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He looked at her outstretched hand as she waited for him to make the decision. He ached to touch her, taste her, be with her, inside her, make her call out his name in that moment of release when the world seemed to contract around them and only they existed for that instant. She was the forbidden fruit, and knowledge of her would surely kill him. He reached out a hand to her, but retracted it a second later. A look of hurt and rejection washed over her face, but changed to confusion as he began to circle her, his attention on her, but not touching her.

"Why do you suppose that God put the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden if he didn't want Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of it?" Temperance kept her eyes on Booth, not sure of the direction of his thoughts. His eyes were intense, the deep brown darkening to almost black as he continued his circle around her, as though he was stalking her.

"I'm sure its function in the garden was purely a device by which the author could spin a morality tale."

"Temptation. There was no need for that tree to be there, nor the tree of life for that matter. God put it there to see if his creation would be tempted to disobey."

"Hmm, I always saw it more as God giving his creation free choice. They could choose whether or not to eat of the fruit despite the fact that they were told not to." Brennan gasped as Booth stepped closer to her, his body brushing lightly against hers. Her heart rate increased to a quick tattoo as she tried to maintain an even breathing pattern.

"They fell into temptation anyway. It's amazing isn't it how close Temperance is to temptation?" He reached up and picked up a strand of her hair, running the silky texture between his fingers. Brennan let out a small breath and reached out to Booth. He wanted to know how close Temperance was to temptation? Temptation was right in front of her and she'd resisted it for long enough. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down until their lips met. His arms circled her waist as he met her fervor, mouths opening, tongues sweeping, trying to dominate, yet equal in all things.

Neither was aware that they were moving until Brennan's back crashed into a wall. They broke apart with a gasp and looked at each other.

"Don't you understand Booth? You've had knowledge of me since the day we met. I'm not a temptation. I'm yours." Booth reached up and tangled a hand in her hair as his lips descended down again. He pressed kisses along her jaw and down onto her neck, running his teeth against the cord there.

"You are temptation. You're the one thing I can't afford to have knowledge of…to know. You truly are the forbidden fruit." He ran his hand down through her silky tresses onto her back and traced lines there, making her shiver at the contact. She buried her fingers into his hair, watching as it curled around her fingers. How had she not noticed that before?

"I am nothing more or less than you want me to be." She closed her eyes and tilted her head to give him access to her neck and sucked in a breath as he nipped at the skin.

"You are the one thing I'm not meant to have. I've tried to resist, god you have no idea how I've tried to resist." Booth placed open mouthed kisses down the v-neck of her black dress, swirling his tongue just under the edge of the material, tasting her. "I've watched you, wondering what you taste like, what you feel like. It's as if I've had the serpent wrapped around my shoulder telling me to just take one little bite and be as God. Only God should have such knowledge of something so perfect."

"Booth, I'm far from perfect." She arched forward as he began his assault on her again, closing her eyes as warmth began to pool in her belly.

"It's your imperfections that make you more so. Your body is not so white as anemone petals, nor so smooth, so remote a thing…" Frowning, she pulled Booth's head away from her chest and made him look at her.

"How do you see me Booth? If you were Williams, how would you describe me? You say I'm forbidden fruit, that I'm temptation in the flesh, but is that how you truly see me?" Booth moved back away from Brennan for a moment to look at her. His gaze skimmed over her, taking in the flush of her skin, the rise and fall of her chest and the crystal blue of her eyes as she waited for his response.

"I see your eyes, crystal blue water that is warm and inviting, and I long to dive into the depths and be immersed in your very being." He brushed his hand along her cheek, leaned in and placed gentle kisses on her eyelids as they fluttered closed. "Your eyes are hypnotic and draw me in every time I look at you. Your soul reflects back at the world, all of that compassion and emotion that you try so hard to hide. Why do you hide it?"

"Booth, I…" He held a finger up to her lips, the corners of his mouth quirking up as she kissed the tips. Booth circled around behind her again, his fingers running down her arms, smoothing over the skin before tracing a path back up.

"Your hands hold endless fascination for me, and I've often wondered what it would feel like to have you sweep them over me with the same care you show those people you give voices to. What would it be like to have all of your attention and care on me, so focused that I am the only thing to exist in your world?

"Your skin is smooth alabaster, white and delicate but holding an underlying strength." He kissed the column of her neck again and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back into him. "When the sun hits you, you glow as though a halo of light surrounds you, showing you for the angel you surely are."

"I'm no angel," she murmured as his hands slid up her torso and he cupped her breasts in his hands, measuring the weight of them. He trailed his lips down her neck and onto the creamy skin of her shoulder.

"Oh but you are," he whispered, sending a shiver down Brennan's spine. His lips remained on her skin when he began to speak again, the words somewhat muffled, but sending vibrations throughout her body. "You are an angel, Temperance. You have an unending supply of compassion and a desire to do what is right for people. You're a guardian angel to so many people, coming out of nowhere and changing their lives for the better. I see your family in you, how you're the perfect combination of each one of them.

"You carry your family in you, though you felt that you had none for so long, they were always with you. Your compassion belongs to your mother, a woman whose fierce beliefs passed on to you. Your beautiful mind, that thing which makes you so unique is all your father's doing. That undying loyalty to those you let close, is your brother, who never gave up on you. All of these things combined to make the angel I hold in my arms right now." Brennan spun around in his arms, her hands sweeping up his chest, feeling the way his muscles contracted under her touch. Slowly, she grasped his hand and gave a light tug, leading him from the dining room and down the hall to her bedroom.

