding. "Oh, yes its your tea, I was going to bring it to your study. I'm so sorry that its late." "Its okay, but may you tell me why it was late?" "I tripped and spilled the last one so I had to go make more." "That explains the big stain thats on your uniform." Jeile pointed to Mari's uniform. Mari looked at her uniform, there was a big spot that went from her chest to the bottom of her stomach.

"Waahh!" Mari threw her arms up. The tray went flying through the air. "The tea." Mari held out her hands. Jeile saw a hot pink glowing symbol above her hands. The tray landed in her hands. Did she just? Jeile thought.

"Is something wrong Jeile?" "No,nothing." From now on, I'll keep a close eye on her. Jeile thought. "Can I have my tea now?" "Sure." Mari holds out the tray she was holding. "Oh, I'm sorry you probably prefer it in your study." Mari pulled the tray back. "I rather have it in my room that way we could get you a new uniform." "I couldn't possib-" "Its okay." "But I-" "Thats an order." Jeile said while smiling. "Okay." Mari said with her dazzle smile. "I change my mind." Jeile looked around. He started to stare at a door behind Mari. Hmm, I could hide her in there. It would be better to, than to take her to my room.

"Follow me." Jeile said as he went into the room. Mari

followed Jeile to the room. "Not to be rude or anything

but why would you want your tea in a room like this?"

"This room gives me........memories." Memories of the time when Airi was going in a diffcult time.

Jeile thought. "Uh..Jeile, would you like your tea now?

I think its starting to get cold." "Oh.I forgot about the tea.

What is your name?" "Mari." Mari said while smiling.

"Mari?" "Yes?" "Can you stay here for a little while?"

"Sure." Mari set the tray down on the window sill. Jeile went out of the room. "Jeile, if you do anything to Mari

I will kill you." Juilet said. "Don't worry, I won't do anything

to her." Jeile said. "But are you saying those things because you love her?" Juilet blushed. He looked the opposite direction. "No, I don't love her....I..I.. its my duty to protect her from anything that can hurt her." I do,I really do love her. The way how her hair blows in the wind. How she smells roses so inoccently. Her voice,her laughter and her dazzle smile that could make a sun come out on a cloudy day. Juilet thought as Jeile walked away.

Jeile walked into another room and got a special maid's uniform. He walked back to the room and opened the door and went in. "I'm back." Jeile said while he closed the door. "Good, so would you like some tea now? Oh no, the tea might be cold." "Its okay, here." Jeile gave Mari the uniform. "Thanks." Mari said.

It became silent, seconds passed. "Aren't you going to change?" Jeile asked. "In here?" "Yes." "In front of you?" "Oh, sorry, I'll leave." Jeile went out of the room and waited while Mari changed. Nei I miss you. Why did it have to happen to you Nei. Why? Jeile thought.

Minutes passed. Mari came out. "Why did you give me one of yo-" "Because, I think you'll be perfect." Jeile said. "Its a good fit, this uniform looks better on you than the other one." "Thank you Jeile but I....I." "You what?" "I rather be a regular maid. I mean, if I became a special maid, I woudn't be able to talk to my friend while I work. I'm sorry, I promise I will return the uniform." "You can keep it." "Jeile?" "Yes." "Uh..Your tea is cold, do you still want it?" "You went through all this trouble to get me tea, of course I still want it. Your hard work will be noticed." "Thank you Jeile." Mari smiled.

"Mari?" "Yes, Jeile?" "You should smile more often, you always look like you forgot something very important." "I do?" "Yes." "Well, I did forget something important." "What did you forget?" Jeile sipped his cold tea. "Who I am." "Your Mari aren't you?" "Yes, but I forgot what I am." "Your a girl aren't you?" "Yes, but you don't understand. I don't know my last name, I don't remeber anything from my childhood, my memory goes as far as last year. I don't know who my family is and I don't know why weird things happen to me."

"What weird things?" Jeile took another sip of tea. "You didn't notice? Don't you think its weird, that the tea flew into the air one second and the next second it just magically lands in my hands?" "Yes. I do." Jeile took another sip of the tea. "You sound very calm, most people will freak out." "Well, I'm not like other people, I'm the king, remeber?" "By the way,Jeile don't you need to work?" "Yes,I'll get to it after I finish this tea. Besides, the slower I drink this tea, the longer I'll be able to see you in the uniform your wearing." Jeile said, he took another sip of tea. The room became silent. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." Jeile finally managed to say. "I've got to get back to work too." Mari said. "Okay, I'll just hurry up." Jeile said as he drunk the whole entire tea. "There, I'm done, now you ca-"

All of a sudden a white tornado appeared around Mari. Mari holded on to her dress. Mari was then knocked uncoinsous.