Sailor Moon ST (Star Trek)

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Note: This is a multi-genre story.

Part 117

With each man using this version of the Sharingan, they had a choice between using the way of Amaterasu ("Fire") or Tsukuyomi ("Illusion"). By employing the technique at the same time, both Ranma and Genshin would create a shared dimension where only the victor can emerge.

Ranma notices that he and his son were on a flat field, not at all dissimilar to the famed Black Rock Desert of Nevada (where land speed records are set). The full power of the Moon shone within the backdrop of the blood-red sky.

"Whenever you are ready, Father," Genshin said, as he removed his clothes in one grab. Now, he was wearing black Chinese martial arts clothing to Ranma's white clothing.

"Fine. Armed or unarmed combat?"

"Anything goes. If I win, you will relinquish your authority of the clan and clan assets. And that includes all obligations to your fiancées."

"Agreed. And if I win, you make restitution to those that you have harmed, as THEY see fit, which includes your mother and I."

"Huh. I accept your proposal. You know, I always wondered what it would be like to 'sample' those girls that are always after you…especially the Tendo sisters."

In the old days, Ranma would have flown off the handle for comments like that. However, he knew that his son was trying goad him into starting the fight, so he kept his calm."

"Fine…but I seriously doubt that any of my female acquaintances would think much of a little boy who can't handle female hood."

This sets Genshin right off, as he charges forward. Ranma smirked, as charges forward as well.

"Damn you-!" Genshin yelled, as attacks his father.

Ranma parries, dodges and blocks the potential blows. Using simple Tai Chi, Ranma is able to "swim" through the attacks. When Genshin manages to cross Ranma's arms, he uses that as an opportunity to kick out Ranma's legs before sending him sailing away behind Genshin.


However, in mid-flight, Ranma balls himself, tumbles and lands on the ground crouched.

"Not bad, my son," Ranma says, as he leaps to delivery a solid punch into Genshin's face. Genshin side steps the attack, and followed through with sword hand to the side of Ranma's face. Ranma blocks the attack, but knees his son's stomach, forcing Genshin to form a blocking guard to shield the effects of the attack. However, this defense forces Genshin to move back.

Ranma smirks, as he goes into a standing position, just as Genshin charges-


At the last minute, performed a powered spin kick, knocking Genshin backwards and on his back. Genshin "kipup" to a crouching position, as Ranma began to dance around, shuffling his feet.

"You know, my son," Ranma says, as his fists were raised. "Let's get a bit more serious."
Genshin could see that his father was in a traditional Boxing stance. Surely, something as simplistic won't count as much. So, Genshin continued his attack.

Dodge, Dodge, SMACK!

Genshin was caught off-guard by the combination punches.


"'Anything Goes Martial Arts', remember?" Ranma said. "Growing up, Pops wanted to me to learn from the best fighters in the world, and that includes fighters from outside of Asia. Huh, you should have seen my face when I actually got an autograph from Lennox Louis, after he had fought Hollyfield."

"Don't bore me with your tales of childhood long lost, Father," Genshin says. "We're here to fight!"

"So be it."

Genshin attacks again. Ranma deflects and redirects the blows, sending Genshin to sprawling to the ground.

"Huh?" Genshin says, as he looks backwards while getting up.

"You Mother expects me to deal with you…permanently," Ranma says. "But…I'm not. So I'm going to give you the spanking you obviously deserve."

Genshin gets up.

"Then, I guess I will have to prove to you that I'm NOT you little boy anymore. AH!"

Genshin charges again.

Ranma smirks, as he blocks and parries a right cross, a hook and a jab. When Genshin tried to do a thrust kick, Ranma arched his back to avoid a kick in the stomach. Genshin performs a reverse spin-kick to take advantage of this, but Ranma leaned back to avoid the strike to the head. However, Ranma followed through by performing the equivalent of a "sonic kick". So, while flipping backwards, Ranma also kicked Genshin upwards nearly one hundred rotations a second. Genshin felt his jaw crack, as he was repeatedly felt the pain to his jaw before being launched into the sky.


When Genshin was flat on his back, he stared upwards to see Ranma stare downwards.

"You've lost your edge, my son," Ranma says, as he shakes his head. "And we're just doing straight martial arts."

"GAH!" Genshin says, as he tries to grab Ranma. Ranma quickly moves out of the way, but Genshin tries to kick Ranma at the same time. Instead of moving out of the way, Ranma grabs the kicking leg. Genshin tries to kick with the other leg, but Ranma grabs the other leg.

"Looks like you don't have a leg to stand on, my son," Ranma smirked, before drop kicking Genshin one hundred yards.



