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A few miles south of Albuquerque, in the dim light of the moon as it filtered through the thick canopy of trees, an unusually large wolf was sleeping. The wolf was, in fact, a werewolf named Jacob Black from the Reservation of La Push – but he had given up his human form almost a month ago, with only a short exception to attend a wedding.

He was a lonely creature, by now. His emotions and thoughts were warped, as unfamiliar as they were familiar. He kept Jacob Black out of his mind as often as he could, giving himself over to his wolf form; but Jacob Black was persistent. He reared his head inside the wolf's dreams while he slept.

The wolf was weak; his nights were seldom spent in the comfy and reassuring bosom of unconsciousness. He was not the first werewolf to choose this form over the other – though, those before him had chosen their wolf form simply because they were free; not for many other reasons. There weren't many exceptions.

Jacob Black was an exception. Jacob Black had chosen this form because the girl he loved more than anything existing in the world – though, she was not his imprint – was getting married to his mortal enemy, a vampire. It did not help that said vampire was the one being he hated more than anything existing in the world.

Bella loved Jacob too. This was a small consolation for Jacob when she still chose her vampire sweetheart Edward over him. It was an even smaller consolation considering the fact that Bella was giving up her barely-begun life to stop her heart, to crystallize her limbs into cold, hard stone, and to become immortal so that she could spend forever with Edward. And as if this was not enough of a punch that she was to give up her family, her friends, her life, for him...Bella had cheated on Edward with his blond-haired brother.

She loved Jacob, but she'd chosen someone completely out of the triangle to sleep with.

And Jacob had listened to her screaming out his name as he circled their house.

Jacob had been in his wolf form when this happened, and the sound plagued him still, along with Bella's cries after the wedding as she pounded her tiny fists against Jacob's warm chest, screaming in her emotional pain.

Jacob knew he would die. He'd given his heart to Bella, but she couldn't give anything in return. Jacob would rather die of his own accord – to succumb to his animal form – rather than die by the hands of Edward and his family. Or old age. That would be just as bad, knowing Bella was an immortal eighteen year old, a stranger, while he wasted away, unloved by anyone.

The wolf wasn't sleeping peacefully under the night sky as you would have imagined when looking at him. Jacob was rattling his cage inside the wolf's head, and the wolf was plagued by another nightmare.

It was somehow different from the others he had experienced in the past few weeks. He wasn't tearing Bella apart, he wasn't unable to reach her as she was dragged away by the leeches, no.

Bella was in a meadow. Jacob had been in this meadow with her before...or one similar, in his wolf form, while he attacked a leech with his pack. The wolf grumbled in recognition.

Bella was in the meadow, with Edward and the leader, Carlisle. "Are you sure, Bella?" Edward asked, one more time. "I'm sure, Edward. I love you." Bella's voice was surprisingly steady. Carlisle was injecting a needle into Bella's arm – morphine. Bella was ending the conversation - "I won't forget, Edward."

Jacob, watching the scene with the wolf, sobbed. He'd tried to get away from this pain – he regretted succumbing to this nightmare.

"Okay, Edward. Are you prepared?" The leader asked. Edward nodded uncertainly.

Jacob and the wolf growled. The leech was going to turn her into one of them!

Bella was exasperated, but the drugs were beginning to take effect. She was numbing, preparing for the three long days of pain. She smiled at Edward before closing her eyes. She would most likely stay this way until the pain started, ripping her from unconsciousness.

Edward nodded to encouragement from his father – though it was a thought. Edward could read minds. He brushed Bella's hair from her neck, and slowly pressed his mouth to her beautiful skin.

He bit down hard, helping the venom spread. He didn't lose control.

"I'm so sorry, Bella." He whispered against her skin, but she couldn't hear him. Not yet.

He relinquished his hold on her neck, and took her hand in his, before biting her at her wrist.

He seemed disgusted by himself – this pleased Jacob, a little. It wasn't any consolation, considering Bella was dying in front of his eyes. And he couldn't stop it.

Edward bit her other wrist, before biting the other side of her neck. She was still quiet, but her heart was beating frantically, as if it knew this was it's last stand.

Edward picked Bella up, and cradled her in his arms. He suddenly looked up, and growled. Carlisle was up on his feet in a crouch, too. Bella began stirring, and Edward turned his attention to her.

"Edward?" She groaned. "It hurts, Edward."

"I know, Bella, I'm so sorry."

"It hurts, Edward!" She was gradually growing louder, her eyelids fluttering, but never opening.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. It'll be all over soon." He lied.

"It hurts! No, Edward, stop it! Stop the fire, Edward!" She screamed, her brown eyes fluttering open as she writhed around. She was becoming a vampire.

A shadow began looming over them, dark and sinister. Carlisle was no where to be found.

Her unfocused eyes locked upon something as she screamed frantically, sobbing by now.

Suddenly, her screams alighted a new word, that made Jacob leap for joy, and sob in despair. "Jacob!"

The wolf awoke, again, howling. He shuddered. Jacob was in full control, now. He phased back to his human form for the first time in so long, the sensation of being human unfamiliar.

He spoke to no one – to the trees, to the sky – because he was decided. His voice was hoarse from disuse, but it was sure.

"I'm going to save Bella."