Disclaimer: I wish I could say that the characters are mine but sadly they are the creation of the phenomenal Stephenie Meyer.

I've decided to write 2 years after the birth of Renesmee. Edward and Bella went to Dartmouth because Bella let slip to Alice how much she had truly wanted to go to college. Edward made sure that she got the chance. I'm no Stephenie Meyer so you'll have to bear with me. I'm writing this purely for my own pleasure but please do review it and let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy this first chapter as much as I do. I've tried to keep things the way that Stephenie would. By that I mean there will be no racy sex scenes because I really don't think that Bella and Edward are like that; they're both too shy.

By the way, I live in England, so expect to see English spellings of things like realise and centre ... sorry for the inconvenience

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"Hey", a voice sweeter than anything broke into my somewhat muddled thoughts. I turned my head slightly to see Edward's anxious, yet still breathtakingly stunning, face. His gentle eyes bore into my own as he struggled pointlessly to read my thoughts. I smiled slightly but I knew that it would not reach my eyes. I wished that we were somewhere else; somewhere more private. I wanted to open up to him like I used to do but it wasn't exactly appropriate considering where we were. New Hampshire felt a world apart from Forks, and I still couldn't come to terms with the fact that I went to Dartmouth. Sat in a lecture, even if there were only 12 other people besides Edward and myself, I didn't think it was the right time for me to pour my heart out. Instead, I placed my hand in Edward's, and squeezed it gently. He knew that I was trying to reassure him but he looked worried and confused all the same. I scrawled a note to him with my free hand.

Sorry, you know I can't tell you right now. I promise to explain things later, but you have to promise me that you won't get mad, okay?

He read my note within a second and pulled our clasped hands out from underneath the table. After kissing mine gently, he mouthed, I promise.

The remainder of the lecture passed quickly considering my anxiety. As soon as we could leave, Edward all but dragged me onto a corridor, pushed me gently against a wall and leant over me, breathing heavily even though there was no need for him to breathe at all. His glittering eyes flicked up and down my face and I bit my lip trying to contain my desire for him. No matter how long I existed as a vampire, I knew that this nervous trait would exist with me. Edward placed his lips against mine, gingerly at first, as if he was afraid I would react badly, and then becoming slightly rougher when he realised that I would not. After at least five minutes of being in our passionate embrace, Edward finally moved out of it and looked down at me with a look of utmost seriousness on his beautiful face.

"Are you going to tell me what the matter is, love? Or am I going to be made to fret about it some more?" He flashed my favourite crooked smile but it didn't flip my stomach as it normally did. He noticed this and traced his long, white fingers down my jawline. "You drove me mad as a human, Bella. Who knew that as a vampire you'd be a hundred times worse? Help me, love. I don't understand". He had every right to be as confused as he seemed. For the whole of our time so far at Dartmouth (not incredibly long; only 3 months), I hadn't been myself. I knew it upset him to see me in that sort of state and it upset me even more to know that he thought he was the cause of it all. I took a deep breath before I spoke. Like him, I needed oxygen no more than the sky needed stars, but I needed to brace myself.

"I'm going back to Forks". Five words never had so much of an impact on someone. Edward began striding away from me at human speed, so I easily caught up with him once it dawned on me that he had moved. "Are you extremely angry?" I asked timidly. My elegant voice no longer astounded me; I'd 

almost forgotten how I used to practically speak in monotones. I peered round from behind him; he still had his back to me, and watched his expression fade from astounded to almost ecstatic. He turned to face me, no longer working at human speed. Taking my face in his hands, he gazed into my eyes and did the crooked smile again. My stomach flipped worse than normal; obviously compensating for the lack of excitement from me a few moments ago.

"Bella, I cannot tell you how relieved I am that you have said those words. No, I'm not mad in the slightest. Well, not at you anyway. I'm mad at me for forcing you to come here. First I make you marry me, and then I make you leave our daughter and come to college with me. I'm truly sorry, Bella". His words were sad but he couldn't hide the pleasure in his face. I stood on my tiptoes to kiss him. Realising what I wanted, he placed his hand round my waist and lifted me up to his level. I wrapped my legs round his hips to make it easier for him to hold me and he kissed me again. I returned it enthusiastically this time. For weeks I'd had the image of my beautiful daughter's face in my mind. I knew she understood but it had felt as if I'd abandoned her. Jacob's face was there, too. Everything he'd done for me, for my family and I'd repaid him by leaving him to go to college. I knew he wasn't bothered in the slightest; he was too content with Renesmee to even notice if I was with him or not, but I longed for my best friend again. Returning to Forks seemed more enjoyable by the minute at the prospect of seeing my family. I'd missed Esme, Carlisle, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Charlie and Emmett almost as much as my daughter and if glee was possible to taste, then I sure as hell tasted Edward's as he kissed me. I hadn't known for his desire to leave Dartmouth. A small part of me wondered if he was purely comforting me, but the much bigger part knew that this was what he wanted too. I supposed that after over a century of living with your family, it was hard to get used to a lifestyle where you were completely excluded from them. I pulled away from our kiss after what seemed like an eternity.

"So, you'll come with me?" I knew my eyes were lit up with this possibility. Edward ran his lips down my jaw, placed me on the ground and smiled.

"Love, even if I didn't want to leave, I would go home with you. Christ, Bella, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth if that was where you wanted to be! I love you and I would never leave you". His smile faltered as I winced at his words. Vampire or not, I still had enough human memories to remind me of the time he did leave me. The hole he left would never fade and I felt empty just thinking about those days. Seeing the anguish on my face, Edward held me closer to him than I think I'd ever physically been, and whispered down my ear. I didn't understand what he said because it was so rushed, but it sounded very romantic. I looked up at him questioningly and he shrugged. "Shakespeare was a clever man", he said, so hushed that I wouldn't have heard him had I been human. Edward knew Shakespeare's plays back to front and it made me love him even more every time he quoted them to me. I grinned widely, requesting that we change the subject. He understood immediately and obliged, kissing my nose as if in apology for reminding me. We stood on the corridor, just holding one another, for an immeasurable amount of time. Pressed right up against his chest, with his chin resting gently on my head, I felt elated to think that within 24 hours I would be back in Forks with my family and friends. There had never been a happier vampire than I was at that moment.