Summary: Basically its about myspace and Season 4.
A/N: Okay spotsunshine and I came up with this idea. What if the gang had myspaces and did that Top 8 survey? This is completely random and made for your amusement and laughter and reviews. Enjoy.
A/N2: We were trying to do eight people and the eighth person was rachel but we came to the conclusion that she didnt really have eight if you can think up another person that we could use please let us know.
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Top eight: State the top eight on your myspace and answer the questions

Brooke Davis

1. Peyton Sawyer
2. Chase Adams
3. Haley James Scott!
4. Rachel Gattina
5. Mouth McFadden
6. Lucas Scott
7. Bevin Mirskey
8. Nathan Scott

1. Is number 6 your best friend?
Yep! One of the best!

2. Are you in love with number 2?
Mhm. He is amazing.

3. Have you ever lied to number 4?
Hmm. That is a great question. But no I don't believe so. I have always been truthful to her. She is the lying whore at times. Kisses Rach.

4. Do you know a secret about number 7?
Hahaa. No. I am pretty sure Bevin cannot keep secrets.

5. Describe the relationship between number 8 and number 5.
Uhhh. He tried to teach Nate to dance once I heard and it wasn't a pretty sight.

6. What is the best thing about number 3?
I have to pick one? Fine. Her kindness. It's unbelievable. I was a bitch to her earlier in our high school career but now we are the best of friends and I am Jamie's god mother. I love her to death.

7. What is the worst thing about number 1?
Shut your mouth. Nothing. I mean well, if we are being honest it would be her taste in music…but shush. Don't tell her that.

8. When was the last time you saw number 5?
Last night! At the grad/junior party. He kissed me. Gah he's adorable.

9. Describe the relationship between number 1 and number 3?
They are friends. And share the love of music. I can so see them working together in the future!

10. Have you ever danced with number 7?
Haha probably back in my 'Party. Get Drunk. Repeat.' Days.

11. How long have you known number 4?
For a year now. We started on the wrong foot but we have each other's back now.

12. Have number 2 and number 7 ever dated?
Nope. I snagged him first. Plus she has her some lovin' with Skillz.

13. Have you ever done drugs with number 1?

14. Have you ever been in a fight with number 8?
Uh, no I don't think I ever have. We are pretty tight.

16. Does number 6 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Yes! My best friend. They are so adorable!

17. Have you ever been a co-worker with number 3?
Sorta. She helped me start my Clothes over Bros clothing line so yeah.

18. Have you ever wanted to punch number 2 in the face?
Nope! Why would I do that?

19. Has number 1 ever met your mother?
Oh yes. That never goes over well for either parties.

21. How did you meet number 6?
That depends on the definition of 'meet'.

22. Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 5?
Accidently, I think I called him my brother once when I was drunk and he was about to tell me how he felt about me. But we are cool now.

24. Has number 2 ever seen you naked?
I don't think that's any of your business Mr. Survey!

25. What is the best memory you have with number 1?
Too many, way too many but I think attacking and defeating psycho Derek/Ian was a good one. Haha. JK not good one but it was the night we became friends again.

26. What is one of number 4's best qualities?
People may not know this because well she is known for her slut tendencies but she can totally kill me in Dance Dance Revolution. Ohh, opps I wasn't suppose to announce that. Oh well.

27. Do you live close to 7?
Used to in my big house but now I am temporaily living with P. Sawyer at Nathan's/Naley's/mine and Haley's/Naley's apartment. We switch apartments just as much as partners here in Tree Hill.

28. What is number 2's favorite food?
Ice Cream!

29. Out of your top 8, which one would you say is the funniest?
Honestly? All of them. Peyton, when you get a few beers in her. Chase when he is craving ice cream. Really, it is too adorable. He begs. Rachel when she THINKS she is doing something smart or cool. That rarely happens so when it does I have to giggle. Mouth is just Mouth, especially when he dances! HOLY CRAP WHEN HE DANCES! Lucas…well nvm him he is rarely funny. JK Luke. When he has a few beers in him he starts to talk like Jack Sparrow. Bevin is always funny. And Nathan LOOKS funny when he tries to dance. Bevin video tapped that. Yeah baby Nate I have seen it all!

30. Who is the most flirtatious?
Rachel. Hands down.

31. What do you think of number 3?
She be Tutor Mom. And I love her.

32. How long have you known number 5 for?
About two years now I think.

33. Which one of your top 8 friends drinks the most or goes out?

34. Which one of your top 8 friends is the best dresser?
Me. I am. Nah, uh Haley has definitely upped her fashion sense lately. And Goldie Locks has some killer punk rocker outfits going.

35. If you could change one thing about number 7, what would it be?
That he would have followed his goddamn heart a long time ago and saved many people from heartache. Listen to me, I sound like Lucas is the fraking plague.

36. Say something nice about number 1.
She is my best friend in the ENTIRE world. There, nice? Oh. And I love her lots.

37. Which one of your top 8 friends lives the farthest away from?
Chase. He practically lives in another town!

38. Which one of your top 8 friends do you hang out with the most?
It's between P. Sawyer and Chase. Oh and baby Naley but he isn't on my top.

39. Out of your top 8 friends, who is the loudest?

40. The quietest?

41. What is one quality about number 7 that you admire?
Her carefreeness!

42. What kind of car does number 4 have?
THE DANALI!! So jealous.

43. What is your fondest memory of number 8?
Him tackling me to the ground while the friggin sprinkler was on! Not as dirty as I know you all are thinking.

44. Have you traveled anywhere with number 2?
Not really. Just to third base. Haha. I crack myself up.

45. If you gave number 4 100 dollars tonight, what would they spend it on?

46. What is number 6's best quality?
His mind!

47. Would you kiss number 1?
Done it already! Beat that bitches!

48. How did you meet number 7?
Summer camp for junior varsity cheer.

49. If you had to buy number 5 a gift, what would you choose to give him/her?
A car. He still owns a bike.

50. Does number 2 drink?

51. Describe number 8 in two words:
Boy Toy. Haha.

52. How many of your top 8 friends have you actually met?
WTF? All of them. It's called a Top freaking Friends for a reason!