Me: I know… I know EXACTLY what you're thinking.

Roxas: Liar


Axel: Grrr!


Roxas: …

Axel: …

Me: What? I'm an Akuroku fan boy! And I promised my Axel-obsessed friend Steph that I'd write an Akuroku fic.

Axel: …Is she cute?

Roxas: (sad face)


Roxas: (sniff) the author doesn't own Kingdom Hearts…

Me: No. I don't. CHAPTER 1!!

Chapter 1
Books on Biology

"Give it back!" Roxas cried.

The boys laughed cruelly.

"Does little Roxy want his bookie-wookies back?" the tallest jeered.


This caused the pack of bullies to laugh more.

"Awww! Ickle Roxy-kins wants his books back off the mean bullies!"

The tallest suddenly fell to the floor.

"If you keep talking like that… you won't be able to walk tomorrow," Zexion growled.

"And what are you going to do emo freak?" the bully spat.

"Emo freak huh?"

Zexion smiled a sadistic smile.

"Look at it this way. Emo freaks like me are brilliant at hurting ourselves… think about great we'd be at hurting people like you!"

The bullies' eyes widened. He got up and ran away, followed closely by his gang. Zexion sighed.


"I'm sorry!" Roxas cried.

Zexion shook his head

"…You're angry at me… aren't you?" Roxas asked.

"No. But you need to start standing up for yourself."

Roxas nodded and started to pick us his books.

"Law… History… Philosophy and Ethics… hey! Where's my Biology book?"

Zexion groaned. Damn it!

Roxas wasn't a baby. He wasn't even a teenager anymore. He was 20 and a university student. So what if he was small and he talked quietly? Zexion turned a corner.

"Hey… where are we going?" Roxas asked.

"There's a new bookstore in the quiet part of town. I thought we'd check it out because someone got us kicked out of 'Book World'," Zexion said.

"In my defence…"

"What defence Mr. Lawyer?"

"…I have no defence."

"Exactly. You say no and walk away. There was no need to break half the displays there because a guy wanted to take you out!"

The store was big. Very big. The book shelves reached to the tall ceiling. Even the windows were tall!

"Wow… it's so big in here," Roxas said.

"I guess. No one really knows about this place," Zexion said.

Roxas grinned.

"I'm going to find a Biology book!" Roxas said.

He left. Zexion shrugged.

"OK… I'll stand here looking mentally challenged."

He looked around and spotted the Fiction section. He shrugged once more and head towards it.

Biology is vast subject. You have to understand this. Within the category of Biology, they are many specialist categories. Osmosis, Reproduction, Genes… you name it! Biology itself is merely a sub-category in the vast subject we call Science. So it's easy to see why Roxas was over-whelmed when he tried to pick a book.

'OK… what are we learning now? Well… DNA. But when are we due to start a new subject?' he asked himself.

"Hi there," said a red-haired man.

"Hello," Roxas replied politely.

"What are you looking for?"

Roxas looked at the man.

"A biology book," he said, indicating the bookshelf.

The man smirked.


Roxas blushed slightly.


The man laughed.

"So what's your name cutie?"


"Any book you want in particular Roxy-baby?"

Roxas blushed a bit more.

"Something on DNA."

The man grinned.

"Well… most people are inclined to buy 'DNA revealed' by Dr. Lee Harvard. But you get the same, if not more information from 'Uncovering DNA' by Dr. Sarah Whitecoat at half the cost. It's sexist, but people won't buy this book because Dr. Whitecoat is a girl."

"You're very well informed."

"On many subjects; especially ones that involve cute boys like you."

Roxas frowned.

"What kind of subject is that?" he asked.

"I'd be happy to give a demonstration."

Roxas shook his head. The man smirked.

"Oh well. See you Roxy-baby."

He turned away.

"Hey wait! You didn't tell me your name," Roxas pointed out.

The man smirked and spun round to face Roxas.

"The name's Axel. Got it memorized?"

"It's not much to remember," Roxas shrugged.

Axel chuckled and left.

Zexion looked at the books in front of him. They had a lot of books here. Books he hadn't even heard of by authors he never knew existed. It was like a haven.


Zexion turned around. Strange… there was no one there.

"Don't leave!"

Zexion's head shot up. He definitely heard that. He looked around the corner to see a blond man, sitting on the floor, reading a book with his headphones on. The man looked up and hastily wiped tears from his eyes.

"H-hi there. I'm Demyx," he sniffed.

"My name is Zexion."


Zexion looked at the book.

"What are you reading?"

"Only the saddest love story ever!"

"Does the saddest love story ever have a name?"

"Oh! Right. It's called 'Sleepless Nights' by Lisa Sparrow."

"I've never heard of it."

"It's about this guy called Tomo, who can't sleep lately ever since his best friend Kano started sleeping in the next room. And basically, Kano is strait and-"

"It's about two guys?"

Demyx blushed.

"Oh… yeah…"

"I think I missed that section."

"They're at the back next to the Philosophy books… do you like books like this?"

"It takes a lot to make me cry. But I find novels like that to be… enjoyable."


"I work here!"

Both men groaned and took off.

"Leave me alone!" Roxas cried.

"I'm just following you. That doesn't make me a stalker!" Axel said innocently.

"Yes it does!"

Axel laughed.

"What's wrong Roxas?" Zexion asked.

Roxas sighed.

"He won't leave me alone!"

"Man-whore! Quit it! Sorry man… he's sex mad and he likes the cute little guys," Demyx said apologetically.

"That's a fucked-up excuse," Zexion said.

"Maybe, but Axel is a fucked-up guy. What are you going to do?" Demyx shrugged.

Demyx turned to Roxas.

"Hey. I'm Demyx. I'm the book… stacker… guy," he finished lamely.

"Hi. I'm Roxas. I'm the book… buyer… guy," Roxas laughed.

"You work here?" Zexion asked.

"…I was on a break!"

"Quit reading the merchandise man-slut," Axel laughed.

"…Can I buy my book please?" Roxas asked.

Roxas grinned at Zexion.

"I got my book!" he said.


"What's wrong?"

"It's weird there."

"You mean those two guys?"


Roxas laughed.

"I think you just liked the blond one."

Zexion shrugged.

"…Shit!" Zexion groaned.


"I meant to pick up a book on Cancer variations for Medical Studies."

"…Are we going back?"

"Are you kidding? How pathetic will that look?"



"And then Kano says-"

"Dem! You've been going on about that book for an hour! Shut up! At least finish it before you tell me about it!" Axel laughed.

The boys were closing the shop. Demyx turned to Axel.

"OK, OK. So… do you want to head to town and grab a beer?"

"Hell yeah! Today's been so stressful."

"Yeah… two whole customers! I don't know how we coped."

Axel grabbed his black jacket.

"Hey… do you think they'll come back?" Axel asked.

"Who? Zexion and Roxas? I doubt it."

Axel sighed and held the door open for his friend, before closing 'Sanctuary XIII' for the night.

Me: So? Do you hate it? Do you love it?

Axel: …Sanctuary XIII?

Me: Yeah! Sanctuary is the theme tune for KH2 and XIII for Organization XIII which all the main characters are apart of!!

Roxas: …I guess that makes sense… why am I such a girl in this?

Me: Well… Sora is outgoing, loud and bigmouthed. As his nobody, you'd be shy, quiet and reserved

Axel: (grin) it makes you cute!

Roxas: (glares at Axel) reviews would be appreciated by the author.

Me: Yes they would. Constructive Criticism is welcome… but flames are mean unless they're from Axel.

Axel: You flame him, I flame you. REVIEW!!