XXXIX. Dreams

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She was dreaming again. Night after night, her dreams were haunted by him. But this one was different.

She'd expected it to be the standard "final confrontation", but this time, he wasn't playing by the rules…

"It's only a crystal, nothing more. But if you turn it this way and that, it will show you your dreams…" He offered her the crystal, and as if compelled by some unseen force, she took it. When she looked into it, she gasped, nearly dropping the orb.

Visions of her…and him. Of rocking to sleep a golden-haired infant with his mother's eyes; of hide-and-seek with two giggling children in the Escher room; of her and Jareth entwined in sleep, and as she shifted against him, of him pulling a blanket over her and snuggling closer.

"Now, do you understand?" he asked of her.


"For my will is as strong and my kingdom is as great." She said, and the world seemed to balance on knifepoint, poised to fall. "But you have my heart."

He wrapped her in his arms, as the world fell down, and at last, her dreams began to come true.