Disc.-you know.

She opened the blinds and smiled at the twilight just before dawn. She picked up the white bundle, tied a scarf over her shoulder length hair then headed out. She checked around every corner tiptoeing, but moving fast. Her white clothes blending with the wall perfect. Finally the door came into view and even though her muscles tensed, wanting to move, she held herself at bay.

A figure shuffled into view. His cane clicked sharply on the floor in the morning stillness. It usually took Mr.Yue five minutes just to get to the door, though his record for longest time spent hobbling out was ten minutes. She hated to waiting for him, but on mornings like this she couldn't help but run a few minutes late. Finally--the old man made it out the door for his morning walk. She flew across the hallway, pulled the door open with a quick fluid motion, slipped through to the other side and shut and locked the door. She let go of the breath she'd held in as she had been moving and placed the bundle on the white machine.

"All this for laundry day." Naruto grunted. She had always known it would get harder as she grew older, boys and girls are, well, different, but it was starting to get ridiculous. Finally in a team, finally going on real missions, but living as a boy was getting harder and harder and creating more challenges for her. At least her baggy clothing helped keep her shape hidden.

In all truth, Naruto was starting to wonder how much longer she would be able to keep up the charade. Acting like a boy was easy enough; be loud, hot tempered and messy, but in her apartment she was really tidy. She wanted to take really good care of the little amount of things she had. Then if she sensed anyone approaching she was sure to through a few things around, but there was one case that she should have been more careful on. The day of doom, as Naruto liked to call it, when she was held up in the bathroom for the hole day on account of some expired milk, they really needed to put more of a warning on those boxes, and right when she was going to knock that baka Sasuke down another notch of his pedestal of "greatness".

While her clothes were in the washer she started to fix her hair, if cutting your own hair in a mirror was a sport, Naruto would be the champion, but she hadn't bothered to cut it lately. When she found out the reason for her being a guy--she resented it and was starting to let her hair grow just a little longer. Now her hair was just touching her shoulders if she let it dry before putting her headband on. In all truth there was a reason she was doing this her birthday was the next day and with it always came a festival and while normally that meant run for the hills this year she was determined to go. She had very carefully gone into stores disguised as Sakura, who happened to be at home, and gotten make-up with the store clerks help.

When the washer stopped moving she switched the load over an looking in the mirror to check her hair, she couldn't afford to have a bad hair day, even though everyday seemed to be that way, boys should be messy she reminded herself as she pull a few strands to make it look messier. She was almost ready for the day so her mind wandered off again to how she had gone into a hair supply store as Ino and gotten dark brown hair dye. Naruto smiled, remembering the close call when she had almost ran into the girls she was disguised as.

The drier buzzed making her jump. With a sigh she cursed the drier no matter how much she prepared herself it always got her. Wrapping her clothes up tightly in the white cloth, she unlocked the door and went out into the hall. Naruto could have never expected what was on the other side of the door, there in the hallway looking at the mailboxes was Uchiha Sasuke. Putting her bundle in front of her, Naruto tried to sneak past him.

"Ah, excuse me, do you know what apartment Uzumaki Naruto is in?" the blacked haired boy asked.

"No." she said, trying to use a deeper voice than her normal boyish voice, but it came out sounding the same.

"Naruto? I can't believe you are already up." the boy stated, then shoved the bundle down so it didn't cover her face anymore, she smiled glad she had already fixed her hair.

"Um. . . laundry?"

"Kakashi wants to meet with us." he said then turned and walked away.

"Right, I'll be right there." Naruto called after the non-listening Uchiha. "Oh, good morning, Naruto, nice day, don't you agree?" she said in mocking voice trying to make up for the lost conversation. "Why, yes, Sasuke, it is lovely." she continued, nodding her head. "Is it really that hard." she mumbled, then stomped up to her room all the while, mumbling about how lame the Uchiha really was despite all he thought about himself. She would rather be the clown any day then be an Uchiha.

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