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Chapter Twenty Two


Montgomery, Alabama

September, 2024

It seemed like it happened to somebody else. Like it had been a story he had heard.

Logan was sitting by the computers. Even though Logan had had the new set up for going on three years, it still felt like it was out of place. Like one day he would wake up and be back in Seattle, Max walking through the door demanding to be fed and the last few years being a particularly vivid dream or nightmare.

That was how Logan felt on the good days, on the bad ones it felt like he could wake up back in Manticore… like today.

But then after what had happened last night, Logan felt like at least back there he wouldn't feel as sick to his stomach as he did now.

"That barcode- it's put there to keep track of you… like a brand" Logan hated how the barcode on the back of his neck made him feel every single day. It made him feel like he wasn't a real person… that Manticore would always find a way to control his life. Control Max's. "So when she sees someone like you, eager to be a slave- wearing it, it kills her inside"

And here he was, driving her back to Marrow/ X1 098, the transhuman Lydecker was using to get people who were the most vulnerable, the ones with the all too important right blood type to want to be special. So much so like Rain, they gave their freedom away. "The moment you walk back into that church, you are signing your freedom away"

Rain was still convulsing and she looked at him. "What's so special about being normal? You're special"

"Being normal, is something you can't appreciate until it's gone… but then what would I know- I'm just the idiot who thought he could talk you out of this"

She didn't reply, but pointed to where he should pull up and Logan stopped the car alongside the pavement. "Good luck" he said as Rain reached for the door handle. "You're going to need it"

Logan had waited outside that old, dingy church for hours waiting and hoping that Rain would change her mind. Eventually he had left and been halfway back to the apartment when his cell had rung.

Logan turned the car in a one eighty back the direction he had come from. Rain's friend- Lida, the one who had tipped them off that her friend was in a cult and about Marrow, called to say Rain had called her- all the others except for a guy 'Push' were gone… and she had found the bodies. Lida had called Max, who had called him.

It was typical operating procedure every time Marrow was in a city. Start a group high on his 'special' blood until he drew viable subjects in and terminate everyone but the subjects and hold them until they were retrieved by Manticore and start over.

He just hoped he could save this pair in time.

When Logan arrived back at the church, he walked straight in through the front arch doors. From the altar, Marrow stood, Rain and Push were sitting in the pews- Push going through withdrawal. Manticore wouldn't want their subjects running away on them.

"I told you and the X5 not to come back and I have the back up to make good on my threat" From behind the church altar, the curtains moved and Logan froze in place, scarcely believing his eyes.


Biggs didn't react to his name, in fact the look in his eyes that Logan should have recognized from the first moment was now all too clear. 846 was the one who was alive and he was one of 'them'. Logan could save himself but then Marrow would be able to take Rain and Push in…

846 finally spoke, with none of the humor or anything that sounded like it could be Biggs. "X9 208- you will surrender into custody-"

"No, I won't" Logan said quickly, trying to figure out a way to take 846 down quickly before Marrow turned his attention back on him.

The old wooden arch doors broke as Max drove through them and drove her motorcycle into Marrow sending him into the cross. It broke and sent him to the ground. 846 went to attack Max when Logan ran up next to the altar, using a candle stand against his back like a bat.

Logan grimaced, his entire face felt swollen. They had managed to beat 846… Max had even gotten Marrow to impale himself, putting an end to Lydecker's latest approach and Rain and Push were now on their way to the Mexican border, ready to forget that they had even heard the word 'transgenic'.

It didn't change that fact that Biggs was alive even if it was a mockery of living and all Logan could think of was finding him again and finding some way that could reach the real Biggs.

Alec felt the same way. Logan knew that if Zack ever found out that they stayed in contact, Max wouldn't be the only one without the contact number. Zack had given Max a number that had been set up just for her. He didn't trust her not to try and track down the others.

Not that Zack knew about the second number that had been set up by Brin and Kiron- it wasn't as if anyone abused it, it was about being able to talk sometimes… even if they all had to stay apart.

In fact Alec and Ben talked frequently and it was helping Ben to get better, to have someone who was always willing to listen when he had bad days.

Logan brought his attention back to the open file on the boarding school in Seattle that was really just a front for a sweatshop- poor parents who thought they were sending their kids to a better life, when all they were really sending their children to was being worked to death. It was something he had to do but as he looked at the clock he realized it there was still five minutes to go until the broadcast.

He looked at the glasses that rested by his left hand and he twisted the ring. Logan rarely took it off, it had been surprising Max had even agreed to it knowing her opinion on the idea of being married- but then their 'declaration of intent' was one they both planned to stick to- it was only Manticore that would get in the way. Logan only ever took his ring off when he knew there was a chance he could lose it in a fight… or have it taken and melted down by Lydecker- his reaction to it… Zack with his apathetic view of it was like the inevitable was better in comparison.

