The first thing I noticed when I woke up, was that I was higher than I usually am, warmer than I usually am and much more unco

Hey everyone. First – thanks for looking at this story. Second – this is replacing a pretty crappy oneshot I did with the same title a couple of months ago. This will be a continuing story, not a oneshot, and please tell me what you think because I haven't written MR stories before and I want to see what people think! Thanks heaps, and please, read on!

The first thing I noticed when I woke up, was that I was higher than I usually am, warmer than I usually am and much more uncomfortable that I usually am. With a groan I punched the mattress and pillows beneath me, trying to force them into a more comfortable position. They didn't budge. I punched harder. No movement. Infuriated, I opened my eyes and started punching the life out of the mattress, more out of my annoyance than actually getting anywhere to being comfortable. Suddenly, I heard a moan from beneath me. Ahah!! An Eraser!! I tried to punch harder but found I couldn't. I looked at my wrists and found… handcuffs?? Why was I handcuffed to a frickin' Eraser that I couldn't even frickin' see?? Wait a minute…

"Fang??" I looked down again to see a handsome teenaged guy staring fearfully and slightly confusedly back up at me. His chocolate brown locks flopped in his eyes, of the exact same beautiful hue, and he shook his head to get them away. Dammit. I'd forgotten his cool ability to basically disappear…

"Max? Er… What did I do?? Um… Sorry?" But I wasn't listening, too surprised that Fang wasn't in fact an Eraser. I sighed in relief and flopped back down to bed. Before I remembered Fang was there. And I was lying on top of him. And our noses were practically touching. I was equally aware of my scantily clad breasts pushing into his bare chest. He tried to look at me in the eyes but only succeeded in becoming cutely cross-eyed. He frowned at his failure. Suddenly it was all to much. I burst out laughing at this guy, cross-eyed and frowning beneath me. I giggled and chortled and chuckled until suddenly I realised my embarrassment and stopped.

"Hey Fang."

"Hey Max." I held up our handcuffed wrists.

"Did you do this?" He looked up and frowned.

"Nope." Huh.

"Well. Ok then. I see."

"What do we do now?" I shrugged. Then brightened.

"Let's get up and see if we can walk!!" He grinned.

"Why not?"

We soon discovered our legs were also handcuffed (legcuffed?) together. Huh.

"Ok." I said with my leader voice. Then sighed. "Ok, I have no plan."

"I do!" Fang piped up. I glared at him. "Ok." he said. "On the count of three, move your right leg off the bed. Ok?" I nodded. "Ok, 1, ARGH!!" Just as he said, I had moved my leg on the count of three, which really meant the count of one. But he hadn't and we had promptly fallen off the bed. Now we were in the exact same position, but on the floor.

"Why didn't you move, you nimrod?" I half shrieked. "Now we're stuck here!!"

"Well, why did you move!! I said count of three not count of one!!" he yelled back.

"Count of three always means count of one, idiot!!"

"Says who!" he challenged.

"Says me!"

"You can't say that!! Someone else has to!"

"Oh really? Well I just DID!! So HA! You fail!!"

"I never fail!!"

"You did just then!!"

"You lie!!"

"No I don't, you lie!!"

"I hate you." I gasped.

"Woah! Hold it right there mister!! You're not allowed to hate me!!" He raised an eyebrow as if saying who's-gunna-stop-me-huh?-punk.

"I'll kiss you if you love me!" He frowned for a minute…

"Er… I love you?"

"Ahah!! Yes!!" I pushed my mouth firmly to his and our lips moulded against each other like liquid jelly in a glass jelly mould… Mmmm yummy. Jelly. I paused to take a breath and Fang stuck his tongue in my mouth. Mmm…. even more yummy than jelly… My tongue joined his and we kissed lovingly and continuously until…

A high-pitched voice sounded, giggling, "Our lips moulded like liquid jelly in a jelly mould?? Surely you can think of a better simile than that, Max!"

Ok, that's it chapter 1! Please tell me what you think, constructive criticism and all that. Thanks guys!