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This is a fan fiction about Ritsuka losing his ears when he was raped. The surprising part is who he lost his ears to, and what will Soubi do when he finds out. Hope you like it!

This is my second fanfic about Ritsuka. The first was called "I now pronounce you Sacrifice and Fighter Unit," about if Ritsuka had bee a girl. I've changed the title since previous chapters so they're wrong.

I have a key to my stories. Things in bold are my words. Italic words are thoughts people are thinking. If it's not known whose thinking it I'll explain.


"What's a matter son? Did you lose something?" his father asked.

Ritsuka looked up at him, he had not seen this man in…months, and when he had it was for probably only ten minutes.

Ritsuka looked back down the road. "I think…I did."

"Well, it doesn't matter," his father said. "We have a lot to talk about."

His father led the way inside and the two of them sat down in the living room. His father, who did not seem capable of remaining seated got up and began to pace the room.

"Alright, your mother has had some sort of break down," he said. "I certainly can't come home to stay with you, and you're too young to stay by yourself."

"No I'm not," Ritsuka said.

"Yes you are, now just listen to me. You're too young to stay alone by yourself, so you're going to finish out the remainder of your semester at school, and then you will go to a boarding school."

"A boarding school?" Ritsuka repeated.

"Yes, I can't keep an eye on you here. I make enough money, I can afford it. I'll give you a credit card, and you'll use that for all your expenses, though don't go buying useless junk. I'll know the bill comes to me."

"Why can't I go to my school?" Ritsuka asked.

"Because I can't have you staying home alone that's why. Look, Ritsuka. I'm not good with kids," he said.

"That's obvious," he remarked. He had not meant for his words to be as rude as they had sounded.

"Anyway, that's what's going to happen," he said. "Now, uh…I have a meeting via video phone to attend. So why don't you go play with some of your little friends. Dinner will be at six, I'm cooking, no promises on taste."

"Uh…what about Mom?"

"What about her?"

"When is she coming home?"

"Not for a long time, if at all," his father said sadly. He knew his father loved them. His wife, and his son, he just didn't know how to show it.

Ritsuka got to his feet; he figured he could go back and see Soubi. Perhaps talk to him. Convince him to stay.

He left the house looking around wishing Soubi had still been there. Though he wasn't, it didn't take him long to get back to Soubi's house.

The door was unlocked so he went right in. Kio was asleep on the sofa, cliker still in hand. He looked down. The suitcases were gone.

"Kio! Soubi left already!" he said.

Though Kio didn't move. Ritsuka turned to leave, but found a note to Kio taped to the door.

Dear Kio,

I'm giving my apartment to you if you want it. Should I ever come back I'll buy an new one. There is an envelope by the tv, it has enough money in it to get you a new car. Again, sorry about your old one, don't wait up for me. I probably won't be back any time soon. If I'm ever in town again, I'll look you up, and we can have a drink together.

If Ritsuka comes, I'm sorry.



Ritsuka stared down at the letter. A whole paragraph for Kio, and two words for Ritsuka…I'm sorry.

No way, Ritsuka wasn't going to let it end like this! He dropped the letter and rand down the steps as fast as he could. He knew how to get to the airport from here, it was just getting there quickly that was the problem. As he was running a car pulled up beside him and Yuiko peeked her head through the window.

"Hi Ritsuka-kun!" she said.

"Yuiko! Perfect! Can I get a ride?"

Yuiko looked up at the woman driving. She too had pink hair and eyes, though the woman's hair was long. It had to have been Yuiko's mother.

"Sure, where to?"

"The airport!" Ritsuka said as he climbed in.

"Are you running away Ritsuka-kun?" Yuiko said turning around in her seat to look at him.

"No, it's Soubi he's leaving."

"What!? Why?" Yuiko asked.

"I don't know why, let's just go!"

"Please put on your seat belt sweet heart," said Yuiko's mother innocently.

Impatiently Ritsuka buckled himself in, and instantly Yuiko's mother floored it! She began zooming around car after car, and running red lights. He wanted to get there fast, but he didn't want to die in the process!

