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This chapter was painful to write. The gore may not be pleasant to some more so than others, I believe. The next chapter of Superbia will be uploaded moments after this, but this is why you must read Disturbia first, so that you are prepared.

I'm sorry.

"Give Bella some more morphine," Edward was murmuring to his Leader. Bella was slumped on the floor, her eyelids flickering violently.

Jacob wondered why neither of the vampires had smelt or heard him approaching...

Don't do this, Jacob.

The Alpha.


I have to, Sam. She's all I have. Leave now, you don't want to see this.

I want to make sure you're okay, Jacob.

I meant that I didn't want you to see this. I was being polite.

Leave, Jacob.

No. Alpha blood began running through Jacob's veins as he ordered Sam mentally to leave him alone, and Sam recognized this, whining and phasing back to his human form.

Jacob did not hold on to the victory.

He phased back to his human form, tugging his shorts on quickly.

Edward stiffened, and Carlisle stepped forward into an offensive crouch. The gesture was unusual – Jacob had always seen Carlisle as the most human of the undead.

But then, Bella stirred.

Jacob's heart strings tugged painfully, and his chest contracted. He could not breathe.

"Edward?" She groaned. "It hurts, Edward."

"I know, Bella, I'm so sorry." The pain in Edward's voice mirrored Jacob's.

"It hurts, Edward!" She was gradually growing louder, her eyelids fluttering, but never opening.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. It'll be all over soon." He lied.

"It hurts! No, Edward, stop it! Stop the fire, Edward!" She screamed, writhing around. Edward pinched the back of her neck.

"Do you smell that?" Edward hissed to Carlisle, Bella slumping against his body in defeat.

"Yes..." Carlisle answered, his eyes wide.

Jacob ran towards them.

"Get out of here, Jacob." Edward growled, taking a defensive position over Bella.

"I'm just here to talk!" He lied – Edward was none the wiser. Edward did not relax his defensive position. "Don't you trust me?" Jacob asked cruelly.

"Sorry, Jacob." Both Edward and Carlisle backed up.

Jacob sat down next to Bella, talking to her quietly under the pretense of saying goodbye...and as quickly as he could possibly manage it, he lowered his lips to the wound, to suck the venom back out.

But his body was torn away from Bella's in a flash.

"What are you doing mongrel?!" Edward shouted.

Bella's eyes flickered open, pain beginning to sink once again into her limbs. "Jacob!" She cried, upon seeing him.

Jacob phased back into his wolf form, not caring about the clothes that had just ripped into pieces.

The pain was beginning to have effect on Bella, and she groaned. "Jacob," she moaned. "It hurts!"

Jacob growled in response, launching himself at Edward. As much as he hoped it would be, it was not a fair fight.

"STOP FIGHTING!" Bella screamed. Carlisle had run away to get help.

Bella flailed her limbs, her face screwing up as her body contorted in pain. She begged again, sobbing. "Stop fighting! Oh, please. Just stop it, just...AARGH!"

Jacob swiped at Edward again, his claws raking Edward's granite skin. But Edward was quicker than him. He held Jacob's leg in his hand...

And pulled.

Sinew, muscle and bone ripped apart, blood gushing from the spot where Jacob's leg should have been.

Bella screamed again.

Jacob let out a howl of pain as Edward tugged at his fur and ripped the skin of his back, exposing his insides.

Bella cried. "NO!" But her protest was strangled, her throat raw as the fire ravaged her.

Jacob knew he was going to die, now. He was hurting more than he could think possible, but it was not the pain from his wounds, though those were the most painful he had ever experienced.

Bella was dying.

And Jacob's pitiful attempt at sucking away the vampire's venom was not successful. She was becoming a vampire, whether he liked it or not. And he did not like it. He would rather die than live to see her becoming one of them.

And as Jacob wished, Edward sunk his teeth into his neck. Poisoning him.

Bella cried out again, not understanding the scene before her. Everything was happening so fast. She had felt his hot lips at her neck, a new, hotter than fire liquid spreading into her, and then heard the silent phasing of the werewolf. Blood was strewn all over the clearing, Jacob was howling in pain, his body mangled beyond belief. It was worse than any gory horror movie, but Bella could not close her eyes.

Edward, not satisfied with just tearing Jacob's legs away and poisoning him, was enjoying the feel of tearing his worst enemy's body up with his hands. Jacob let out one low howl, and then Edward held his hand around the limp wolf's neck. And pulled.

"JACOB! NO! Not my Jacob, not my Jacob!" Bella howled, the suddenly human head of her best friend rolling towards her. "NO!"

Carlisle appeared with Emmett and Jasper, running into the clearing to see Edward tearing away at the disfigured body of the boy.

Carlisle ran to Bella, who was crying in emotional and physical pain.

"Take the head away, Emmett." Jasper murmured. "It's hurting her worse."

Jasper ran to Bella, who was writhing, screaming and sobbing on the floor.

"What's happening?" Jasper joining her sobs, unable to believe his love was in such a horrendous state.

"It's the werewolf saliva, I think." Carlisle said gravely.

"This is how she loses her memory?" Jasper gasped.

"I'm sorry, son." Carlisle bowed his head.

"We should move her." Edward murmured, still tearing at Jacob Black's body, like he had wanted to do since the boy had laid eyes on his Bella.

Jasper picked the writhing Bella up in his arms as she screamed. The werewolf saliva was beginning to take effect; she was weakening and was merely sobbing and thrashing.

They ran to another clearing, further away from the previous, and closer to the house they would all live in together. Jasper laid Bella down on the soft grass, sobbing with her as she began to sink away into a sleep that she would not wake up from.

An eternal sleep.

He pressed his lips to hers, sobbing again, before running away.

Carlisle stood next to his newest daughter, running his hand through his hair. He didn't think things could get any worse.

Bella's right arm was strewn above her head, her eyelids flickering, her eyeballs jerking as though she were dreaming vividly. Her chocolate brown hair covered the right side of her face. Carlisle brushed her hair back, sighing in defeat.

Her mind would soon be blank.