Hey this is just an idea that was swimming in my head for months so I decided to post it up. It all began with Crisis Core and I always wondered why Angeal called Zack a puppy (Well it's obvious from his personality but...) so this fic was born! It's Pregame CC as Zack is still 2nd class and Genesis is still in Shinra so yeah...Well enjoy!

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Zack Puppy!

Zack cursed under his breath as he strode through the corridor towards Hojo's lab with wads of paperwork in his hands. Angeal had given him the task of handing in the paperwork (For God knows what) of various SOLDIER members to Hojo. It was safe to assume that Zack was not too happy with his 'mission'. He was a 2nd Class for crying out loud! Zack wanted nothing more than to become 1st Class. It was his dream to be a hero and being 1st could make him become one. However the way things were going now, Zack was sure it'll take years before a promotion to 1st was in order.

Reaching his destination, he reluctantly entered, wanting nothing more to get in and get out quickly as possible. Zack didn't want to stay with Hojo for too long. He had experience with their last 'meeting' and mind you, it wasn't a pleasant moment. As Zack entered, the professor was nowhere to be seen.

Zack set the paperwork down on a nearby table and decided to snoop around. As much as he hated being here, he'd always wondered what crazy scheme the good professor concocted up next. He walked over to the various pods against the wall and peered into them. The pods opened and of course he wouldn't have the noticed the figure creeping up behind him and knocking him into the pod. The pod immediately closed as Zack turned around, he froze when he saw Hojo grinning back at him. "Hehe you'll make a fine sample" Hojo's voice was muffled in the pod but was still equally annoying. Zack simply just sighed 'Curiosity killed the cat...Let's hope I don't join them...'

Zack came to, his head was pounding severely and he had no idea what had happened (If anything) to him. His eyes fully opened as he recalled the events leading up to him being inside the pod. Smoke obscured his view and he truly wondered what on earth happened. He could hear a voice from outside muffled slightly "What a pity and here I thought the experiment would be successful. Perhaps it was the sample...He wasn't adequate enough."

'Adequate enough! Of course I...' Zack eyes widened as he realized where his trail of thought was leading towards 'Oh, God, no..."

"Well I suppose this sample will have to do for the next one..."

The pod opened and Zack heard footsteps coming towards him. "Gotta get out of here!" Zack ran out as fast as he could, though he found it strange that Hojo was alot bigger than he usually was and the fact he was running with four legs. His dog tag was bigger than usual so he ended up holding it in his mouth.

"Hey get back here!" Hojo chased after Zack but as Zack was shorter than usual he didn't watch where he was going and ended up bumping into a table on his way out. This knocked chemicals together and caused a large explosion as Zack escaped.

Zack looked back and merely blinked. 'He deserves it...'

He was about to turn around and be on his way, when something picked him up. "What do we have here?" Zack recognized the voice and turned to face his mentor and friend, Angeal. He looked carefully at Zack trying to remember why the pup in his arms was so familiar. Zack let his dog tag slip and Angeal examined it.

ZACK FAIR 2nd Class SOLDIER (for now)


Zack tried to respond but no words came out so he merely nodded. Angeal shook his head with a sigh "Something tells me I shouldn't have told you to go to Hojo alone"

Zack huffed at his statement 'Damn right...'

"Well I guess I have to take care of you now," Angeal grinned "Zack Puppy"

Zack cocked his head to the side pondering on Angeal's words, he simply chuckled at Zack's cute expression "You really don't know do you? You're a puppy!"

At that moment Zack focused all his anger in one sentence "Damn you Hojo!" which in Angeal's case resulted in a bark.

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Next Time: Angeal needs help when it comes to taking care of Zack, can he count on his fellow 1st Class SOLDIER for the job?