Part 8:The End (In a summary format)


Even though Mari had fought off the thing and thought it was gone, there was still bits of it inside of her. Eventually, Mari's mother took her back to Astale and was suprised that she had fallen in love with Raz. Raz, came with them. In Astale, Mari's mother Marie (mar rye) told her that the man who had put the thing inside of her, had moved on and had a son. Sadly, the man couldn't come, but the son could. Mari along with Raz met the son, Raz got pissed cause he was flirting with his girlfriend and almost punched him, but stopped cause Mari slapped him when he tried to kiss her. The son eventually said he was sorry and got rid of the rest of the thing.

Marie, then gave Mari a choice, to stay in Astale or to go to earth. Mari chooses to go back to earth, but ask if she can vist her. Marie said yes and gives her a necklace with a clear jewel in it. Mari then goes back to earth with Raz and they spent the rest of the year going to school.


Eventually Mari, Raz and Juilet find out that Nakaojii's ancestors came from Astale and were powerful magicans and Nakaojii falls in love with the forigen exchange student.


Juilet is still Mari's Guardian and still goes to the same school as her. When a group of forigen exchange students came to the school, Juilet made friends with a group of popular guys called the Fire 4, (now 5)

Simply, everyone had a pretty good ending. Even Jeile. ^-^

~The End~