"Hawatari-san! Could you slow down a bit!" Ritsuka called from the back seat.

She suddenly slammed on the breaks and they came to a complete stop.

"I'm sorry sweetie I thought you wanted to get there quickly," she said.

"Uh, yes Hawatari-san. Though, you could go just slightly quicker than normal! Not, that fast."

"Okay sweetie," she said starting the car again and going down the road. "You were right Yuiko-chan, he is a cutie!"

"Mom!" Yuiko gasped her face going red.

The car pulled up outside the airport, and Ritsuka jumped out of the car closing the door behind him. "Thank you Hawatari-san! Bye Yuiko!" he called back as he took off.

The airport was packed with people, and he wasn't sure where to begin looking. He went up one escalator and then down another, and ended up at on side of the airport, only to find himself at the other ten minutes later. He tried following the signs, only there were a lot leaving for America today, and they were all going to different parts of America too.

Finally tired, Ritsuka collapsed into a chair. Feeling sure that Soubi must have already gone when…

"Ritsuka? What are you doing here?" Soubi asked a bit surprised.

Ritsuka looked up, getting to his feet. "YOU JERK!" he said so loud that the people around them turned.

"What's wrong Ritsuka?"

"What's wrong?" he couldn't believe Soubi had to ask. "What's wrong is you Soubi! First you kiss me, and then you leave. I end up back at Kio's reading that you told him to apologize to me for you! If you did something wrong, I would think you could be a big enough man to apologize to me your—"

Again Soubi wrapped his arm around him pulling him close and kissing him. The same pleasuring weakness feeling swept through Ritsuka, but he wasn't going to give into it this time. He pulled away looking furious.

"I'm sorry," Soubi said.

The fury melted from Ritsuka's face at those words. "For what Soubi? Tell me what's going on."

Sighing he released Ritsuka and sat down in one of the seats. Ritsuka sat beside him. "I'm sorry because I have to go away. I've been reassigned."

"What dose that mean?"

"I am a blank fighter unit Ritsuka, do you know what that means?"

"No," he answered truthfully.

"It means…that when a Sacrifice, looses their partner I go to them. They write their name upon my skin, and I become their fighter unit. Seimei was a child when I first met him. He hadn't lost his Fighter, but he wanted someone to practice with until he found that person. When Seimei died, he gave me to you, but, when my partner dies I'm supposed to go back to Septimal Moon and await a new partner to be assigned to me. I didn't do that, instead I tried to carry out Seimei's orders and I made you fall in love with me without even thinking the whole situation through. Now, I've been assigned a new Sacrifice and I have to go see who it is."

"Soubi," Ritsuka sighed. "Why couldn't you just be assigned to me?"

"It dosen't work that way," Soubi said. "I don't get to choose, I go where I'm told, and I obey them when I get there."

"Soubi, you're much more than this. You're more to me than just my fighter unit, you're my lover," he said.

"Which I forced upon you," Soubi said.


"Let's face it Ritsuka, had I not been hitting on you, had I not tried to kiss and seduce you every possible chance…you would not have fallen in love with me."

Those words were true enough, sure. Though, he was glad for them.

"Soubi," Ritsuka said. "I'm glad I fell in love with you."

The PA system announced a flight number and stated it would be leaving for America in five minutes, and that all passengers should get on board. Unfortunately, it was Soubi's plane.

Soubi stood up, and so did Ritsuka. "Please Soubi," Ritsuka begged. "You don't have to go! You can stay here! With me…"

Soubi bent down looking into Ritsuka's eyes. "Listen to me, one of these days you'll find Loveless's fighter unit, and you will be far happier with him or her than you could ever be with me."

Ritsuka felt like he was about to cry, and Soubi reached his hand up moving Ritsuka's bangs aside. Softly he kissed Ritsuka's forehead. He might as well have stomped on his foot for all the good it did. It only made his tears begin to fall.

"I'm sorry Ritsuka, but…it's over."


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