"You know, I was afraid of confronting you directly, on an account of being my kid. But, you know, I should have kicked your arse a long time ago."

"You haven't beaten me!" Genshin says.

"You are beaten, my son. You see, you can NEVER beat me, not now, not ever. Your hatred of me has made you predictable, and your decadence has made you soft. And while we were fighting, I had the opportunity to seal your Sharingan."

"What?" Genshin says. "Wait, I thought you were just using Tai Chi in the beginning…but you were using the 'Gentle Fist'."

The Gentle Fist, created by the mysterious Hyuga clan, was a cousin of Tai Chi. It relied on knowledge to the chakra network, the pathway of chi, to inflict internal damage…or control."

"But…you have to have the Hyuga's bloodline to manipulate the chakra network!"

"My son, while it's true that one must have the Hyuga clan's kekkei genkai to perform the greater techniques, all you need to know is that the points along the network are nothing more than pressure points…and ANYONE with sufficient knowledge of pressure points can pull off most of the Hyuga clan's basic techniques. Of course, that's not going to stop them from sending yet another of their 'emissaries' to kill you if you happen to know of ANY of their 'secrets'."

"Gah!" Genshin says, as he charges forward. Ranma then produces a sphere of water.

"Time to take your medicine."



I hope the plan goes off without a hitch, Minako says to herself.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" said the demon with a fish tail and fins for years. "We are now going to have our FINAL match!"

The crowd roars with approval.

"In this corner, the challengers…TEAM URAMESHI!"

Yusuke waves to the crowd, followed by Kazuma, Hiei, Kurama and Genkai. The team will deal with Team Toguro, while the Nerima Wrecking Crew and the Sailor Scouts go behind the scenes and destroy both Sakyo's Black Players Club and the Committee (i.e. Sakyo and his organization), thus making the Tuguro/Urameshi fight the last Dark Tournament).

Minako looks up to where Usagi was supposed to be. She didn't understand much of the things that her friend…her Moon Princess…was going through, but she will always be there for her. As soon as the match is over, she and her allies will begin the youma clean-up process (many of which have outstanding offenses against humanity), while insuring that there is no body that can bridge the human and demon worlds. From what Usagi had told her and the others, the last time the Earth and Demon worlds were link was during the so-called "Week of Nightmares", thanks to yet another mad man's attempt to gain the dark power of the Chojin…the Overfiend (this time by the German scientist Dr. Myuni Hausen, a Progenitor "barrabi", a term used for anyone that is corrupted). It took great effort on Usagi's part to not only undo most of the damage (in some cases, the demon taint had completely turned the victim into a demon), but to erase the event from human memory. And based upon THAT, as well as what she had to go through in order to deal with the situation, Minako was certainly glad to be being proactive for a change.

Meanwhile, in the one of boxed suites…

"Ah, look at you," Usagi cooed, as she held her baby. "Who's a big boy? YOU are!"

The toddler once known as Genshin Rantsu cooed contently.

Usagi then turned Ranma, who was on the phone.

"Ah, come on, Blackie!" Ranma yelled into the phone. "I made the bet a month ago!"

"Blackie" was Usagi bookie and retainer within the black market sector, which includes the Yakuza, the Triad, the Tongs and many other mundane and not-so mundane underground elements.

"Fine, be that way!"


"Blackie wouldn't take the bet?" Usagi says, as she began to breast feed her hungry child. Being able to manipulate one's body had its benefits.

"No, because word got out about what we are doing," Ranma fumed.

"Well, sure. But I just wanted to thank you for giving me a second chance at being Genshin's mother."

Ranma looks over at his son. He had to hunt down the fountain of youth before coming to Hanging Neck Island, so that he could utilize its properties as a weapon. There was nothing he could have done to get Genshin to stop his agenda. So, as a part of his penance, Genshin will have to grow up again, from the beginning. Already, he has reached toddler age, and over the course of a year, Genshin will mature into an adult. Whether or not this punishment will help his son in the long run, Ranma could not guess. But at least, he'll get a second chance. And hopefully, if things go well in Yusuke's fight with Toguro, maybe Genkai will get a second chance at happiness as well, since, even if Toguro loses and dies, Usagi's deal with Lucifer will force Toguro into becoming a "Demon Knight", a warrior whose job is to hunt down escapees from Hell. At least then, Toguro will be forced to earn his piece, rather than simply allow him self to be punished for his foolish pride.

"Ranma?" Usagi says, as she leans on her husband's shoulder. She doesn't know how the future will unfold; she does hope to use what she has learned as a member of Starfleet to make a better future.

"Yes, Usagi?"

"I love you."

Ranma puts his arms around his wife. No matter what happens between them, he will always love Usagi.

"I love you, too."