This story is an alternate take on Season Four of the Digimon series, including original characters and modifications to the spirit warriors, among other things. I do not own Digimon or any of its related official characters, however, any and all original characters that appear DO belong to myself, AlkiWizarmon, so ask permission before you use them. I am also not making any money from this fiction, so please don't sue me as I would be unable to pay whatever the judge decides to fine, thank you. :p

Alchemy in the Digital World
The Ten Ancient Warriors surrounded Lucemon, the child-like angel with strength rivalling some Megas.
He had been defeated, and the cost had been a great deal of energy from the warriors. But defeated doesn't mean deleted. "Give up now, Lucemon, or seal your fate." the growling voice of AncientGreymon states.

Alchemy in the Digital World

"Never." the fallen angel responded instantly. "Then you will suffer for eternity." responded the metalic voice of AncientWisemon, a book snapping shut in his hands and vanishing. "I have just foreseen the endings to this battle. You will not survive save but one of them."

Despite the pain coursing through his body, Lucemon managed a grin anyway, an knowing smirk. "You are wrong there." he replied. "I have wrote it in the Akashic Records." AncientWisemon responded evenly. As per his role, Lucemons grin faded, and he resisted raising his head up to look into the eyes of the warrior, for it would have revealed the glee he felt.

"Enough." the commanding tone of AncientGarurumon ordered, stepping forward, sword-hands twitching in aggitation. "Prepare yourself." he stated.

Around Lucemon each of the others likewise prepared, save for AncientWisemon. His role was finished, he had wrote things as they were meant to be. AncientVolcamon turned his back to the fallen angel, while AncientBeetlemon lifted his left arm. The armor of AncientGreymon shifted in preperation, while AncientKazemon raised her rapier. AncientMegatheriumons fur bristled, and AncientMermaimon pointing her trident, as AncientSphinxmon reared up onto his hind legs, and AncientTroiamons cannons began to take on a yellow glow in the back of each.

"Goodbye, Lucemon!" the voice of AncientGreymon roared, followed up by his and the others attacks.

Lucemon thrust his arms up and out to the sides as they did.

"Supernova!" the volcano atop AncientVolcamons back released an concentraited but mighty-powerful explosion. "Surprise Cannon!" AncientTroiamon leapt in the air and shot from every cannon downward. "Dark Blast!" AncientSphinxmon ordered and slammed his paws down, releasing a burst of dark energy gathered.

"Crystal Billow!" water flooded forth from a nearby ocean and became crystals, guided by AncientMermaimons trident. "Great Snow Blow!" AncientMegatheriumons fur launched daggars of ice. "Rainbow Symphony!" AncientKazemons rapier shot a blast of rainbow colored energy.

"Terra Blaster!" a beam of destuctive energy soared from AncientBeetlemons outstretched arm. "Omega Corona!" a large burst of firey energy erupted from the armor lining AncientGreymons body. "Absolute Zero!" a blue ball of energy shot from AncientGarurumons mouth.

The attacks were mere centimeters from the fallen angels skin when Lucemon clasped his hands together before him, as though in prayer, entrapping the multiple energys within somehow with binding magic. A blinding light leaked out of cracks from his hands and temporarily blinded his enemys.

"What is this!?" "Ugh!" "My eyes!" crys of distress echoed from the Ancient Warriors, as Lucemon lowered his hands. A clear, crimson-red stone shown in his hands. Instantly the fallen angel felt his energy being restored. Cold fury burned to life in his eyes as he lifted his head and turned to look at one Ancient Warrior after another, feeling contempt and annoyance now. "You served your purposes well, little drones. Now begone from the masters sight!" he leaped far into the air overhead and his twelve wings carried him the rest of the way.

"Burning insects, unworthy to challenge me.. Grand Cross!!" with the red stone still clasped in one hand, he generated what would have usally been a small ball, but was now quite large, of the solar system in the grand cross position.

"Where are you!" howled AncientGarurumon, blindly trying to sense his foe. The ball held as it was for perhaps a moment or two more as Lucemon savored watching the ten so called warriors, twisting around below trying to find him.

A small portion of his energy and, to be on the safe-side, data was siphoned off into the crimson stone, just a little of his pride leaking into it. Then the ball shot down, connecting in the center of the ten. With an explosion of untold magnitude, a backlash of wind sent the fallen angel end over end through the air, and the grip he held over the stone was lost. "NO!" he cried out as he attempted to right his body and catch it...

But the wind was strong from the explosion, and the stone very light where as he was far heavier. It flew further and further away and finally splashed down into the ocean where AncientMermaimon had summoned her attack. By the time Lucemon was able to recover, not only had the remains of the Ancient Warriors data been scattered across the winds, taking with it the soon to be processed Spirits, but he had lost the one item that made everything worth it.. the Philosophers Stone.

A/N: This story will have influences by Full Metal Alchemists form of Alchemy, slightly tweaked. I also wrote all chapters in one giant wordpad file, thus some chapters will be shorter then others and the length varys.