This is a fan fiction on the Loveless series. All rights go to Yun Kouga the creator. I make no profit from this, and do not claim rights over any of the characters. Please enjoy…

This is a fan fiction about Ritsuka losing his ears when he was raped. The surprising part is who he lost his ears to, and what will Soubi do when he finds out. Hope you like it!

I have a key to my stories. Things in bold are my words. Italic words are thoughts people are thinking. If it's not known whose thinking it I'll explain.


Ristsuka got up that morning having not slept at all. He had to get up early, he had to get to the store to buy himself a pair of those fake ears and a tail. Ritsuka could not believe this had happened. He couldn't believe he had lost his ears at thirteen years old, and he knew his mother would flip is she found out. Ritsuka looked over at his bed, where it had all taken place. The rope that had been used to tie him down was on the floor. He looked down at his wrists. The rope burn there was clearly visible. Rituska put his the bed sheets in his closet and replaced them with new. He pushed the rope under his bed and then he turned away from the scene unable to look at it any longer.

He hurried and climbed down from the balcony (Soubi's usual entrance) he had to hold his breath as he realized that and landed to his feet. He put his hood up and zipped the zipper closed all the way to the top. Ritsuka knew you could buy fake ears and stuff, but he didn't have a clue where. He headed off to find it.

Soubi took a long drag on his cigarette as he made the last few strokes with his brush, "Here Kio, I'm finished."

Kio yawned carefully taking the painting from Soubi. He made sure to touch the parts that were already dry, "Why do we have to paint this early?"

"Because I want to spend the rest of the day with Risuka and I don't need you calling me and complaining that I'm not doing my work. So I'm doing it early," Soubi said.

"Yea but, it's like really early. Most people aren't even up yet, it's not even time for the grade school kids to be in class!"

Soubi didn't answer this as he reached for a new canvas. Kio laughed, "Who am I to complain, as long as you get your work done. I suppose I can always sleep this afternoon when you go to meet Ritsuka after school."

Soubi smiled looking forward to seeing Ritsuka again, for the last week the two had been so busy that they were not able to see each other once. Though they still spoke on the phone, but it wasn't nearly the same as seeing Ritsuka with his own eyes.

Ritsuka hurried down road after road, and had to step to the side to allow two Americans nuns to pass him. Both were old with white hair, and...white ears...he suddenly began to miss his own.

At last he found the store, and he entered it quickly. It was near deserted. A young woman stood at the counter. She was tall with pink hair and large boobs. She could have easily passed for Yuiko's older sister. She was popping bubbles with her bubble gum when Ritsuka came in. She looked up only for a second to see who it was who had come in before she turned to look back down at the manga she had in her hands.

Ritsuka went over to the bin, grabbed to ears and a tail (that matched his color) and took them to the front counter. The woman looked up scanned the items and told Ristsuka the price, and Ritsuka gratefully paid it.

"What happened?" she asked jokingly as he put them on. "Did it with your girlfriend and don't want your parents to find out?"

"No," he answered simply.

"No reason to be ashamed," she said as she reached up an un-clipped one of her pink ears from her hair. "See! I got fake ones too!"

"I have to go," Ritsuka said after he made sure they looked alright, and then he rushed out of the shop to hurry off to school. The girl watched him leave before re-clipping the fake ear into her hair and returning to her manga.

Ritsuka walked into class on time and sat down in his seat. He looked around no one seemed to notice that the ears he was wearing were fake.

"Hi Ritsuka kun!" Yuiko said sitting next to him. She had purposely requested that seat at the beginning of the school year a few months ago. She had insisted because she had sat beside him last year, and she didn't care if they had a new class, and a new teacher. She wanted her old seat, the one beside Ritsuka.

The teacher came in and told everyone to sit down. Yuiko did, and he began their lesson for the day. Ritsuka wasn't listening, how could he after last night. No one would blame him for being distracted. He was sure Soubi would wait for him at the entrance to the school, so he would sneak out the back. Ritsuka didn't want to see Soubi again until he had figured out the best way to dump him.

Yuiko seemed to know something was wrong and she passed him a note asking: are you ok?

He picked up his pen and wrote: I'm fine.

He handed the note back to her and she looked at him disbelievingly but nodded and left it at that. He was glad. He didn't feel like telling anyone he had lost his ears just yet, especially not Yuiko.

When class let out Yuiko immediatly headed for the front entrance while Ritsuka kun slipped out the back without her notice.

Soubi looked up when he saw Yuiko coming. He smiled and waved. So did she. "Hi Soubi!" she said. She seemed in high spirits today, but then again she was always like that.

"Hello," he answered. He looked up. "Where's Ritsuka?"

She spun around. "How strange, he was right behind me...I thought he was..."

"I'll call him," Soubi said. He took out his phone and dialed Ritsuka's number.

Ritsuka looked down at his phone when it began ringing. He knew what that blinking light meant. It was Soubi. He sighed, he remembered all the times Soubi had failed to pick up the phone. He shook his head. "No," he sighed. "Not this time Soubi." He hit ignore the call, and then went to his phone book. He had never looked at Soubi's number to see what it was. Soubi's number had been programed into the phone, so all he had to do was go to Soubi's name. He didn't look at the number this time, even as he deleted Soubi's number from the phone entirely.

This is my second fanfic about Ristsuka. The first was called "If Ritsuka had been a girl," the title explains the plot. If you think you would like to read it check it out.

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