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Tanya's eyes were crimson and I realised just how much more mundane mine had become whether I'd thought so or not. She flexed her fingers over and over, evidently surprised at the strength she suddenly possessed. Edward was rooted in front of me so I had to peer round him to get a better look. She was even more beautiful than before; bordering on Rosalie pretty now. In my confusion, I wondered whether she'd continue to get prettier and prettier if she was transformed over and over, and then I realised that it didn't help any of us whether she did or not. Emmett had brought Rosalie back into the sitting room but he still had an iron grip on her hand. Carlisle was the only one not cringing away from Tanya. He approached her slowly; human speed. Her eyes wheeled to his and for a split second I was terrified that she would attack him. Edward sensed my crouch coming and took a hold on my hand, pulling me even closer to him. Of course, Tanya did not attack Carlisle, but I think she was seriously considering it. After a few moments of a low growl developing in the back of her throat, she composed herself and backed into a corner.

"Leave me. Please! I don't wish to hurt any of you". Even her voice was more elegant. Jealousy raged through me and I was disgusted that I was thinking of myself again. Carlisle nodded and smiled broadly to Tanya.

"Of course. I'm sorry that you're having to go through this, Tanya; Rose was out of order. No, she was much, much more than that, but I'll have her apologise in a few hours, when you're ... better". He gestured for us all to leave and we did so willingly. I glanced back at Tanya and deeply regretted it. She was still crouched in the corner but her eyes were gleaming; bloodthirsty. I widened my own eyes and disgust crossed her face. I thought I understood; it was hard being a newborn and believing that you would murder your own family. Then I realised that the disgust wasn't for herself- it was for me. I cringed into Edward's chest and he whipped his head round to hiss at Tanya. It was a truly menacing sound and I knew she would be wishing that the corner would swallow her whole now. I looked up into Edward's eyes and they were deeply apologetic; he was apologising yet again for something that someone else had done. I wondered if he could read my mind now. Normally, he only ever could when I forcibly removed my shield, but recently he'd been answering my thoughts more frequently than my actual words. He led me to his room and we sat down on his black leather couch. Though we were married, I could not think of this as our room. It was still the place he'd brought me all those years ago when we first allowed our feelings for one another to be known, when I was still human. We barely spent any time there anyway. We had our cottage and it's three beds... . While I was fantasising, Edward took my head between his hands.

"Why?" He asked simply. I stared blankly back at him. "Tell me why you keep removing it? Then tell me why you put it back up the minute I find something interesting". My expression must still have been perplexed because he sighed exasperatedly. "Your shield," he finished wearily. I gasped; I'd been right before.

"B-but ... I'm not doing anything with my shield!"

"Hmmm". His eyes darted about the room as he considered the possibilities. I remained silent while he did this. When it appeared he'd finished, I spoke again.

"What do you mean that I put it back up when you find something interesting?" He smiled widely.

"Well, before, for example, I was just leafing through an account of what you were doing in Jasper's room, when you shut me out. You do it every time I manage to get in. Quite annoying actually". He really did look irritated which made me laugh out loud.

"Since when, though? When did you realise you could read my mind?"

"When I cut myself ... when we'd made the connection between my pain and yours. It's as if you wanted to share that kind of link with me and so you decided to share another one". He was still grinning at me. Probably more at my confusion, though. "The shield is still there, don't worry. It's stronger than ever. But only when you subconsciously seem to want me out of your mind". I had to smile at that too. Trust me. There was a small tap on the door. Edward glanced to it. "Ah," he said simply.

"What?" I was instantly panicked. With everything that had happened lately, I'd learnt to expect unwelcome surprises.

"Emmett found someone to trace the call from Renesmee". My eyes widened.

"Where? Where is she Edward?"

"Cairo. We think she's with the Egyptians". My frozen heart plummeted as I picture the two vampires I'd met a few years back; the two vampires that my daughter had found interesting.