Dedicated to the true heroes who have labored without regard for recognition or reward, reflecting Christ truly in their lives; written with the inspiration of Jaya Mitai'sAfraid , Kilonji'sNever Much at Goodbye and Tales of the Two, Tarame's Elegiac Memory and Lady Azar de Tameran'sBefore the Fall/Thunderstorms and Frozen Snow drabbleset .

It was noted by several of the older members attending that the official memorial for Ukitake Jyuushiro, Seretei's second Captain-General and former captain of the 13th division, had the largest attendance in recorded history. It was only surpassed by the funeral of Hidekai Saitou, the fourth warlord of the Red Sun regime and the founder of Seretei. It was also noted that Saitou had left orders to bribe and/or threaten at least half the guests into attending, and that his mourners did not face annihilation in the form of hybrid hollows lead by traitor shinigami. Both records were broken the next week when, as mandated by Jyuushiro's will, there was a posthumous bash on the Kuchiki family grounds celebrating Jyuushiro's "Disease Free Day". Complimentary joke-inhalers/breath fresheners and homemade candies were given out to everyone attending while the Shiba clan's fireworks were accused of starting at least six fires. Despite the ongoing war against Aizen, almost half of Soul Society's breweries, wineries and restaurants were shut down in preparation for the massive fete organized by Jyuushiro's seven siblings and the administrative goddess that was Ise Nanao. Fifteen minutes after the official opening time and two minutes into Kotetsu Kiyone's obituary, there wasn't a dry eye on the audience, whether from joy, laughter or sorrow you couldn't tell.

That is, there were none, but eight…

Eight dry, unblinking eyes for four individuals whose lives Jyuushiro's kindness had deeply touched despite their personal tragedies and cold natures.

Hitsugaya Toushiro,

Soi Fong

Kuchiki Rukia and

Kuchiki Byakuya

These are the stories of their lives and how each, without knowing the other, came to know the white haired candy man.