Sailor Moon ST (Star Trek)! – By DS Wynne

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Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Part 1

Teenaged girl Usagi Tsukino—known as the "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon"…a "magical girl"—expected that someday, she could have a normal life. After numerous "youma" invasions, starting with the Dark Kingdom and ending with Sailor Chaos, Usagi hoped that she was to have a good life. Whether it would be with her old flame Momoru or not, at least she won't have any distractions.

Of course, life isn't so simple.

Unfortunately for her, as she approached the Cherry Hill Temple, Usagi would be unaware that her life was about to change…forever.

"Oh, Luna!" Usagi cried. "We can't be late for the meeting!"

"WE can't be late?!" Luna the Moon cat replied. "You mean you can't be late! I was the one to go back and pull you away from that ice cream parlor!"

"But they just introduced a new flavor! I just wanted to sample it!"

"Sample, maybe. But you had a gallon's worth!"

"But I was SO hungry! And it was a sale…"

Luna rolled her eyes.

"Oh, just hurry!"

And then-


"Hey!" Usagi says, as she fell on her rear.

"Um, sorry about that," says a rather handsome, teenaged martial artist. He swept back his pigtail before offering his hand.

Usagi looked at the boy's gray-blue eyes. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way…not as handsome as her Mamoru, of course.

"THANK you," Usagi says, as she gets up with the boy's help. "Why were you in the way?"

"I WASN'T," the boy says. "One of my classmates wanted to challenge me in front of this temple-"

"Meew!" says Luna, as she trots back. While she didn't want to reveal herself, she wanted Usagi to stay focused.

The boy immediately turns to see the cat, and goes pale to the extreme.

"C-c-c-CAT!" the boy says.

Usagi was a bit confused at the boy's reaction, but had enough sense to shoo Luna away.

"Go on, I'll be there."

Luna gives Usagi a questioning look before going up into the temple grounds.

"Th-thanks," the boy says.

"Why…were you afraid of Luna?"


"THERE YOU ARE, CUR!" says another boy. This one worse a kendo outfit, complete with a hakama.

"I got you at last, Ranma Saotome!"

"Who is this?"

"This is my jerk classmate, Tatewaki Kuno," Ranma smirked, as he folded his arms.

"It's 'Upperclassman Kuno' to YOU, cur!" Kuno replied.

"Okay, FINE. So, what BRILLIANT ideas do you have now?"

"Oh, nothing…but THIS!" Kuno says, as he shows some sort of talisman to Ranma. "With this, I shall banish the evil sorcerer that has plagued my existence!"

"Er," Ranma began to say. He sensed something powerful from within that object. "Talisman!" Kuno began. "Send the cur…AWAY!"


The talisman begins to glow, as some sort of atmospheric condition occurs.

And it was at that point that Ranma remembered the girl that he had bumped into.

"Kuno, you dummy-!"

Just then, like in a Warner's Brother's cartoon, a black hole suddenly opens beneath Ranma and Usagi.

"LUUUUNNNNAAAAAAAAA-!" screamed Usagi, as she and Ranma fell in.

"USAGI!" yelled Luna. She had kept an eye on Usagi in the bushes, when Kuno activated his talisman. She attempted to follow, but the hole closed up.

"UUUUUSSSSAAAAAGGGGIIIIIIIII!" screamed Luna in anguish.

"I did it!" Kuno proclaimed triumphantly. "Ranma Saotome is NO MORE!"

Luna turns her full attention towards Kuno.

"YOU!" Luna snarled.

"Huh?" Kuno replied.

"You'll pay for this!"

And then Luna leaps onto Kuno, and proceeds to scratch the holy heck out of him…

Meanwhile, Sailor Pluto—the guardian of the Time Gate, notices Usagi's disappearance immediately. She then proceeds to track her "Moon Princess", when a familiar face appears in front of her.


"Hey, Susan," the familiar entity says casually. "How's it going?"

"Q, what is the meaning of this!?" Sailor Pluto yells.

"Just doing a favor for an old friend."

"You mean…?"

"Yes. And, don't worry. Little Usa-chan will be fine. I took the liberty of providing her with a much appropriate protector. And when she returns, she won't be the same person, that's for sure."

Meanwhile, nearly two hundred years into the future…

As Usagi and Ranma tumbled across time and space, they each seemingly produce a "twin". One version of the pair would move onto a "positive" timeline, while the other would move on to a "negative" timeline. This was nature's way of assuring balance between a positive universe and it's polar opposite. Thus, while one Usagi and Ranma would find virtual paradise, their respective twin would discover hell. That pair went to the positive side of Universe, as they fell through the end of the vortex…


Usagi land on her rear—again—while Ranma landed on his feet.


"You okay?" Ranma says, as she helped Usagi up.


"Who are you?" said a voice.

They pair turn to see a foreign man dressed in some sort of blue jumpsuit. He kind of looked like he would fit in as some sort of mechanic.

"What?" Ranma replied.

"Where are we?" Usagi asked. "And where is Luna?"

The man with the sandy-blond hair frowned. Since bringing the ship into deep space, Lt. Commander Charles ("Trip") Tucker III—of Panama City, Florida—could expect "weird things" to muck up his experimental engines aboard the SS Enterprise. Being the best that UN Spacy has ever produced, the new Warp 5 engine could travel further and faster than any other Earth-based starship, without the need for "Jump Gates". Still, having the engines create a surge of energy, thus creating a weird vortex that deposits a pair of teenagers in front of the Chief Engineer in the process, would be seen as an unexpected aspect of warp propulsion technology.

"Bridge? This is Tucker. We seem to have uninvited guests on our ship…"

A short time later, Usagi and Ranma were in some sort of medical bay. They were being isolated, ever since they freaked out upon seeing Dr. Phlox. At the moment, the only one who was seeing them was Lt. Hoshi Sato, a Japanese linguist and communications officer, due to the fact that the teenagers were also Japanese. Captain Jonathon Archer, the Captain of the NX-01 "Enterprise", Earth's first advanced starship in years, looked at the girl.

"So, how did Miss Tsukino and Mister Saotome end up in Engineering?" Archer asked.

"That's just it, sir," Trip says. "They…fell threw some sort of vortex."

Archer, who was tall, and imposing, and had sandy, blond hair, turned his attention to the stoic female with the pointy ears.

"T'Pol, did you detect anything unusual?"

"I ran a complete diagnostic of the ship systems, and found no clue as to how either of them came to be here."

"Great," Archer said. Ever since they were assigned to take back the Klingon back to his home planet of Q'onos, the mysterious Suliban—a race of chameleons who seeks to impede the progress of Earth's push towards deep space exploration—had attacked them. Archer did not know why, but he wouldn't be surprised if the crew of the Enterprise will run into them again. Heck, he wasn't sure if Usagi's appearance was a sign of things to come. Then, he notices that Hoshi was leaving the isolation room.

"Well?" Archer asked.

"Well, they are indeed from Earth…circa early 21st century," Hoshi says. "And they definitely do not know how they got here. The last thing either them can remember was an attack by a 'Tatewaki Kuno' within the vicinity of Japan's famed Cherry Hill Temple…before falling through a 'hole'.

"Doesn't your family run that temple?"

"As a matter of fact…yes."

"Then perhaps we can use that connection as a starting point…in unraveling this mystery."

"Understood, sir."

"In the mean time…perhaps it's time that we get to know each other better," Archer says.