Summary : Ziva is in excruciating pain... And Gibbs has to help her through it... But will he be willing to help when she asks for the most unexpected thing... Giva / Zibbs Story. Enjoy!

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Ziva got into the passenger side of the sedan relieved to be sitting. The pain that had been niggling her for the last few days had suddenly turned into a raging inferno and she wasn't sure how she'd made it to the car without the rest of the team noticing.

Taking a few deep breaths she tried to get the pain under control. But it wasn't working. And she didn't have any pain killers with her. She wrapped her hand around her waist and pressing down onto her side. The pain was sharp, pulsating and shooting from her front to her back in agonizing waves.

What's wrong with me!

Ziva could handle being shot, stabbed or physically attacked. But being ill and facing an unknown foe tended to freak her out.

She heard the driver's door open and straightened up. She schooled her features and looked straight ahead. The last thing she needed was Gibbs to see her like this, especially when she continuously tried to convince him and the rest of the world that she was invincible.

She felt his gaze as he started the car.

"David, something you want to tell me?"

"No." Ziva replied.

Yes, my insides are being ripped apart and I'm trying very hard not to throw up. Oh and while we're on the subject, I've been infatuated with you for the longest time and my fantasies about you are starting to drive me crazy. But first things first, this pain's killing me!

Gibbs drove the way he always did, taking corners sharply and braking suddenly. Ziva normally enjoyed his driving because it was so much like hers, but not today and not now.

Bile rushed up her throat and the pain in her side got worse, much, much worse.

"Argh!" A cry of pain escaped her clenched teeth.

"Ziva?" Gibbs looked at her sharply.

"Pull over, now." Ziva gasped, one hand clutching her side the other covering her mouth.

Gibbs swerved into the extreme right lane, causing a number of drivers to hoot at him in anger. The minute the car came to a stop Ziva rushed out of her seat, collapsed on her knees and proceeded to retch.

Gibbs was next to her in a flash. He held her hair out of the way as she gagged and vomited some more. She would have enjoyed his touch had she not been as sick as a dog. Gibbs' hand brushed her forehead and he gasped.

"You're burning up! Is there something you want to tell me now?" he demanded.

"Argh!" Ziva moaned, doubling over in pain.

"Come on." Gibbs' voice changed from one of anger to one of concern. Ziva let him wipe her mouth and help her into the car, into the back seat. She lay on her side, tears sparkling in her eyes. Her legs were drawn up to her chest and she couldn't hold back a moan. Besides, it was too late to pretend that everything was okay.

Gibbs caressed her head and said, "Easy Ziva. I'm taking you to the Emergency Room."

Then he was back in the driver's seat, speeding towards Bethesda.

Ziva rolled on the back seat, the pain spiraling out of control.

Hurry Gibbs… She prayed.


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