Once they were standing in her inner sanctuary, Temperance closed the door behind them and moved to once again stand before him. Keeping her eyes locked on his, she reached for the hem of her dress, pulled it up over her head and let it pool on the floor where she dropped it. Booth gulped as his eyes swept over her curves, her most intimate areas covered in black silk. He reached out a hand to feel the smoothness of her skin, his tongue darting out to wet his suddenly parched lips. Temperance smiled her Mona Lisa smile as she stepped up to him.

"You want to know what I see when I look at you? I see bones. I see two hundred and six to be precise, each one connected to the next, shaping you. Every life experience is mapped into those bones, leaving its mark, but that isn't all that they do." Temperance pushed Booth's jacket off of his shoulders. He shrugged it off, not caring as it fell to the floor in a heap. Brennan reached up to loosen his tie before pulling it off over his head. "They protect the thing that makes you so unique. They protect your heart, providing a safe haven for your feelings; somewhere you can retreat to or emerge from like a phoenix rising from the ashes."

She began to unbutton his shirt, her hands brushing against the hard plains of his body, nails scraping lightly over his muscles. He was coiled and tense, holding back everything including his breath as she pulled the tail of his shirt from his pants.

"You are a phoenix, rising from past adversity to become the man you are now, the protector you are. It's been said that the tears of a phoenix can cure any ill, but it is your very presence that cured me. You've shaped me into the woman I am. You've given me back everything I thought I lost all those years ago, and you've opened me up to what it means to give yourself over to someone." Booth dropped to his knees before Brennan, his arms wrapped around her waist, his face buried against her abdomen. She ran her fingers through his hair, holding him close to her and shut her eyes, relishing the moment. "You have healed me, and for that, I'm yours."

It felt as though they were spinning, falling into some other place, somewhere that they alone existed and all the barriers they had surrounded themselves with had vanished. She could feel him breathing, strong and steady as he continued to clutch her waist, and gasped when his lips came in contact with her skin.

"Temperance, don't say things like that to me. You don't know what it does to me." He placed open mouthed kisses along her abdomen and slid his hands lower until he was cupping her bottom, gripping the firm muscle as he pulled her closer to him. "I've dreamt of having you for too long, convinced myself that you were out of reach, that piece of forbidden fruit beckoning me to just take a bite. The only thing is, I don't want to settle for one bite. I want the whole thing."

"You make a great poet," she gasped when he grabbed hold of her panties and slid them slowly down her long legs, his lips kissing a trail along the insides of her thighs as she shuddered. He reached her knee and reversed the path until he was at the juncture of her thighs. Booth could feel the heat pouring off of her. He could smell her arousal, and it surrounded him in its heady perfume.

"You like the poetry huh?" Booth kissed her mound, dipping his tongue between her folds to taste her. Brennan gripped her hands in his hair tighter and sucked in a breath at the shudder that coursed through her body at the contact. How, in the course of a day had they gone from co-workers to this? How had they gone from simple touches on the arm or back to Booth worshipping her body? She moaned and pushed her hips closer to him, beckoning for him to take her to the height of ecstasy.

"Seeley please," she murmured, her knees weakening at his ministrations. Booth placed one last kiss to her center and stood. He looked at the woman before him, moonlight filtering in the window from behind the sheer curtains and making her skin glow white.

"What is it that you want, Bones?"

"I want you to make me feel the way you see me." Booth bent to pick up Brennan and carried her over to the bed as he kissed her. She opened up for him and he swept his tongue into her mouth, rubbing it sensuously against her own. She moaned and arched up to him, trying to keep as much contact between them as possible.

He removed her bra and brought his mouth to her breasts, placing open mouthed kisses there as his hands moved lower, touching and caressing her. With every contact he made with her body, she felt as if she were on fire, her body thrumming in time with the movement of his hands. She pressed up toward him, her hips pressing closer to his hand as his fingers slipped in and out of her, slick with her arousal.

Brennan pulled Booth's head away from her breasts and brought him to her for a kiss. When she broke away, she met his eyes, hooded with arousal, with her own.

"Let me feel you inside of me," she murmured and moaned when he pulled away from her entirely. He toed off of his shoes and socks as he undid his belt and pants, shucking everything off before returning to her. Brennan watched his approach, the way his muscles moved under his skin, undulating to the rhythm of his steps. There was so much power there, held in, coiled and waiting for release. Though she'd always called him an alpha male, comparing him to a wolf wasn't entirely accurate. He was more a cat on the prowl. He'd been a sniper, he was an ambush hunter stalking his prey until just the right moment when he'd pounce.

Temperance moved across the bed until she was near the headrest and welcomed Booth to her as he crawled up between her legs, his erection nudging her center as he settled over her. Their eyes met, intense in their desire as she rolled her hips to him in invitation. He sheathed himself in her in one motion and both of them gasped, afraid to move as if it would destroy the connection they had to each other.

He began to move in her and she pressed her body up into his, wanting as much contact as possible with him. There was something in this moment, something that held her gaze to him as the world around them blurred and came into sharper focus all at once. Every sense was alive, hyper stimulated by their connection. Suddenly she understood what he'd tried to demonstrate at the lab. Each part is a blossom under his touch to which the fibers of her being stem one by one, each to its end until the whole field is a white desire, empty, a single stem, a cluster, flower by flower, a pious wish to whiteness gone over or nothing.

Her entire body tingled as she exploded in wave after wave of pleasure, blooming under his touch as he came with her. Slowly, oh so slowly the shockwaves receded and both lay tangled together, panting, hearts beating as one. Booth leaned down to kiss her and began to move away, but Temperance clutched him to her.

"No, stay," she whispered. He smiled and settled again, being careful not to crush her under his weight.

"You truly are an angel," he said as he looked down at her. She glowed in the moonlight, her hair fanning around her like a halo of fire.

"And what of the knowledge, was it worth the temptation?" Booth kissed her one more time before clutching her to him and rolling them onto their sides.

"It was worth every moment."