Logan saw the clock tick over on the computer and sent his request through the server, and it connected quickly though several countries and then states, then finally connected through to Seattle.

"Do not attempt to adjust your set; this is a Streaming Freedom Video Bulletin. The cable hack will last exactly sixty seconds. It cannot be traced, it cannot be stopped, and it is the only free voice left in this city-" The broadcast was prerecorded, as much as Logan wanted to do it live, live was far easier for Manticore to track down.

That and Max was talking to Case. Logan got up and went to go see what was wrong. Last year Charlie Smith had sworn up and down he had seen Tinga- and in a way he had. An X7 clone of her, aged artificially.

It had been a trick by Lydecker to try and take Case that had ended tragically when Charlie had been killed. Rather than save his own life as he was held hostage at his son's school, Charlie had told them it was a trap, despite the fact Charlie Smith must have known it would cost him his own life. Even Zack had gruffly admitted that Charlie had been alright, starting a discussion on what it took Zack to accept an ordinary being involved with any of them.

Max smiled apologetically as Logan came out. "Bad dreams"

"The evil king always takes Mommy and Daddy away" Case said, looking embarrassed. "And I get scared when I wake up- I'm a big baby"

"No you aren't" Logan said. "Come on, Max and I will sit with you until you fall asleep"

Max watched as Logan led Case back to his room. She found it amazing that he was good with children, especially in the wake of what had happened in Manticore. But he was really good with Case and she remembered Logan had lost his parents much older than Case was, but it didn't seem to matter that much how old a person was, as a teenager or a small kid. It still hurt.

But there was a part of Logan that would never get over the deaths of his parents or what had happened in Manticore. He was just as messed up as she was. Logan had changed beyond any hope of being the man she had first met, breaking in to rob.

But it was the same part that never gave in, no matter the odds.

She walked out to the computer set up and started to shut everything down. There was really no point in leaving the connection up- it should be fine but she didn't want to risk Lydecker ever figuring out how to trace it.

Finally the only thing on the computer screen's reflection was her and Max found the black cat suit didn't seem to suit her as much as it used to. That and Alec had taken a few well meaning cracks about it when they had teamed up to swipe the baseball last month. Something about Max not having the figure for it.

It was great that Alec and Logan talked, not so great the amount of sharing that went on at times. So much for guys having an inability to communicate but maybe whoever thought up that chestnut had only ever met Zack. So Alec had known she had just found out she was pregnant two months before hand… no one showed that early but Alec seemed to enjoy playing Captain Dick on occasion.

But his joking did help alleviate her own fears a little- between her genetics and what had been done to Logan's, there was always a chance that there could be something wrong down the road. At least for now the baby or rather the weird shape was growing the way it should be. And for now that had to be enough.

She was closer to Alec than she had been before- and not just because of the brother and sister thing. Alec was constantly worrying about Rachel and the danger he put her in- something Max could relate to all too well. But Rachel Berrisford seemed to soften Alec; to the degree he was far from the impeccable, perfect soldier who had been trying to retrieve her for Manticore.

It was no wonder Lydecker had wanted her so badly- the one person who could get Alec to open his eyes to the truth and he had ended up sparking another escape through his unit.

It just went to prove the more Lydecker tried to rip the humanity out of them, with mind games, Psy Ops, taking away the people they cared about- the more human they all became no matter how damaged they all were.

Asha… Max knew that Jondy had found her mother, Margaret Curran, not that she had spoken much to her or spent time with Jondy since that night. Their lives had changed too much for them ever to be in the other's life the way she had always fantasized about back when she was looking for the others. But they were still sisters, and that would have to be enough… Max was looking to the future, not holding onto the past.

Max opened the fridge and pulled out Case's water bottle and went back down the hall to his bedroom. Case had conned Logan into getting out one of his books and reading it to him. Max leaned on the doorway watching the scene.

Happily ever now sounds like being cheated- for all Logan and I know, Lydecker could bust down that door tomorrow and take it all away. Maybe he never will and we'll get our happily ever after complete with growing old and gray… in that sappy kind of way.

But I'm glad I have my strange little life with Logan- no matter what it brings.

-The End-

This fic first started out as a one shot idea- and I kept going, frustrated by the fact that there are pretty much less than ten, actual Logan as a soldier fics and I had been looking in what turned out to be in vain so I wrote what I couldn't find. And that brings me to my challenge to the reviewers, readers and so on.

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