"Are we there yet?" Jeff asked impatiently. He was sitting in the backseat with Matt while Hunter drove and Shawn got the front seat. Jeff had wanted to sit up front since nobody trusted him to drive but of course, Shawn being the diva that he was, had thrown a fit until he could sit up front. Jeff had tried to object but Hunter had just smacked him and Matt had dragged him to the back against his will. It was just not fair. He never got to do what he wanted.

"No," Hunter replied.

"How about now?"

"Noooo." That was Shawn this time.

"...What about now?"

"Jeff!" Matt said in exasperation. "Zip it now."

Jeff pouted his lips and folded his arms over his chest. "We've been driving forEVER!" he whined.

"Oh we have not," Hunter replied. "We've been driving for-"

"A really long time," Shawn said as he looked at his watch. "We were supposed to be at the arena an hour ago."

"Wait WHAT?" Matt checked his watch, hardly able to believe that Shawn was able to tell time like that. Usually he was hopeless with that kind of stuff. "Holy crap! Hunter!"

"Waaaaat," Hunter said in exasperation. He glanced back in the rearview mirror in irritation. He was trying to get them to the arena for the next show and nobody would shut the hell up to let him do it.

"We're late and we're not even close to the arena," Matt pointed out. "Do you even know where you're going?"

"Of course I do! Stephanie told me the directions."

"Are you actually following them?"

"...The ones I remember..."

Matt, Shawn and Jeff all groaned in exapseration. "This is why you should have let me drive!" Jeff declared.

Shawn snorted. "You would have gotten us more lost than Hunter has!"

"Would not!" Jeff denied

Hunter glared at Shawn unhappily. "I'm not taking that as a compliment Shawn."

"Guys stop fighting," Matt said with a shake of his head. "That's not going to help."

"No but it's fun," Jeff said with a grin. That got him an elbow to the gut from Matt, which made him yelp in pain. "Hey! I'm telling Dad!"

Matt just rolled his eyes. He would deal with that later. "Pull over Hunter."

"What?" Hunter glanced back and gave Matt an offended look. "Why do I have to do that?"

"You got us lost."

"So you think me pulling over will get us magically found?"

"I'll find our way to the arena."

"How will you know the way? Stephanie didn't tell you."

"And you didn't remember what she told you so pull the hell over."

"Screw you!" Hunter flipped Matt off before turning back around and continuing to drive. No way he was pulling over to let Matt drive. "I'll get us there."

"Hunter..." Shawn groaned as Hunter left the highway on the first exit he could get to. "That's NOT it! Wrong exit! Wrong exit!"

"It is NOT!" Hunter insisted. "How would you even know Shawn? You couldn't find your way out of a paper bag!"

Shawn gave him a very hurt look. "You know, I have feelings Hunter." He put his hand over his chest, his eyes welling up with tears. "And those feelings have been so hurt-"

"I'll buy you ice cream later."

The hurt expression on Shawn's face evaporated and he leaned over and hugged Hunter's neck. "My hero." He planted a big kiss on his cheek, laughing as Hunter swatted him away.

Matt rolled his eyes. Hunter had not only taken them off the highway but down on to an empty dirt road-not a place where they wanted or needed to be. It was a recipe for disaster. "You just got us more lost you idiot." He leaned forward and smacked Hunter upside his head. "Pull the hell over before you drive us into a horror movie."

"Yeah!" Jeff chimed in. "I hear banjos dude. We're gonna get raped by hillbillies."

"YOU two are hillbillies," Shawn taunted. That earned him slaps from both Jeff and Matt. "Ow! Hnter!"

"Hunter, pull the damn car over," Matt ordered.


"Hunter! We need to get BACK on the highway!"

"That's where I'm going!" Hunter claimed. He was trying to find the road get back on the highway but since he had no idea where he even was, he just kept driving aimlessly. "You just-hey!"

Jeff reached forward and grabbed the wheel, trying to jerk it out of Hunter's grasp. "My turn to drive!"

"Jeff!" Matt tried to pull Jeff back but got kicked in the gut. "UMPH!"

"Let go!" Hunter ordered. He wanted to elbow Jeff away but if he let go for a second Jeff would have complete control of the wheel. As it was, they were swerving all over the road.

"You let go!" Jeff whined.

"No you!" They swerved off the road and started driving in the grass.

"Guys!" Shawn exclaimed.

"This is ridiculous!" Matt declared.


Hunter slammed on the brakes, barely coming to a stop before they hit that tree. Jeff almost went flying through the windshield but got saved by Matt yanking him back into the backseat. Dust flew up all around the car and they just sat there in silence, catching their breath and getting each other wide eyed looks. "Matt..." Hunter finally said.


"You can drive."