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It was a little after four a.m. when all of our guests had finally left. I stood up from the couch and listened for my love. I heard her upstairs in our bedroom quietly humming. Just the sound of her voice made my control a little shaky. In a trance like state I made my way up the stairs to our bedroom.

I leaned against the doorframe and a crooked smile broke out across my face as I watched my love with her back turned to me brushing out her silky waves of caramel curls. Her intoxicating scent enveloped me and I closed my eyes letting it overtake me. Esme was and would always be my only weakness. She had changed out of her clothes from the battle that almost was this afternoon with the Volturi and now wore a black silk night gown falling mid thigh and clinging tightly to her perfect curves. It took all of my will power not to run over to where she was sitting, scoop her up in my arms and kiss her with the never ending hunger I felt for her. I just wanted to enjoy the quiet moment for a few more seconds. A small nervous chuckle escaped from my throat when I finally realized that we were still alive. That I could still reach out and touch my only love.

"Is something funny?" Her melodic voice asked amused. I stood perfectly still as she gently placed the brush down and turned around to look at me. If my heart still beat it would have been going wild in my chest in that second. She never failed to bring butterflies to my stomach and make me buzz with anticipation and she never would.

"No." I looked down at my feet and grinned. "Nothing is funny my love. I'm just enjoying watching you."

I felt my control slip slightly as she silently moved towards me. "Watching is okā€¦but touching is better." Her sweet breath blew across my lips as she spoke and I felt as though my knees would give out.

Her small hand slowly reached up and her satin smooth skin brushed across my cheek. She teasingly ran her thumb over my lower lip and laughed as my eye lids fluttered. It was half a second before I realized that she had made a move to turn around. My hands shot out and latched onto her slim waist pulling her back to me. One of my hands slid to her lower back and crushed her body against mine. My lips caught hers in a furiously hungry kiss. I was supposed to have incredible self control, the best, but when it came to her I lost it. Her arms snaked around my neck and I felt her legs wrap tightly around my waist. I ran us over to the bed and lowered her down ripping off my shirt, pants, and her tiny nightgown in less then a second. I needed to feel all of her satin skin against mine. I couldn't stop the growl that rumbled deep in my throat as her hands ran down my chest. My lips greedily tasted every inch of her skin I could find. She moaned my name and I couldn't hold back any longer.

When it came to Esme I had no self control.